R.M.S. Titanic For Virtual Sailor 7: The Interior

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CloppityPoppityVideos: Umm... c deck coridoors is really 1st class

CloppityPoppityVideos: here is what you forgot: bow staircase, 3rd class coridoors bowside, 3rd class open space, 2nd class dining room, and 3rd class dining room.

Kissi Missi: Tosi kiva Tykkään Titanickista.....

Pahan Pahanovich: Thanks

Danisiah1: How I can install the interiors?

Mike Turk: Amazing! Great job!

LexPab: awesome for the people who wants to know more about the interior of the Titanic...! thanks for sharing!

Sloane Woodford: Well done! Thank you very much for showing this.

callofdutywawcj1: Very Impressive

daviid KL: hi, please can you tell me how to download this interiors ?? please

Zapdo Films: Dude your amazing

kenbooby: Can you sink it and watch as water, slowly, moves into the ship?

Jenema2: I Cant Get The Interior to show up. i copied and pasted to dial.x but nothing!

slayer sky: do i have to download the titanic from site cuz it said i need original hms titanic

jpetrillo13: Why my Virtual Sailor have so bad graphics? is not like the videos I have seen...

Alex Kindred: Can somebody tell me how to walk around on deck, I can't for the life of me figure it out >.<

MultiFeli23: what adds interior ?

Em|Ka: i wish that you would complete lusitania and poseidon

cùng bước nhảy Thử thách: EGTERTERTREYTYRSYTYESY

slayer sky: cud u make like a download wher the stuff is already installed ot save work this kinda seems confusing

Gabryst2: engine room?

dad90: @orlandoboi258 You know he's not going to do it.

feastsinmalta: can you put the whole interior at once? thank you and gr8 work;D

Matt Piras: When I downloaded the interior it didnt show up in the titanic it instead showed up in other ships (especially small ones) and I cant get rid of it! What do I do as it is really ruining my gameplay?

slayer sky: thast nice

Ross Vance McNab: Hudizzle could you pease make green smoke room chairs and put a link in your reply because I like the green better and I am not an expert on how to edit textures and did not want to risk it please i would really appreciate this.I would be delighted if you uploaded them before friday because im going to the Titanic attraction in Belfast but if not its ok i can get it when i retun many thanks :)

feastsinmalta: Hey Hudizzle great job for the model because it really has detail .. by the by about the lights in pirated version your Poseidon lights still work on my pirated virtual sailor because they are on automatically so can you please leave the lights on at all time on the Titanic model and then they simply appear at night because that would really mean a lot to me because the page up/down keys don't work because of my virtual sailor being pirated .. that would really mean a lot thanks and great job!!

Maximiliano ibaceta: that well you completed the titanic is going to be super fun to play in virtual sailor titanic also is full with all the interiors and thanks to you is that first class had another grand staircase which is not near the bow the other as the grand staircase third class will be forever grateful to Mr. hudizzle and how will the poseidon and the Lusitania?

smellyfishbones: this is magifiacnt..

zackcool12345: congratz on finishing....it looks beautiful

michaelhugen: How do you walk around in boats in virtual sailor 7?

aquelescaraaaaaaaaaa: you gotta give this guy credit. he recreated every single inch of the original titanic, it´s the closest thing you will have from the ship, congrats dude.

Giggicodino: the final touch would be knows to it in motion blots some it with the motors however it compliments a fantastic job truly :)

Sinking Simulator: you should make the 3rd class open space and the 2nd class dining saloon and some 3rd class corridor and b-e deck coriddors

john joseph: hey you mother F***ker I'll say F*** you baby

Klaus Keiser: Sure your tired of hearing this but thats pretty amazing...

Victrola Fix: Is that Scotland Road at 2:23?

Elpapi454: After 1 hour and 4 minutes my download is finally done. Here is a brief tour of all interiors contained within my final download 1%.........20%..........50%.........80%.......100%.........Complete.

feastsinmalta: hey Hudizzle gr8 job just 1 thing...how do I get the interior in your WIP 5 Titanic? (I have the WIP because the night lighting wont work as mine is unregistered and its always on)

samsdancingtown: I just downloaded this game and I'm such a noob. I don't even know how to explore yet lol but I do not see the interior of this model. Can someone explain what I am doing wrong? I really want to see this in full, not just the decks.

WildDog100: @Hudizzle yeah i downloaded it but the file wasnt like VS7's ship files. i had to open several files to get out the RMS_Titanic folder out of the boats folder I downloaded

bryan3412: I love it! This is absolutely AMAZING!!!

AviationXz -FSX, -Minecraft: i like u

mandalorian115: i lag when i use it, help?

A Wuepics: no its virtual sailor 7....the detail of the ship make it looks like TITANIC 3D

Leandro Assis: Hudizzle Hello, I want to congratulate you for your great and splendid work he has done rebuilding and bringing back to us the glory of the RMS Titanic, I downloaded and installed their model interiors, everything is great, but is too slow, I want I know how to make it faster, thanks now and again congratulations!

Halozilla2001: and install it inside please tell me

martigz: this is a game called TITANIC3D

Marco Martinson: have you the break up or can your ship it?

AviationXz -FSX, -Minecraft: how download intereor????

R.M.S. Titanic for Virtual Sailor 7: The Interior 4.9 out of 5

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