110cc Pit Bike Exhaust Test.

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Joely: Hi can you send me the link to the exhaust off ebay thanks :)

JustForShitReally: i've got that exhaust and i was shocked by how much power it added 

acekawasakirider: what song is that? 

beenjamin666: @matthewmarrs123 ebay brother!

beenjamin666: @Deanmc2406 ebay brother!

beenjamin666: @kx85harv Cheers, yes it does pop and bang on the overun and sounds ace under hard acceleration. Nosebleed section is the song :)

beenjamin666: @mojospin i can but agree. what a wanker :)

beenjamin666: @2121skaterboy i personally, would get one of these, mebe even the 125, or 140. Hovever this will easily do 50mph which is way fast enough :)

beenjamin666: @baird7381 well done for you :) have a nice day x

beenjamin666: @xxblur123xx hilltop hoods - nosebleed section.

beenjamin666: @Djcp1200 ebay :)

condo767: @spencer591 Wow that was hard to read. Go back to school and learn decent grammar.

billy chapman: nice improvment dude sounds much nincer but im going to get a pit bike for the first time this year and ive got a budget of about 500 pounds so could u guys let me know wat the best bike for me would be thanks 

mojospin: @spencer591 your are the biggest retard ever, learn to spell and it is a helpful vid to see what it sounds like! 

MrEvertoo: wats the name of the song??

Ashley Nicholls: Did this make it any faster of anything like that ? Please reply thanks.

Soontoobe Onit: yee i got my bike day after delivery, i wuz chuffed ter bits

Lecksell: i had to take the peice of plastic covering the exhaust to fit this exhaust on my s.stomp 140 cuz it was melting the plastic :( how u get urs to fit under it?

Soontoobe Onit: try the cokermoto website - performance pipe =)

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110cc pit bike exhaust test. 5 out of 5

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110cc pit bike exhaust test.
110cc pit bike exhaust test.
Pitbike 110cc
Pitbike 110cc
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Pit Bike Stealth Exhaust Test
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SSR 125 Pit Bike Review/Thoughts

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110cc pit bike exhaust test.