How To Start Your Chainsaw

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Jacob Gardener: How are left handed people supposed to start the chainsaw? Give it to a right handed person?

The almighty bungholio Father of cornholio: There is nothing wrong at all with drop starting as long as you know what you are doing

Velvet Elvis: Bought the 171 today can't get it started for the life of me tried till I was blue in the face

Hale Cooley: cheating stupid freakers

Patrick Haraldsen: im sorry I hope this is 1847 safety tips... If not; please move to Norway, Kindergarten learns better safety tips..... please delete and redo vids..... you are gonna get some people killed

Jim Nowak: Great video fellows. 5 stars

Peter Ford: why if they want you to foot in from rope side if saw, do they put the extended flat on the opposite side?

Best of TOOLS: I just bought a 180 and 271 farm boss and filmed all my cutting. Please give me some feed back. This is a great video. I love my saws and film with some really cool angles. Please check it out. thank you for your great video

Adam Vetus: I havent got fuel primer in my MS 211 so i cant pump fuel. Explain pls starting proces in this model 😆

Sarah Lewis: PLease shorten this video to just the bare basics. Just needed the actual how to start info.

John Skans: Thanks much; first time user and your visual still valuable 2017. Stihl MS 180 C-BE started right up after watching.

raj kumar: HI

ryan fowler: Wat do I do when Chainsaw chain runs and stops.. Even thou I clean'd it????

astathesmalldog: This is my first Sthl. My biggest problem is the carb is side draft and the pictograms show a vertical choke. Eventually I will get it through my head to start with the switch on the bottom. The run position next to the stop keeps faking me out.
I understand the legal need to start with all the safety info, but I really needed a 30 second video, just like most computer printers come with a cheat sheet as well as full instructions.
Love my new saw, so much better than the old one.

Harry Reams: What could the idiots who make these dopey, absurdly over-long "instructional" videos possibly think that stupid background music contributes?

This is one of the worst, most condescending pieces of crap I've ever seen. Cut the chit-chat bullcrap and get to the goddamned subject, idiots.

Sidney Mathious: I have a Stihl chainsaw and is having problems starting it and I think that it may be because I keep flooding it. While working with my Poulan saw it starts normally for me, but it don't have the features of the Stihl. I will try the procedure you all mentioned here and if that don't work the saw will be taken back to the saw shop to see if they can start it.

Crisp Cuts Landscaping: Great tutorial! The time could be condensed, but I understand there are lawyers.

Zaine Ridling: Lots of wasted time in this video, which could have been cut to 2 minutes. Consider editing, and stop saying each other's names so much; we really don't care.

rougen512: Is it safe to allow the saw to warm up in the half choke position? Say...30 seconds? It has been dying on me immediately after I blip the throttle in half choke position to turn high idle off and move into the run position. Mine seems to smoke quite a bit if I let it high idle for even 10 seconds. MS271, brand new

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How to Start Your Chainsaw 5 out of 5

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