Milkyway Pure Hair 1 Week Review

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Sariah Moore: what color and how many bundles?

Acey&Jay: Why didn't u just seal ur wefts that always prevents it from shedding

lashonda johnson: my hair curled good and i dyed it red it held curls all hair sheds even ur real hair u loose 1000 strands of hair a day and dont use alcohol made spritz it damages hair too use alcohol free spray to curl dat hair

mayamonae: what color do you have in?

HopelessDiva Hair: I only use pure I don't no if it's coz I'm in the UK but it holds an excellent curl best with flexi rods and it hardly sheds

Lashane: what lengths did you use?

Lashane: what color is that??

Not2broke2bCute: 2 packs

Brianna Rivers: How many packs use?

Chaneay Bynum: thanks you helped me a lot: )

Chelse O: the color looks gr8 on you i love how you say how many inches and the price cuz some peole on here don't

Destiny Ortega: How did you install it? i love how it looks ombre and i wanna try and do mine like yours. But ima do a quickweave.

Haley Maynard: I love it in videos when you hear screaming kids in the background. lol.

Not2broke2bCute: @BashfulBeauty901 Thank you and me too!

julie tharp: made clip in extensions with this hair and i love smooth, tangle free, and hardly sheds at all A++

Not2broke2bCute: 30/27 and 4/30

Tiahesia Francis: What colors do you have in?

Not2broke2bCute: @MyDazzlingBeauty Thank You ! I appreciate the feedback :)

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Milkyway pure hair 1 week review 5 out of 5

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Milkyway pure hair 1 week review
Milkyway pure hair 1 week review
Milkyway Pure Hair Review
Milkyway Pure Hair Review
milkyway pure hair review
milkyway pure hair review
Milky Way Pure Hair Review
Milky Way Pure Hair Review

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Milkyway pure hair 1 week review