Radius Ball Turner For Metal Lathe

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Olukayode Okunowo 08034271630: Great! it is awesome. Thank you for sharing.

Silas Longshot: Excellent tool design, no chatter (or at least minimal) because cutter is on a pedestal instead of an arm!

Ton Buitendijk: Any drawings of this project. I want to built one for my own lath.

Tom Whent: That is a really slick way to make that attachment! To keep your locking set-screws from marring your slide, try brazing a small bit of bronze rod onto the tip of the screw and relieved to clear the threads.

Sebastien Faubert: any plan for the dye order ?? im at school and it could be à Nice project thanks to reply

Siegfried Gust: Great way of doing it. Far better that the ones that mount to the tool post. This seems like it would cause very little vibration, plus you could make a tool holder to make concave ball shells with it too.

R Johns: Nice brass balls! lol

GIwillo: very nice! btw. whats the music playing? very relaxing :)

Defnotdemas: Wow that's amazing. Great tool! If I make one I might put the handle farther away from where it is so I'm not so close to the chuck.

Celestino Clemente: Thank you very much to share it with us. Have you drawing or plans that you could send to me?
Best regards.

wickedcivic1: is it possible to cut a round knob without this tool ?

georgio jansen: perfect. gives me idea to make one with different degrees. thanks

peter canning: do you have blue prints for the ball turner

peter canning: love it awesome job

Graeme Priestley: Only thing, I am a Fitter Turner, Retired, why did he only take shallow cuts, looked to be half Millimetre, Twenty thou, a time ?

ישראל יצחקי: יפה

Kimberly Hamm: i would like to have a radius ball turner made for a 1937 craftsman metal lathe could you make me 1

Daniel Monsalve: Hi!,  what manner you advance the cutter?. I cannot see at video Thanks!

Kenneth Webb: Elegantly done, great video with no fluff

ugotit33x: NICE WORK

Radius Ball Turner for Metal Lathe 5 out of 5

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Radius Ball Turner for Metal Lathe
Radius Ball Turner for Metal Lathe
MKll Radius Ball Turner - Final!
MKll Radius Ball Turner - Final!
Radius turning tool for metal lathe
Radius turning tool for metal lathe
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Ball turning Attachment DIY
turning a steel ball with homemade tool
turning a steel ball with homemade tool

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Radius Ball Turner for Metal Lathe