My Homemade Fishing Boat...

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Daniel lopez: Awesome! Would like your assistance in building one. Can you give us a breakdown on the cost for materials and motors; in order to get an idea for total cost? Also a very nice catch dude.

Michael Perkins: wow... dude. nice

JDO Fishtank: Did you carpet the inside of the boat?

Walter Castro: I have been thinking building a boat to go fishing as well. How can I title the home made boat? I know the motor does. I am new planning to build and owning a boat.

Chris Green: You Sir, are an inspiration!  Nice, simple, effective and functional (nice looking) jon boat!!

Feker Masmoudi: hey, what type of wood did you use please?

Jimmy: Awesome!

sjors van de sluis: nice boat can you sent me the building plans

Robert Medina: good job. looks great too!

Gary Briggs: Nice work man!

cochrankoi: Inspiring!!!!! (and great music choice!) Excellent Job Sir

Yamaha 200: That did u coat it in

TheHunting Hour: bloody drunk's got smthn right! 

GRMGR1: Nicely done sir.

Joshua Milne: you can always trust plans you drew when you were drunk there the most trusted :D

Matt Watkinson: nice

MacPro8CoreMan: Great job man!!! Does what you want it to.

51seluj: DAMN!! you can do more drunk than what i can do sober. Rock on brotha :D

elyknamdiw: Any leaks yet? 

R Hend (ManofGod): Wouldn't be California approved. LOL sucks trying to reg man toys in this state.

My homemade fishing boat... 5 out of 5

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My homemade fishing boat...