MK6 GTI Must Perform Service At 130,000 Miles

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Mark Beaulieu: I'm at 133,000 miles, looking to update the timing chain tensioner, should I update the chains as well? even if its running well, or just tensioner?

Zakaria Munsoor: First time I've seen ur channel. Thank you buddy

Aaron ___: 3 mile commute for me

Booostedgti: QUESTION- i have changed the timing kit, fuel injectors, cleaned alot of the carb out, spark plugs and coils, new head gasket-new exhaust gasket- new intake manifold gasket and a new high pressure sensor, but i have a cyl 2 misfire. How could i fix that?

B L: chuck your current pcv if you haven't replaced it yet! Mine got stuck around 80k and blew my rear main seal. It's like 7 screws and $50 USD for a new pcv with gasket genuine audi/vw, and 20 minutes work to save you big bucks

bandgeekforever100: Do the 2013 GTIs have issues with rod bearings after 100k miles?

Dr Dwg: If had chain tensioner replaced at 60k by dealer and now at 107, should i do again. 2012 mk6 driver here

Ranse Cube: How many miles do you do the timing chain on a 2007 gti????

TristanGTR: How are the revised ones holding up? Mine failed last year but didn’t destroy my engine. Got that replaced with a new chain. Are any of the newer ones having issues?

jbououi: tHANK YOU!

jbououi: Least problematic MK6 GTI year?

Coffey King: I know the MK5 1.9 TDI is known for vacuum pump issues

Valve cleaning is always a good idea :)

Chris McFarlane: I just picked up a 2008 Beetle w/2.5L 195000kms. it was a loved car other then the body with a little rust. anything i should be looking at for that engine? How is the timing chain on that motor? Thanks

acchaladka: Great video again Charles. What key issues pop up for higher mileage Mk 7 GTIs and R's, ie what should I keep my eye on?

SADLARR97 C: So is newer updated tensioner totally reliable is it nothing to even worry about once it's got a updated one

wyattoneable: Great help to a lot of people Charles.

nilsutt: hahaha you Vw guys have a strange field of reference for longevity and service life, have you ever heard of a car brand named Volvo? 130k is like the break in period for the Swedish steel ;). Vw is a nice car to buy new, you get a lot of value for the money. But for me as a poor student who can only afford to buy a 20 year old car Vw is of the table;)

rhkips: "Some VWs get really upset when you don't put factory brakes on 'em."

I think this warrants a video on its own! I'm certainly curious as hell now! :D

Pdiddy: As a MK6 owner with almost 90K I really appreciated this video. Could not agree more about the timing chain tensioner and oil leaks. Im looking to do a complete timing chain replacement at 100K. Will also be looking to go Cobb Accesssport (stage 2) so that would mean new clutch (single flywheel conversion, daily stage 2) and downpipe. Doing rear main seal while tranny is out so hopefully wont have to go back in there. Cars been fantastic so far, now time to see what shes got!

Kazak Thranduil: I had one for 40k miles all I did was change the oil three times I guess I'm glad I sold this time bomb

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MK6 GTI Must Perform Service at 130,000 miles
MK6 GTI Must Perform Service at 130,000 miles
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MK6 GTI Must Perform Service at 130,000 miles