BSA Model 12 Martini .22 Rifle

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Fone Star: Very classy rifles! I will never sell mine. I have the No. 13 Martini, basically the same as the No. 12 but with a shorter 25" barrel.

Logjam5: Deadly

Basudeb Tripathy: I have got a Martin 13 .22 Target Rifle. 

TheLegumMagister: I have one of these rifles a BSA Model 12f, a later one, probably post WWII. It iss not a takedown and has the later Parker Hale Model 2 front sight and a Model 7 rear sight. These are very accurate rifles, as can clearly be seen! Excellent video.

randoriremix: a while back you asked me to upload a video with my 1939 martini with supressor and scope unfortunately i cant seem to upload it lol. if you would like to send me your email ill try to send it to you that way. alturnitively you could come over for a hunt and ill show you lol

dawnninjawolf: Where can you get these, and for how much?

314299 Shooting Channel: Thanks, it's a relaxing and fun to shoot little rifle.

314299 Shooting Channel: @Bodiezscubaandgaming A .410 Martini shotgun would be an interesting gun to have.

314299 Shooting Channel: Thank you and thanks for watching!

lovemorembigi: Excellent video - many thanks! I have a BSA Model 15 and can appreciate the warm endorsement displayed in your tribute to this class of rifle.

idgewe: i love these bsa rifles at the moment they are really cheap in the uk i just purchased a 12/15 for £100 (british currency ) i dont no what that is in canadian money . cool rifle and vid .

Louisthefish23: Bit like the martini henry rifle firing the .45 cal round during the 1870's

314299 Shooting Channel: @kermit30au Glad you found the video useful. Good luck with your first purchase!

YaoiMastah: I forgot to mention that a friend of mine owns a BSA Martini too.. He just got it, and we noticed that.

heebyjeebus: Got one - incredibly accurate weapon.

sledgemeister: They are a sweet little rifle for sure and shoot surprisingly well. Theres a fellow here in aus that makes very good molds for obscure calibres like the 310. If you google Cast Bullet Engineering you can see the list he makes. He can also make custom molds.

USRimfireShooter: You've made a lot of nice .22 related videos. Thanks. You don't seem to wear eye or ear protection. Here, in California its typical to wear them both inside and outside. just curious, is it typical where you live not to wear either?

lovemorembigi: My first rifle! Purchased as soon as I turned 16 [and could get a licence] in 1969 and it's still in my happy possession. A club rifle that must have fired thousands of rounds before I bought it - and many thousands since. It was uncompetitive for club shoots by the early 1980's but won me a D Class gold medal in a national champ shoot in 1971 - its best ever in my hands - ha!

danthegunman1: hi how much did that gun cost

314299 Shooting Channel: That's interesting to hear. While time and technology move on, the old BSA rifles still have more character.

314299 Shooting Channel: @CalCorpLaw Thanks for the kind words and thanks for watching!

314299 Shooting Channel: @heebyjeebus Yep, that they are.

314299 Shooting Channel: Yeah, they are a nice rifle indeed. Thanks for commenting.

314299 Shooting Channel: Glad you got to try one for yourself!

randoriremix: @314299 hoping to head out this weekend to do some shooting will try to do a video then sorry its been so long been moving house everything is pretty hectic at the mo cause of the earthquakes

314299 Shooting Channel: There would have to be enough demand to justify making a reproduction, and I doubt that there is at the moment.

314299 Shooting Channel: I bet you'll like shooting one.

314299 Shooting Channel: @KevinJKtheman It's nice to hear from someone who used them while in Cadets in the UK. Here in Canada cadets used the C No.7 .22 rifle, but now all they use are air rifles.

314299 Shooting Channel: Yes, and even poorer after having bought them all!

randoriremix: @314299 ok ill do one next time im out and about and ill send it to you if you would like im from new zealand so they are cheap about 250usd here im going to turn one into a 17mach 2 when i can get hold of another one

314299 Shooting Channel: There is bugger all .303 surplus to be had around here. Another reason why I like the .22 Martini - cheap and easy to get ammo for.

assassin616: great video, i luv that rifle, looks so cool, i will most likely never own one though because i live in england

314299 Shooting Channel: Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed the vid. Have you owned your model 15 for very long?

314299 Shooting Channel: @tacfoley Is the BSA model 1 a bolt action?

randoriremix: finally got a quick showing of my martini if you wanna have a look im gonna try to do a better one soon

Odin1978: Nice gun!

richard kuhn: We shot with very similar rifles in the cadet corps, more basic fixed peep sight and not take down. they were very very accurate. Then once a year got to shoot R1 rifles (South African built FN-FAL) on a cadet camp in the bush. I hope you were refering to the best soldiers on the Brit side of the argument in the Boer war?

314299 Shooting Channel: @233NATOMAN I think the best groups fired with this rifle were with old Dominion target ammo, at just around an inch at 100 yards. I'm sure Eley ammo would shoot as well but it's not common or easy to find around here.

314299 Shooting Channel: I'd love to get my hands on a .310 Cadet, an interesting little round and an interesting little rifle. I think a couple of companies make proper "heel" type bullet molds for them.

314299 Shooting Channel: They are certainly accurate and well made pieces of machinery.

314299 Shooting Channel: I've seen a few Martini converted to .22 hornets, they were very nice setups.

modelleg: Nicely done!

314299 Shooting Channel: @tacfoley I had a look - wow! Awesome little rifle and case. rifleman org uk/BSA_Model_1.html

314299 Shooting Channel: Of course it is a very close cousin to a Martini Herry It's really just a smaller and improved version.While you can buy a new replica sharps you can't get a replica Martini, which is too bad.

314299 Shooting Channel: @randoriremix That would be great to see. They sell for more here - $400 to $600 depending on condition.

314299 Shooting Channel: @randoriremix A long walk - and an even longer swim!

314299 Shooting Channel: @randoriremix Sounds interesting. You should do a video on that rifle.

2010blackhawkdown: I fire this rifle at my local range(i live in england) its definatly a good gun, i prefer it to the anshuwtz target rifles, the bolt action single shot .22

Bodiezscubaandgaming: @314299 it is intresting to have but i woould like the originality of thr rifle. i am using it this sunday i will post a video soon

314299 Shooting Channel: Yes I've seen his website and photos of his molds, they look very nice. I think RCBS also lists a .310 cadet mould as a special order item.

BSA Model 12 Martini .22 Rifle 4.8 out of 5

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BSA Model 12 Martini .22 Rifle
BSA Model 12 Martini .22 Rifle
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BSA Model 12 Martini .22 Rifle