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SuperBabycarebear: how much i want to buy one email me with the price ty

Karly Vital: How much are selling them for the I realy want one 

Lynn Boutilier: I would love to know how much Leeza would be. She is absolutely adorable!!

SS4DragonBall: can i buy one please

C.C B: How much for Leeza cuse I want one

chiquita imaginee: how much is leezah with black hair can u leave it at $210

stephanie ferrell: Plz can u contact me about or full soft body sulicone im in need stephanieferrell69@yahoo.com

jazzmaravilla: How much is leeza with blonde hair

Ella: aww I really like the leeza with the really dark hair

Leah Renee: are there still more silicones for sale

MsEvie15: Wow, Michelle your babies are so, So gorgeous!! I love how they move. I really like the ecoflex 30 silicone. They are all so pretty, but Leeza stole my heart!!

Daniel Baublitz: hi michelle how much for them

jacketts j: I love your video it was great!

Sallyjoe59: Cutie ;)

Amy Poyfair: do u sell half silcone babys and how much are they

Maria S.: so cute ;-) I want ne silicone baby so lovely, like Lisa so cute

Sheryl Kinch: i want one of your babies they are so prcious hoiw much do they costy?

kenzie131415: Are any of the full body silicone's for sale? If so how much, do you do a lay-a-way plan and how much per month would I have to pay if so? Thanks and your babies are beautiful! :)

4790Helen: Aw, there's my Baby E! She's gorgeous, can't wait to see her :)

SillyConeBaby: Ah my angel! Thank for this beautiful video Michelle! :) xx, Dana

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