2004 Chevy Impala Speedometer Problems

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David Reid: Had that issue with my 05 Impala. Took it to a local shop and had the stepper motors replaced for $120 and took 20 minutes

German BMXer: having the same issue with my 2003 Buick century

Mekhi Bailor: name of speed App

Martyr104: LS swapped impala doing 160? impressive... I'm sorry for your troubles lol.

Brandy Lindsey: I have a 2005 impala and I'm having these problems. I thought it was because it was cold outside and the car wasn't wormed up long enough before driving. I'd but one day I let the car run 10-15 minutes before driving it.. nope still happening. I have to keep turning my key switch over as if I'm going to crank the car then back to off I keep doing this until it goes all the way down to 0. I love my car but I hate this problem driving down the road doing 45 and speed hand just goes crazy their should be a recall on this being I'm not the first to experience this problem

matsi hound: I have a 2004 Impala that I love. However, it flooded in a Tropical Storm and fried my electrical system, and I have been having this problem ever since. It affects my speedometer and my temperature gauge, but only sporadically. So far, only the temp. gauge has gone around that far, and sometimes my speedometer just doesn't move at all, but I made a video of myself sitting at a stop light surrounded by cars so that everybody could see I was in fact not moving while my speedometer said I was going 72 mph. So, what ever came of your issue? Did they fix it, or did you get rid of your car? I have 247,XXX miles on my Impala and besides the fact that I occasionally have to use my phone to see how fast I am going, I still love my car 11 years later. I've been all around the country with it and it has never had me thumbing it. Just wish I could get somebody to fix my instrument panel.

elias morales: i have the same problem with my 04 impala but i just change the speed sensor hope that fixt my problem

Zimmer Roberts: And it has the same thing as 2002 Tahoe.

Zimmer Roberts: Eric's 2004 odyssey speedometer wont work sometimes, and it works sometimes.

MrTenGrand: The problem was most likely in the stepper motors behind the cluster. Actual little motors that work off of the voltage delivered to them which control the needles. I did mine myself, but I have soldering experience as you have to de-solder the old motors and solder the new ones to the board. Idk the price on the motors themselves now but they were cheap when I bought mine and of course I saved money by doing it myself because as you may know you have to remove almost the entire dash to replace the radio much less get to the cluster. The only thing you cant do after replacing the stepper motor is calibrate it. I just zero'd mine out and it was close enough. Btw its recommended you replace all the motors depending on how many gauges u have, at once b/c its a pain in the ass to get to the damn cluster.

Aj Kelly: Just kidding, I commented that before you stopped the car... So sorry about that :)

Aj Kelly: Was it set to km/h? XD

DFWTF: Hey have a question if I do this myself and replace it with a new or refab part will I have to reprogram my Mileage

Anton Dyckyns: NOT TRUE, you can rebuild GM instrument clusters at home.  I just replaced 6 GM gauge stepper motors and all the surface mount bulbs last night for $30 in parts online and a $14,  25W solder iron desoldering kit. on my 2004 GMC.  look up HOW TO GM stepper motor replacement and disassembly.   The little plastic motors turn into rattles after 120K and the hair-sized gear teeth fail.  Motors are only $3 each - kits for as little as $15-20 on eebay or amozan.  Funny video though... 

Kirby Suzanne: My 2005 Impala did the same thing and i used my phone as well for speedometer..... Should have been a recall. After a wile ALL my guages went as well.....

Adrian Nava: So what did they end up charging you? Watch out too for your ground wire to your power windows, the ground will break and windows will stop working. I just had to fix that by connecting the ground again.

Adrian Nava: I've been using a speedo app for two years now. I think my temp cauge is going too,

Mark Johnson: Send me your info. I have a dead cluster as well and would like to get it repaired.

mandyw84: My 2005 Chevy Impala speedometer doesn't work anymore. The gas and speedo guages don't work at all anymore how can I fix it?

Holly Huber: So I have a legit question! I have a 2004 chevy Impala also. My speedometer went out and I got it fixed. But now my RPM gauge has done he same thing. Do you have any tips?

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2004 Chevy Impala Speedometer Problems
2004 Chevy Impala Speedometer Problems
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2004 Chevy Impala Speedometer Problems