How To Re-twist Dreadlocks Without Clips

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Gary Johnson: luky

bootboy17: Very Nice.

Shaheerah Bradshaw: This is really cool I been doing my hair and others hair for year and never thought to do this, and i see you can also unravel them once they set to i think its nice and thanks for sharing. :-) 

TimidKatt: Nice dreads and im deff gonna do this when i get my dreads, ayee ppl dread journey coming soon, please watch and comment my videos(:

Kelii417: I started my locs on Monday i did the two strand twist method so sometimes it untangles.... do you think it's to early to wash my hair because i usually wash my hair every week.

thusday8: his dreads looked a hot mess

thetrillesttt: hyis dreads 2 thick

familygoingnatural: what we do now , is working for us. thanks anyway

sarahmaria06: you should try n look for a deal on the jane carter stuff.. i got the whole set for the loc for $20 which included the serum, and locking spray, n cream

LICKPIMP: y you sound like you from new orleans

familygoingnatural: i never heard of it thanks for the tip realboy101.

familygoingnatural: you would have to go to the braiders channel ,

icee4eva: You did good!! very nice.

LoGaN CoN LeY: wow somebody is mad about something......did a black person take your spot at work? on a team or take your partner?

Jahrts: Best Thing Is To Keep Them Natural I&I

djquiva: @hotb5y Loccs dont lock at the root because the hair grows continuously.

MrRisingstar22: man i wish i knew how to retwist my hair for real instead of just twisting my roots

ColdBoi: Man...I just did mine but it don't look like how it does when I go to a loctician at the barber shop. What am I doing wrong?

familygoingnatural: we were watching Devil Wears Prada,we love that movie,

tanyaj650: So how long does this take? You don't dry it at all?

lilsm1th: so basicailly you take a two or more dreads and combine them into one...?

Tiye King: @realboy101 thats what i use

kissinlez: @paulcummings32. "REAL" dread do need to be twisted/touched up! When that new growth comes in it looks nasty. so if you don't want a fro underneath your locks you do need to RETWIST them. Just so you know next time you wanna call bullcrap.

familygoingnatural: Jane Carter smells like lemon icing and Organic smells like more of a super very light coconut smell you almost cant smell anything .thank you

imbb1: hey my hair is like longer than his locs no how should i start my locs

Dlb316: yo does tha rubber bands helps locking cause like 2 or 3 dreads that wont lock up but they are 2 and 3 stranded dreads tho...

justmyworld74: Good vid! I love the color that you put in his hair, that's how I'd like my hair to look. Would you mind telling me how you did it? Did you have to bleach the ends or did the color just take? I've never dyed my hair before but I really want to and this is the first time that I've seen exactly what I want. Thanks, JMW74

sarahmaria06: she said it was awesome.. had alotta free classes to attend... gave out a lotta free stuff

Jason Bean: I seen some of ur videos and I gotta say, u know what ur doin lol them dreads look clean man I cant wait to start mine! thnx for the tips and motivation. stay natural

derryll22: It was just freaking explained in the beginning that it was just freaking washed

tspringer7207: yeah Jamaican Mango and Lime is the bomb that's all i use and thats all applesandmustard uses too

Beverly0224: stupid cut out the back ground audio, don't u listen before u publish?

nikab86: great idea!

kremeykreme: man i used that mess it don't stay up long enough for me and the fragrance will start to get on ur nerves...its best to use organic stuff on ur hair..i use this stuff called The Roots twist it lock it with Shea Butter but when i go to the beauty shop i dont kno wat he uses but wutever it is it makes my hair shiny the dreads and the roots be perfect and u can see my scalp clearly..then with the stev e harvey line I be too fresh...

mkyoungprince: Yo video was tight bruh. I knew somebody from home was gon be able to help me out, lol. Cuz mine r about da same length as dude hair in da video but my girl always comb em out completely then comb twist em again, and its like they never grow cuz I always end up losin some inches at da end. But thank u ma, like I said yo video was tight, I think u should do another one and this time be in a room wit better light so they can see a lil bit better, but it was on point tho good job

realboy101: best thing to use is jamacian mango and lime locking creme wax

Seveneighteen718: twish the dreads then wrap the end around. Wrap each one into a little ball

dahulk07: so when can i get my hair done??

Thraxxx La'Familia: My roots look veryyyyyy thin, but its wierd cus the rest of the dread is thick, after the roots dread will they thickin up?? cus im afraid thier gonna fall out.

familygoingnatural: will do!

quinn jones: About 900,000 of these views are from people in Chicago -.-

NuB82: Twist n Loc looks better... but the outcome of it all looks good... Nice job Chick! Thanks for sharing ... xoxo ~Nu

familygoingnatural: thank you ,icee4eva

MomCheeto4: I love that you don't have to use all those clips to hold the twisted new growth in placewhile it sets, also I like that you mention how clean his locs are with no residue. However, won't the product you're using to do the twisting leave any residue? Also, it looks like you're really twisting them really tight. I hear that can cause "alopecia." Maybe that's just the way it looks in the video. I still like this method and think I will try it!

apollosmomma: Hey Pooh! good method of twisting... i can't wait to see the end results! thanks for the vid. What does the Twist and loc smell like?

SE15KHALID: yo peps i got that gel but it dont work 4 my hair and wax just makes my hair softer so all i been doing is wash it and leave it dry but the lock them self have nuff hair coming of the side of them any help would be blessed thanks

Racquel Collier: ohk. ihad my twists for 3wks w/o any type of retwist. it looks like an afro on top of my head. & my family is kind of "qhetto" and told me to retwist with stylinq qel.. is dhat possible.? & we dnt have any more clips how do imake dhem sit w/o messinq up.? my hair is like 1inche & a half lnq..

RavynRae: @LICKPIMP she is...&& so am I. :)

mkyoungprince: Good tutorial, ya heard me, I like dat getcha self out there lil mama, I'm from da 7th ward, I love to see my ppl doin' more than killin ppl by da two and threes at a time, and I will definately use u yo method when my dreads get longer

minniemoe15: I just recently started locs about 2 weeks ago and I retwisted yesterday with clips (ouch when you sit under the dryer). Your technique is much better. I will try it thanks.

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How to re-twist dreadlocks without clips 4.4 out of 5

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