How To Have Sex In Minecraft 1.6.2

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Jason King: What the freak was that crap

Nina Gonzalez: O my god I am laughing so hard XD all the noises and the nyan cat XD

Kenneth Pham: GROSS

Blake Rowdyright: Omg XD 

Cristina Kit: ... Tyler x3.

Eliseo Rodriguez: Why did he has sex with a youtuber

Gabby and Mabel rule: wtf were the noises?

Betsy Cortez: Munichingbrotato im telling sky you're gay

DeAnna Mozee: WTF

Emanuel Hernandez Hernandez: What the freak

Rikamayuri Vung: What the freak that munichingbrotato

Sophie Evans: ???

Carlos Rincon: 0.0 wtf!!!

Daniel Šušuk: ?!

Klinsgameplay: freak DAT BITCH!

Ethan Lavallee: that was kind of creepy

Emilia Michalowska: What?

okan bozel: Fak you

Alisa van Tuyn: Wtf!!

Daniel Šušuk: ?!

TrueAMZ: Omfg where's janet!?!? It's tiny pencil! XD

Emoni Robinson: Lol

Gamerz Game MLG: XD

Garrett Helsel: This person is stupied 

Aidibug Games: I don't get it but it's cool

Bryan Murphy: Wtf

greg battle: Hahaha so funny

Payton Getz: This is so stupid thumbs down

Carlos Rincon: Hahahahahaha ok now i duderstand!XD

Maria Alba: Munchingbrotato prob like wat the freak Who r u

temuka Jon: hehe haha!

Cupcake: Guys that probably isn't MunchingBrotato it is probably a fan that found his skin. *OR IS IT HIM*???????

Emerald: I'll never think of TYLER the Same 0.0

Stacey C: Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access: BABETONIGHT-----------c0m

Raoul Knight: O_O what the beep

marc miller: gay

likeaboss123101: ha gayyyyyyyyyy

Matthew Chavez: WTF LOL

Lam Shiow Yen: Lol

EnderPigsRS: Best 20 seconds of my life

Len Kagamine: XDD

Danitsja Strang: Homo sexual

Ian Hilario: Ummmmm I'm going to say WTF THUS IS JUST STUPID

zak doy: pfff XD holy crap that crap is freaking funny

Mohamed Ngom: The ghast in the background describes my face when I saw this

killerplayer playerone: WTF O_____o

Lizzy Pierce: That was stupid I HATE IT

alexander hansen: Igangsat

How to have sex in Minecraft 1.6.2 3.6 out of 5

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How to have sex in Minecraft 1.6.2