LifeProof IPhone Case Belt Clip Instructions

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said torres: What are the colors available?

Alicia chavez: why not make one for galaxy note edge this is very nice

Kelvin Santos: I'm curious as I noticed in the video the case does not resemble a lifeproof case. What case was used in the video?

Crazy Amazing Designs: Can you put the screen facing in? I'm concerned about damage on the screen face.

miguel cardoso: That's ridiculous everyone knows you can't talk with this crap on your phone. U can't hear crap

SakumaRyuichiNG: +LifeProof my fre case was defective and in no more than 48hrs your team
communicated back and are replacing it even when I am in another
country... I am totally yours D:! I am never again buying an all
protective case that's not yours (btw, my case was indeed waterproof but
I was not listened when calling :D).
... ._. I want this belt clip, want it badly... it's compatible with 5S
right? I am gonna buy it definitely, I am so up for belt clips.

CityOfMCNetwork: That looks like a nice Belt Clip.

Greg Stroud: Very helpful, thank you !!

Dave Gould: Having wrecked my Android with water before seeing sense and getting the iPhone 5s, I am very glad to have the LifeProof belt clip and phone holder.

Jillerbop: OMgoodness G and S, what a surprise when I saw you on this cool. Oh, and thanks for the clip help. I'd leave some contact info, but that's a bad idea. I hope you read this. Big love and would love to see you guys one of these days, my folks as well. Maybe you still have my so cal address???

cam12357: People*

cam12357: Dear lifeproof, have you guys been considering to include the clip in the case. I know I'm speaking for a lot f people hear by saying this, a lot of peephole go to otterbox because of the clip because the case comes with it. I understand that yours may be higher quality but still I think a lot of people would like it if it came with a clip just an idea.

Cameras&Photos: Purchased a Life proof case & holder to replace my Otter box. I like the life proof case a little better, but went back to the otter box holder. here is the link to it in case anyone is\13s2Y0h

Chris Miller: Would it work securely on a roller coaster if I was not using a belt just the belt clips

LifeProof: With our belt clip, you can face the phone inward or outward. As for the ability to swap out the clip sizes, thanks for your suggestion we will pass that on to our design team.

Eryn DeSable: I like the features.

john Scan: Not being able to change the belt clip is a real pain for the cost of the device they should be interchangeable.

LifeProof: We're considering a case for both devices.

Nick Stone: Case

Nick Stone: Lifeproof are you making a iPad mini or 5th gen iPod touch

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LifeProof iPhone Case Belt Clip Instructions
LifeProof iPhone Case Belt Clip Instructions
Lifeproof belt clip
Lifeproof belt clip
LifeProof Belt Clip Unboxing
LifeProof Belt Clip Unboxing
LifeProof iPhone Case Belt Clip Instructions - Available at KnifeCenter
LifeProof iPhone Case Belt Clip Instructions - Available at KnifeCenter
LifeProof iPhone 5 Belt Clip Review
LifeProof iPhone 5 Belt Clip Review

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LifeProof iPhone Case Belt Clip Instructions