How To Start Your Chainsaw

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Anthony L: cool

Protap Biswas: Please Visit

nick freeman: good tutorial guys

James Purswell: This saved my day. I got my first chainsaw and had no clue how to start it. I fumbled with it for an hour, nothing. Found the video, Bam! Thanks !!!

btownmxer: This one time at band camp I stuck a chainsaw in my

Matthew Stein: I am in the firewood business and I bought a brand new MS 391, 25 inch bar back in 2/20/2015 never tried to start it till today, 6/14/2015, and I cannot get it to start, burp, cough, nothing at all. It doesn't pop at all.  I have owned several chainsaws of 4 different brands over the years and all of them never failed me. This damn thing has pissed me off. $ 675.00 worth of disappointment. It's going to a service center tomorrow. This is the first and maybe the last Stihl product I may ever own. Very disappointed.

bmedeiros678: Kc didn't have his head gear at 5:44 so I guess that is not needed while starting. 

STIHL USA: Here are some tips for starting your STIHL chainsaw safely and properly.


mattyboy7272: good demo boys!

setsappa1: Thank you.

storminnormanz: trade it for a husky

cdawg4391: Have an ms 290 - the first few cold pulls are basically impossible due to compression and there is no release valve. Any advice, please?

jik lop: I have two stihl saws try to start them when it is cold out they are worthless husky -20 starts every time

KnorpelDelux: I've been using a MS260 in many years, never let me down. Stihl sure knows how to build a proper tool!

HOG WAY: Just bought a ms250 today Love it

STIHL USA: We regret your issue and would like to provide further assistance. Please call 1800-go-stihl and they can assist you with this issue further. Thanks

How to Start Your Chainsaw 5 out of 5

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Tech Chat with Chad - How to start your STIHL chain saw - Season 1 EP 1
Tech Chat with Chad - How to start your STIHL chain saw - Season 1 EP 1
How To Start a Chainsaw
How To Start a Chainsaw
McCulloch -  Starting your chainsaw
McCulloch - Starting your chainsaw
How to Start Your Chainsaw
How to Start Your Chainsaw
How to Start a Stihl Chain Saw
How to Start a Stihl Chain Saw

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How to Start Your Chainsaw