How To Replace A Leaking Water Shut Off The Best Type Of Isolation Valve Angle Stop

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J.R. Richard: About your installation:: O.K. to use old ferrule and nut, I've done it both ways.  I have a cheap puller for the nut and ferrule and it looks neater to use the new parts especially if your are working on your own house and not in a big hurry. if you are trying to make a living I truly understand using the old nut/ferrule. Most customers wouldn't even look or care.  Teflon tape does allow the nut to turn easier and is fine,  does look good,  I use a little pipe dope for lube. I  always use 2 crescent wrenches on anything with " wrench flats"  an old journeyman may years ago climbed all over me for putting gouges on the nuts. Pipe wrenches and channel locks ( so he said ) should only be used to grip pipes. " a rookie plumber will gouge up stuff un- necessarily" ...His quote not mine. He always used open end wrenches !!

heybeachnik: I can see that's not a BrassCraft brand, what brand is it?

cedrick kaytu:  yeah info is good camera use SUCKS so makes your video 1/3 good...

Deanne Ackley: I have had to replace a brass multi-angle compression valve located under my kitchen sink used to attach the dishwasher two times within a 4 month period because a crack developed along the threaded portion.  What would cause this issue?

SK B: Thanks for the tip on ball valve. Comes in handy when space is a premium under there as well. 

SK B: Go Finger Locks! Use them all the time ;)

ndnman33: Thanks for this tutorial! It was very helpful in guiding me to replace my water supplu valve!

gorp27: Good vid, but it makes me cringe when someone uses a pair of channel locks or slip joint pliers with all those teeth to bite into and gouge the finish of the hardware being tightened.

Dtda T: Good information

heavyweight23: one of my valves need to be replace.......can it be a different valve or does it have to be the same one as the other valve....text back and let me know ..

Sydney Gourley: I cahnged 2 valves with these qrtr turn valves, and lost half of the water pressure and flow.  I wonder about the qrtr turn vs the multi-turn out knobs, do you think these new valves are being restricted by the epa or federal regs to constrict water useage?

I changed the bath sink valves the same day, just happen to have the multi-turn and pressure is great in there!?

Other: No one does not change the compression ring, no need to, but if one feedback says so, tell us how you get it off without cutting or damaging the pipe.

I always use Rectoseal (pipe dope), on almost everything thread wise. Some CLR calcium dissolver soaked on previous to removing valves may help if needed.

bbmak0: I have a question about replacing hot water valve. Do you have to shutdown the water heater and empty out all the water in the water in order to replace it? Or you shut off the main valve that will remove the pressure from the water heater?

KungFuMaintenance: Nice! ~ Welcome!

Jon Allen: I was able to reuse ferrel and nut on a 1980's pipe. Worked like a charm. Thank you.

KungFuMaintenance: Just did one this morning where I had to cut just behind the ferrel between the nut and ferrel and replace with a new one. I only do it that way when I have to. Nine times out of ten you can reuse the old ferrel and nut. I only do it the other way when needed or the threads do not match up with the new stop.

daddybear443: Always replace the old nut and farrel with new ones. you didn't do that because you dont know how. Never put teflon tape on fine treads, use pipe dope (compound). Weekend warrior!

Mark Thompson: Reusing the old ferrel and nut only works if the threads match. Unfortunately, different brands of valves have different thread dimensions. There is NO industry standard. So go ahead and see if your new valve thread works with the old nut as this video suggests. But don't be surprised if they don't match, and don't waste any time scratching your head. You will need to cut off the old ferrel and nut, which is not easy to do without damaging the pipe.

delcapslock100: That's what I thought, but good to hear it confirmed by a professional. Thank you.

KungFuMaintenance: You could cut it off or you could sweat it off and solder on a new one just would need to make sure to fire block and wrap pipe to prevent heat transfer inside the wall to prevent starting a fire. Cutting it off would allow you to convert it to a compression style as long as you have enough room. Conversion would make future maintenance a bit easier and is probably the route I would take.

delcapslock100: Mine seems to be soldered (braised?) onto the copper pipe. It slips over the copper pipe and there is no compression nut that I can see. I would have to cut it off, right?

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How To Replace A Leaking Water Shut Off The Best Type Of Isolation Valve Angle Stop