Skoda Fabia MPI 1,4 -problem

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Dragosh Remus: @Textym Savage Garden - To The Moon And Back

bratlustera: thanks for advices :) next time i will buy Lambo but now i'm going to use this mashine for some years, CA ;]

TransporterGTi: Ingektor

Ali Uşaklı: yes i have to same problem but after injector not to much i use Gas(LPG)..but when i dont move with car still same problem little bit

Adam Pie: 'Silniczek Krokowy' do wymiany!!

manzone91: WHAT THE freak......Can anybody speak english. I was dying to see a video like this and great for the guy to share as I need to find whats causing it and surpurisngly no replies. On my same skoda engine warning light flashes,at times power steering light and this rev counter thing I cannot understand. Any help or advice would be appreciated.Thanks

maciek11111199: sonda lambda :D

BunkerKlunker: does anyone know what this song on the radio is???? i heard it so many times, but didn't get the name! :(

Ioannis Karachristos: i have the same problem!!!!

klados5: zapalovací trafo?zkoušel bych to postupně povypojovat ;)

xmakos07: Oxygen sensor 100% Sonda lambda sie kłania :)

Jakub Kupkovič: lambda sonda

waclosh: @manzone91 You need to have your throttle body checked and cleaned. There is usually some fuel residue surounding the throttle and it prevents it from moving freely. The motor which propells the throttle (drive by wire system) can not move the throttle precisely because of the increased friction and thus it makes such "jumps" when the throttle is almost closed.

pmAhavasi: LoLL

CaRBoN NXS: what car did you have ??? oooh i forgot, don't have.

Wenca1188: vyčistit škrtící klapku a provést základní nastavení..

Shadow: not sonda lambda, is tghe carburattor....i had the same problem. i did clean the carburattor an job done, brand new car.

witexdaw: eh its normal problem in skoda petrol (gasoline) engine...

CZViperCZ: Zkus vycistit skrtici klapku, prodavaj na to takovej sprej. Kde je skrtici klapka predpokladam vis...Kdyby neco PM

cocoshinella: silniczek krokowy na 100% ;D

Szeba86: ah bad vid qualitty, so what`s the problem here? cause i can`t really see anything....lights flashes on dashboard and headlamps when you accelerate and/or steer? below average rpm on idle and engine doesen`t run fluently? it would have been usefull on a vid like this to also write down the main problem....

Wiky89VT: hey!! i got this problem too!!Hove much does it cost a repair?

m.vlad16: change the fuel:P i had this problem at my golf 4 ;)

KubikCv: bad throttle valve???

FowVayJetta: @kfitzer1 you mean lambda sensor... although I only know of a lambda probe. What on earth are lambda probes, though... and what do they do in the car?

Textym: soundtrack???

Lukáš Bobek: Mas v prdeli lambda sondu a skus jestli mas klimu ji zapnout jestli klesnou jeste vic

NeoEletto24: Hi,i'm Italian,my father had the same problem,he changed the ECU,but not solved,so he changed the lambda sensor,and still not solved. Then i personally try to use an additive "Injector cleaner" that must be used with the fuel and it solved.

waclosh: @NeoEletto24 the trottle body is dirty and the motor which operates the trottle body (it is Drive-by-wire system) can not operate the trottle because of increased friction in the air intake space. It only needs to be cleaned.

gergely007: My polak friend, u should check first the computer, maybe that will told whats wrong, some sensor maybe. Skodas still a piece of crap. Or possible the base-revolution engine fault. And next time U should buy a Toyota or Mercedes! Greetings from Magyaristan!

9999990000000000000: @Textym Savage garden - to the moon and back

ifoxino: je to lamda sonda chod do servisu..

xfabia: co ty jsi za chuja?

Szczeni69: swiece, przepustnica. przecyscic , zrobic adaptacje i bedzie git ;)

waclosh: @andreicliviu there is no carburettor, this is a multipoint injection engine.

waclosh: The trottle body is dirty and needs to be cleaned, the motor, which operates the trottle can not operate it properly because the dirt in the intake increases friction.

Felicie Power: Have you tried to check the Maybe it's,

Kevin Fitzpatrick: first problem is the music, then you need to change the landa sensor .

yx5dg: Savage Garden - To the moon and back

Pad9998: Przyczyn może być aż 4! 1. sonda lambda. 2. silnik krokowy. 3. przepływomierz. 4. obce powietrze czyli nie szczelność w doprowadzaniu powietrza

X3dfxX: silniczek krokowy

nimeni86: i think the problem is within the injectors, they are obturated

Maciek M: stawiam że świeca poszła

pepik pepkovi: to auto vyhod kurva

mercedessclass1: @gergely007 but toyotas our crap

Jaroslav Peřina: Zapalovací lista ! takovy jsem mel

gergely007: Its no means crap to who how big is. I know many little private company who make extra fine cars in they category, and a huge companies who made crap. Im not kidding buddy, I have a Golf and I would like burn it up!

gemosrock: My friend, perhaps you should start providing help rather than criticism, two any skoda; Felicia onwards is technically a V.W; the third largest automotive company in the world including the following car companies: Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Seat, Skoda, Scania commercial vehicles and Volkswagen. Do your research, grow a brain, think before you open that mouth of yours and learn correct grammer. Stop flaming!

lovedmebefore: my sme mali ten isty problem dali sme vyčistiť klapku a už to nejde musim poklopat...

Janez Orehek: have the same car,same problem,but i`m still lovin` it. SKODA ROCKS!

Skoda Fabia MPI 1,4 -problem 2.8 out of 5

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Skoda Fabia MPI 1,4 -problem