BSA Model 12 Martini .22 Rifle

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David Wagner: I would like to have one of these

Chris King: Great Video thanks for sharing ,ever strip one down for cleaning etc

David Coles: These are great rifles, but a pain to research. There were so many different combinations of front and rear sights, stocks and barrel length, they all "blur together"...but you learn lots while doing the research!

Kevin Williams: Great Video thanks for sharing - Shame BSA now only make airguns (but they're good airguns! ) The logo is known as "The Piled Arms"

Enfield Thom: I'm no expert, but if your barrel is 25" long then you may just have a model 8 rifle, not a model 12  ( 12's had a 29" barrel ) just sayin :)

mojofish1: Love your adjustable shooting rest

Logjam5: Deadly

Fone Star: Very classy rifles!  I will never sell mine.  I have the No. 13 Martini, basically the same as the No. 12 but with a shorter 25" barrel.

Basudeb Tripathy: I have got a Martin 13 .22 Target Rifle.

TheLegumMagister: I have one of these rifles a BSA Model 12f, a later one, probably post WWII. 

It iss not a takedown and has the later Parker Hale Model 2 front sight and a Model 7 rear sight.  These are very accurate rifles, as can clearly be seen!

Excellent video.

Rudie Steenkamp: I am looking for a model 13. We used them in high school in the rifle team.

314299 Shooting Channel: No doubt about it the Boers were very competent and motivated.

richard kuhn: We shot with very similar rifles in the cadet corps, more basic fixed peep sight and not take down. they were very very accurate. Then once a year got to shoot R1 rifles (South African built FN-FAL) on a cadet camp in the bush. I hope you were refering to the best soldiers on the Brit side of the argument in the Boer war?

314299 Shooting Channel: Yes, and even poorer after having bought them all!

jsm666: Yet another rifle I now want in my safe "just because". *sigh* If I actually bought all my "that looks cool" guns, I suspect I'd be a poor man through feeding them all.

314299 Shooting Channel: I'm going to guess it was a C No.7 in cadets?

Fone Star: Great video, thanks! I learned to shoot with a .22 converted Lee Enfield.

314299 Shooting Channel: Thanks.

Laur Thermes: Nice clear informative video.

Ian Chalklin: Very nice vid!!! Non take down full open iron sights Martini .22 was the first firearm I ever shot as a boy. Always thought the action was odd...still do lol!!

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BSA Model 12 Martini .22 Rifle 5 out of 5

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BSA Model 12 Martini .22 Rifle