NBA 2K14 - Launch Trailer

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ITS LEL PL4YS :v: whats the song name???

NostalgiaRama: So im probably going to get 2k13..2k14 may be a bit better..but nothing ive seen has blown me away..and im not going to get PS4 anytime soon..if ever..the LeBron soundtrack feature isn't much different than having a JayZ that was useless..I do like that they didn't cut LBJ slack as far as appearance..but his hairline doesn't bother me..the one thing I do like is the Euro league teams being included..if I did purchase..that would be biggest and maybe only reason

NostalgiaRama: I haven't purchased a NBA2K since 2011..2k12 I hated the character models..maybe it was just me or the HD feel but all the players looked the same..thats an important thing for me when it comes to a sports game..i like for players to be as authentic as they are in real life..full detail!..I played 2k13 demo..and I liked it better..but hate the shot stick control change..but I read you can switch it just have to learn dribble controls..

WriteOutTheHood: Memphis Grizzlies only get 1 appearance !?!

Luis: can dunks be block on this one?...

dangerd Baskin: Not buying it anyone cause of the cover not a fan of lebron suck james and not suppose gay z I rather play pay day 2 and saint row 4 and grand theft auto

emersonleon85: Damn after seeing next gen 2k14 this looks bad lol (madden 25 current & next gen look the same tho)

Alan G: how is that sarcasm, PC always provides better graphics that consoles will never have, even with the new and improved next gen graphics, PC still looks even better

Julio Torres: No dis is da 2k14 cuz Paul pierce has on a nets uniform

Giorgi Metreveli: sarcasm?

NO-AB: They still have the wrong animation for Paul Pierce...he does not shoot like that, at all.

yunrocks: It's funny how people pick graphics over gameplay 2k14 might look the same but feels so much different.

Ion0X: Hi everyone. I'm Ion. I like playing games and even have some gameplay videos on my channel. If you're curious please check it out. :). Always posting more stuff and and to those who do check them out i hope you all enjoy the videos. :)

thebills_1995: Looks the freaking same

Vinicius Barbosa: LoL both top coments are completely different opinions...

tmacc: nice trailer but gay song

koolchris745: O its lit!!!!!!

XboxNation: you mean 2k12? looks the same to me.

Talcum07: wait... isn't this the 2k13 trailer?

ShinNSparda: 1:04 JaVale McGee

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NBA 2K14 - Launch Trailer 5 out of 5

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NBA 2K14 - Launch Trailer