R.M.S. Titanic For Virtual Sailor 7: The Interior

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Alex White: Did this work for Vehicle Simulator

Kenny Hartanto: He's inactive, and Virtual Sailor is an old ship sim game, not much people play it now. But it is better than the ship sims today because you can play as many vessels, not much for graphics.

Schwarz1947: Why didn't have the 2nd class public areas only staircase and corridors?

Connor Bennett: mine keeps crashing

SonicTheHedgehogFan Rules#1: My game lags and the fps remains on 0 and I can't make it go faster my ghz is 1.80 if you are wondering.

GrowlingMammal7: Excuse me, Kyle? The domes show up as a blank white texture with blue at the front of the dome, is there a way to fix that?

Leffer Gamer: plese engine room in titanic

✋ i have no idea on what to name this channel... ✋: @balancedaustraila its in the description :)

balancedaustralia: Where can I find the link to download these packs?

JoMiner_ 456: can someone help me i installed the interior packs but some are not working (Grand staircase, Dining Saloon,...)

kristian guillen: Great video,

Cloppity Poppity: you should have made other interiors. 1st class B deck coridoors, 2nd class dining saloon on D deck, 1st class A la carte saloon on B deck, 2nd class D deck coridoors, 2nd class smoke room on B deck, 3rd class scotland road on E deck, 3rd class forward deck coridoors on E deck and F deck, 3rd class open space on forward D deck, and 3rd class dining saloon on middle F deck. theese are all forgotten interiors.

CloppityPoppityVideos: Umm... c deck coridoors is really 1st class

CloppityPoppityVideos: here is what you forgot: bow staircase, 3rd class coridoors bowside, 3rd class open space, 2nd class dining room, and 3rd class dining room.

Tiger LPS: Tosi kiva Tykkään

Danisiah1: How I can install the interiors?

Sloane Woodford: Well done! Thank you very much for showing this.

Mike Turk: Amazing! Great job!

Pahan Pahanovich: Thanks

LexPab: awesome for the people who wants to know more about the interior of the Titanic...! thanks for sharing!

R.M.S. Titanic for Virtual Sailor 7: The Interior 5 out of 5

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R.M.S. Titanic for Virtual Sailor 7: The Interior