2004 Chevy Impala Speedometer Problems

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Zimmer Roberts: And it has the same thing as 2002 Tahoe.

Zimmer Roberts: Eric's 2004 odyssey speedometer wont work sometimes, and it works sometimes.

Aj Kelly: Just kidding, I commented that before you stopped the car... So sorry about that :)

DFWTF: Hey have a question if I do this myself and replace it with a new or refab part will I have to reprogram my Mileage

Aj Kelly: Was it set to km/h? XD

Anton Dyckyns: NOT TRUE, you can rebuild GM instrument clusters at home. I just replaced 6 GM gauge stepper motors and all the surface mount bulbs last night for $30 in parts online and a $14, 25W solder iron desoldering kit. on my 2004 GMC. look up HOW TO GM stepper motor replacement and disassembly. The little plastic motors turn into rattles after 120K and the hair-sized gear teeth fail. Motors are only $3 each - kits for as little as $15-20 on eebay or amozan. Funny video though... 

Kirby Suzanne: My 2005 Impala did the same thing and i used my phone as well for speedometer..... Should have been a recall. After a wile ALL my guages went as well.....

MrTenGrand: The problem was most likely in the stepper motors behind the cluster. Actual little motors that work off of the voltage delivered to them which control the needles. I did mine myself, but I have soldering experience as you have to de-solder the old motors and solder the new ones to the board. Idk the price on the motors themselves now but they were cheap when I bought mine and of course I saved money by doing it myself because as you may know you have to remove almost the entire dash to replace the radio much less get to the cluster. The only thing you cant do after replacing the stepper motor is calibrate it. I just zero'd mine out and it was close enough. Btw its recommended you replace all the motors depending on how many gauges u have, at once b/c its a pain in the ass to get to the damn cluster. 

Adrian Nava: So what did they end up charging you? Watch out too for your ground wire to your power windows, the ground will break and windows will stop working. I just had to fix that by connecting the ground again.

Adrian Nava: I've been using a speedo app for two years now. I think my temp cauge is going too,

mandyw84: My 2005 Chevy Impala speedometer doesn't work anymore. The gas and speedo guages don't work at all anymore how can I fix it?

lonewolf1989v2: and that's after the car has been running a good 20 mins, I'm taking mine to the dealership where I bought it at today(chevy dealer thankfully) and hopefully they will help me with this problem or I'm going to have to borrow more money from my bank again.

mdforsberg49: had 6 fleet impalas all horse crap gm is good at advertising not at making cars all 6 never made it 80k miles before issues 5 had transmissions in them at 120k miles was the furthest one made it the other one number 6 had a 3.4 v6 engine which blew up so we got rid of it not one made it to 160k.......... will never own a gm again had an envoy dash is cracked to crap at 40k miles..... never again

davesgarage512: No just the Speedometer

adr427: I had the same problem with my truck speedometer and so I sent it at chevyspeedo . com and he fixed it in 1 day. When i got it backed everything worked just fine! If you need to contact him ask him here 972-215-7777

mikey mouse: they can be fixed I fixed mine

lonewolf1989v2: I will never own a honda or toyota becasue i don't like the styling of their cars, just my own preference. Also every car I have owned has been a GM or Ford and all of them have been very reliable. Never once has the 3800 series II by GM let me down. I have drove a honda and a toyota and I don't mind driving their cars, I just prefer my Chevy's. I have been and always will be a GM or Ford owner.

Mr The Ham 2: My Suburban had a similar problem, and had to replace the stepper motors. little tiny brushes wear out :P

ahmed el tawil: chevrolets are always known to be unreliable cars. if u want a car that is cheap and reliable go with toyota or honda.

