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Sandra Rutherford: I have a ABD KIT -3 AIR - 20 air brush unit with 3 air brushes #E91, 22 and 68. I want to use my air brush for toucing up a wall. Will any of the brushes I have work and do I use my mini regulator when spraying the wall or is it just used for special jobs. I did not get instructions with my kit and have had a hard time trying to get one. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Migdalia Rivera: I would like to know the brand for the Lustre Drops. Thank you.

janebell: I bought a Dinair kit a few years ago and the makeup does look beautiful but I absolutely can NOT touch my face after or it comes right off. Any tips? I do use primer and a setting spray.

Zachary_artz: what size needle for a makeup airbrush?

dimebagcfh: Just some advice for newbies in airbrushing, Never point a airbrush near your eyes, nose, mouth, or ears. unless your ready to die. Compressed air is very dangerous. and always wear some type of respirator unless you want makeup going up your nose and into your lungs.

A Rugg: I've been looking for a video like this! Thank you!

Lawanda Conaway Hunter: I life in a very humid climate  so what is the best air brush foundation brand for this problem.  And i have uneven skin areas like pimple damage what can you use to fill those in first.  In addition, i have some very dark areas to cover as well how do i handle those as well. What is the best setting powder so foundation does not melt.

keisha hubbard: Thank you I looked so long for these answers

Trisha Magallanes: Have you used the Mac airbrush foundation? The lady at counter also said you could use your with 109 brush as well

L Crenshaw: How to you keep the foundation on? The tiniest drop of water and it comes right off. Don't even try to drink from a glass. I tried setting spray and it made little drop marks on my face.

Lorena Higdon: your camera is amazing zooming in which one is it??? what do you use to do your videos resolution looks amazing. great videos :)

Brooke Rogerson: Which foundation do you think has the most matte finish? My skin is extremely shiny so I try to look for a very matte finish and avoid the luster

Moonage Daydream/IHeartExploding: i was happy to find out i could use the kryolan airstream with this[and it works awesome actually]

PRINCESS DIDDY: How do you keep it from washing off with water? If I drink anything the liquid would rub off the makeup from my top lip

Prina Tjuanice: Hey Spark you look amazing in this video. Im such a dork and just now seeing this. Almost a year later. I'm sure your look has changed but this look was awsome!!!!! Thanks for the tips as usual.

Velma Serrato: what system do you prefer dinair or baletto

Evonnamarie: Does the foundation smear on your clothes? Is it water and/or sweatproof? And does bella have a full coverage foundation for like birthmarks and scars like dinair does?

heyysimone: can you creme contour and highlight with airbrush machines? and if you can should you do it before or after?

AshleyPearls: I have a question which Belletto Studio kit would you recommend for a starter kit with everything in the kit of foundations, eye shadow, blush and all that?  they have in the kits that cost 190.00 ( originally 520.00)  or 490.00 whic best ones off the site? the ones that cost less or the high price kits? if anyone knows let me know :)

anniestevens: I have the belletto, dinair, and luminess air machines but I have recently ordered temptu pro products to see how it wears for my wedding. My friend who does make up said I can use any gun for the silicone based make up as long as I clean it well. Is this true? If not what do I do?! Thank you so much!

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A Discussion on Airbrushes
A Discussion on Airbrushes
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Generic airbrush compressor review
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Andy's Hobby Headquarters F. A.Q. Frequently asked questions

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