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CWBush73: My post did not set well. I did not pour water down first, I hope that is why. Would this be a reason?

Caber Cabe: That is WAAAY too much concrete. 2 bags for one post? RETARDED.

Ethan Stephenson: what u can do to make ur fence last over 20 or less years Is put 4 big nails between concrete and wood.

paul lynch: Mixed my concrete, and after 5 years my fence is as straight as the day I put it up.
My mate did his fence with this "Quickcrete" method, and a number of his posts are already leaning after just over a year...

Don't be lazy and ALWAYS mix. You will pay for it down the track if you don't :(

azznbad1: The product will set up just fine in most areas without even adding the water, but it takes much longer. You are also more apt to get air bubbles in wet heavy concrete than you are putting it in the hole. You don't get air bubbles from lack of mixing, you he them from trapping air as you pour. Break a block where it has set up in a bag. No air bubbles at all.

Mike Starr: Good video but more info. How deep do you dig to put the post in before you pour the cement in? And how wide do you make it? Thanks

P Maximiliano L: I have done a ton of research on mixed vs non mixed, BOTH use water, However the research shows, MIXING is always better, if you want it to last 20 plus years. Even the scientific chemical level research shows that the mixing creates a better chemical reaction to bond....which is the whole purpose of mixing. So stick to how people have been doing it for centuries, and mix. Its also the best practice to soak the inground post with a tar / any type of underground sealer and anti fungal properties to minimize rot, also Floating the post helps / or use some gravel at the bottom or just grab some rock laying around and put it in the hole....also...make sure the cement is above ground and slope it away from the post just a bit, so the water runs off instead of pooling around the bottom post which causes rot then seal the wood so that it minimizes absorbing water....then the top of the post needs to be cut at a slight angle to run off better, seal it.

John Ross: ordinary cement would cost a fraction of that stuff,AWRIGHT

Rob Kozik: Treated lumber will not last long in soil that is in shade and constantly damp.

3865roofer: do you put gravel first ?

thatsmydawg: I been doing fence for 8 yrs and we never use crete on wood posts. Just tamp the dirt in 1/3'ds. We only use it if its less then a foot deep

a: Could have mentioned diameter of hole.  From the picture is appears to be a post width in every direction--allowing enough surrounding cement to stabilize the pole. Similarly, the depth of the pole underground, relative to the above ground. For a namely a 1 to 3 or 1 to 4. In the video, did you use a 12' and bury 4'?

1jupiter08: Same directions with aluminum posts? Do we need gravel in bottom of hole?

1jupiter08: Excellent!! Looking forward to putting up my first fence. :) Delighted to hear no need for bracing.

Raja Keluskar: What is this wadder stuff? Where do I buy it?

Ray Markey: I'm going to continue to mix. At least I know I get close to even consistency and fewer dry/air pockets. This may work, but I know my method does for sure.

mikey8strokes: thank you,

kdw75: I just don't think I could stand not to mix the concrete beforehand.

rickster348: I'm putting a mailbox post up soon and already have a bag, Thanks.

manny6584: Why in the world would you or anyone waste time and money ordering concrete from a truck just to install a post?????? lol

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How to Install Fence Posts with Concrete - No Mixing - Sakrete
How to Install Fence Posts with Concrete - No Mixing - Sakrete
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How to Install Fence Posts with Concrete - No Mixing - Sakrete