Holly Huber: So I have a legit question! I have a 2004 chevy Impala also. My speedometer went out and I got it fixed. But now my RPM gauge has done he same thing. Do you have any tips?

lonewolf1989v2: Your welcome and thanks for the advice, the dealership is replacing the part for me free of charge, I just have to pay for the labor. They keep these parts on hand now because they've had it happen enough times to start keeping them around. I'm just happy they are fixing it, I love impalas after all this is my second one. My 2003 Impala LS didn't have this problem at all.

hammer20061988: Was ur fuel gauge off as well

Stupid Epic Video!: @kidafoloo ME TOO AND J LOVE FORDS

tammy lunsford: My aunts old 96 accord speedometer wouldn't work.but all the other 1s did

andre richmond: your in better shape than me.my speedometer and gas gauge dont work..but im putting a new one in myself as soon as i get the part.you can get them at a junk yard but make sure they match because the base impala and the ls impala are different

Doc187 XL: my speedo does this too i just change the speed sensor and it still does it now i gotta get the cluster fix

davesgarage512: @StupidEpicVideo Fords are for derbying! Lol!

Country Boy: love the 2000-2005 impala never seen one on the side of the road once for a flat tire thats it

makuwalkbowlegg: Atleast yours move,neither one of my gauges not working now. I have a 2005 LS impala

Chris Stickney: Well hopefully this helps others that read this cause I am sure you already bought the entire cluster. Each gauge has what is called a stepper motor and can be replaced for about 5 dollars per gauge. There are plenty of vids on youtube to show you step by step on how to do this. Hopefully someone benifits from this and doesn't blow several hundred dollars buying an entire cluster which you most likely don't need. Oh and by the way the parts you are looking for is x27 168 stepper motor (Ebay)

davesgarage512: Im a little lost on this question

Mitchell Kirkland: my dads 03 silverado work truck did that right before he got rid of it, it was 30 when we were 0

davesgarage512: @TheNonTriumph92 No you don't. But I would check with the place you got it from. They may pay to have it fixed. Or look on eBay I have seen them on there too. But I hope this helps you out. Thanks for the comment!

EnviroRico: PS - I have the 04 Impala LS with a 3.8 L engine

mikey mouse: I replaced all my motors and all the lights at the same time for 50 bucks, you best not mess with it if you don't know what you are doing or it will end up costing you a lot more.

Tanner Crezee: Lucky that you were covered under warranty!!! Next time let me know, fixing these is what I do for a living. Dead Gauge, LLC Our business is fixing gauges! If you have any questions about faulty or broken gauges or instrument clusters please contact us.

Stupid Epic Video!: SPEEDER! btw why did u buy a chevy if u couldve bought a ford

davesgarage512: That's great to hear that its getting replaced! Best of luck to you and Thanks For The Comment!

Junebug Abeyta: o i meant fuse u know what i meant but yea problem solved thanks

davesgarage512: @sdgtuefgv well you should check out one of my newest vids.... Derbying on the mind? You should like that one about these cars. Thanks for the comment!

lizzard736: my 2003 Tahoe did the same thing a quit fix put it in d rive and try to start it well go back to 0 I did it 4 a mouth the it stay 120 so I send it to my air bags they fix it for 75.00

EnviroRico: I fixed mine by ordering the stepper motors - 6 for $20. My fuel gauge was sticking as well. Easy to rip dash apart and remove cluster and easy to take cluster apart. Desoldering stepper motors alittle more work but again not hard. All is fixed and working well now.

Jim Rogers: if you are not covered, after 80k, you need the dash repaired. autoxpresstech does a great job.

davesgarage512: It was covered do to I just got it. THANK GOD!

carloscastillo1990cc: dude your hilarious with your sarcasm... thanks for the tip

davesgarage512: Ops I didnt see two comment! But do the same thing I did and say it a "Safety Issues"... Thanks for the comments!

veronika37able: dave do you think if a change the vss the problem is gonna fix?

Bruce McCormick: thanks for sharing this i was looking at a 2004 Chevrolet Impala but not sure know it has 127,600 miles so i think i am going to rethink this idea about that

Viper Jay 5: I have a 2005 Chevy Impala and after my warranty expired, that's when my cluster went out and did this exact same thing. Cost me $350 to fix. I can't believe this problem isn't a recall.

davesgarage512: Thanks! To bad I don't have the car anymore..... But I like my Harley better. Later

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2004 Chevy Impala Speedometer Problems 3.2 out of 5

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2004 Chevy Impala Speedometer Problems