AR 15 7.62x39 REVIEW

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V SS: This AR 7.62x39 steel amo use of China is not?

kayserili memetaga: Is that a standard ar lower?

mauserk98bnz44: I like it! What magazine do you use? I'm seriously considering building a 7.62 and have seen mixed reviews.

Brian Clark: Bought one today at a Houston gun show ( complete minus lower). Ended up spending about $675 for the upper, parts kit, milspec buffer tube, free float handguard, MOE stock and a c product designs mag. installed on a spikes lower. Can't wait to take her to the range :) got the 16" barrel. I like the look of the 20" and might go that route eventually once I see how this build goes

Dewey Barnes: I also have the fakcog and actually it does well on my ak

Andrew Avila: Sweet build!
About your bolt carrier group. You stated everyting is similar to a 5.56/223 except the bolt itself, how about the firing pin? is that standard 5.56/223 or do you need to have a special one for 7.62

ldbranda: Good build. Ignore the assholes that can walk on water and know everything. Good information here. Thanks. 

Pat Hand: Oh! I think I just figured it out...You are in Kalifornia. Now I understand the "just for looks, fake box magazine". Geez! What a crap state.

Pat Hand: How could you possibly fire 7.62x39mm using that magazine? The only mag that will work in a standard AR15 mag well are ASC CURVED mags?

Mu Am: is it possible to attach a bipod to this rail? If yes, how? thanks

afshin735: I forgot to mention the ammo.  I use golden tigers for most of my x39 guns.

afshin735: Buddy, I don't mean any disrespect but either you are a lousy shot or upper/scope has a problem.  My x39 Colt upper shoots MOA at 100 yds (3 shots) and slightly larger with 5 shots.

nicholas morales: It's a boot, not a freakin' shoe.

Jacob Aaron: Having a bipod mounted to your barrel completely eliminates the point of havinga free float handguard

Howjadoo22: I'm sure you've fixed it by now, but in case you haven't, you mag release button isn't screwed in all the way... The screw should be flush with the face of the button.

TeufelhundOR: Zero at 100..

H Nguyen: Nice setup. FYI. Firing pin is different. 

belbro62: i really like the ak round on a ar. wondering if its worth the buy.  got the 300 blackout but ammo is super expensive and rarer than a unicorn unless you reload so this is an alternative . got two lowers on back friday sale.i  want to start to build a 11.5 pistol on a model 1 upper. what magazines do you recommend

AdkMtnFlight: Great!

AdkMtnFlight: Great!

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AR 15 7.62x39 REVIEW 5 out of 5

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AR 15 7.62x39  REVIEW