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Michel Cyr: Easy and simple


Hans Bones: Hello! I have a question not related to this video but i`ll ask here anyway. I have a snowmobile with a rotax 503 fan cooled engine with one carburetor. I want to add one carburetor. I have the carburetors, manifold etc etc for the rebuild. My question is: is there any issues with this? There are many rotax 503 with two carbs so it shouldn`t be a problem?

Thanks, hans

Stevey Zee: Thanks a lot man,I'm not an engine guy at all. this helped me out great.

dover1982: So if I have a model without a fuel mixture screw at the bottom what exactly am I supposed to do?

Gilles Hamel: translate in french please

G money: What would cause an engine too throttle down under load? The throttle lever actually goes down by itself under load.

fattony123082: Great job. I've tinkered with engines and carburetors since I was 11. You've given a good rundown on how to adjust it. 👍🏻

Bob Rei: Question as to the little aluminum round cover on this carb right behind the bolt/ mounting nut on the intake just above the idle adjusting screw. behind this cover is 3 holes maybe four. I popped mine off to poke a very small wire into the holes to make sure they where clean what is the cover called and how do you put a new one on ??? mine has a hole in the cover it punctured it taking it off' do i need the cover no gas comes out of theses holes Thanks Bob I love all your videos.

Tom Giar: What causes engine back firing while running?

pete Stockbauer: i have the 632971 carb on mine the are settings are pretty much the same

pete Stockbauer: the carb on this is that the same carb as the 626 model

Scott McCadden: Hi Dony
I inherited a snowblower with a Tecumseh engine. Fairly new, but had not been used in a few years. I can't get it to start. When I press the electric start button, the engine putters. The spark plug sparks and I don't see any water in the hole. The engine will run if I spray ether into the carburetor, but stops as soon as I stop spraying. I replaced the carburetor with an aftermarket from Amazon but the same thing happens.

I posted a video if you (or anyone else looking at this thread) want(s) to take a look.

I have a smaller problem as well - pulling back on the throttle does not move the linkage to the governor. As you can see in the video, I manually adjusted the throttle to show that the same thing happens regardless of the position of the governer/butterfly.


Mark1976: Thank you for this video. My snowblower would start and then stop after 30 seconds. I followed your instructions and was able to use the snowblower to clear my driveway with only one additional start.

Jeffrey Battles: Donny, had to replace carb on my 8/27 Agway Snowthrower. Put new plug in as well. I set my carb up just like you mention but it seems to run rich. I can turn fuel adjustment screw on bowl all the way in and it still runs. Also, it starts without needing to be choked. New spark plug is completely black after half hour of running. Any chance that my float is not adjusted right and is letting too much gas into carb? Or should I look at some other option to fix this? What am I missing, not new to adjusting carbs, but this one is killing me!

Barry Beadman: have you ever tried the carbs that are sold on are they worth while?

Patrick W: donyboy73, I have the old style carb with the adjusting screw on the bottom of the float bowl. The engine is a Tecumseh 10 HP for a Baycrest snowblower. Do you have a parts breakdown for the carb or a part number for the overhaul kit. Fuel leaks out constantly from the carb when sitting. I think the o-ring that seals the bowl is gone. Is there a float in the bowl? Any help would be appreciated. Great videos, very helpful.

Thanks in advance,

Onkel Deerh: I have an old snowblower, trying to fix the whole thing, but the carburetor is like throwing up gas all around the carburetor. What caused the problem?

Robert Tyler: Hi Donny......I have a 9HP Craftsman snowblower with the Tecumseh engine.....I replaced the carburetor when it did not run properly and now it shuts down when I put a load on it....otherwise it runs fine at idel or higher rpm's....I also replaced the fuel line....any ideas. ..

Pub Zaq: How to fix Toro 824 Powershift that won't stop.Hi,I  have a Toro 824 Powershift and the motor does not turn off.I close the Throttle and the Choke and the motor still working.Do you have a solution to resolve this problem.Photos and videos will be appreciated.Thanks for your collaboration!


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