How To Pick A Brinks Number Lock

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Edwardo Hinojosa: How do you find out a combination when the lock is open ? I forgot the combination

Russell Hunter: Totally worked

Drew Moore: It worked for me thanks man

Cupcake Bannana: Thanks for this tip i had a lock like 2 yeas and i didnt know the code and with this i found it.

owaies Obidat: يلعن ابو شكلك

Jonathan Santiago: Wait... Why wouldn't the manufacturing company seal such a weak-spot? Supposing that they would seal it up, how would you approach it then?

Nadia Falah: أين نجد هذا القفل في العراق

kenny ball: ha ha great job man :)

山openday 青: i hope this works with another lock otherwise i would be killed

soccerguy2433: i couldn't remember my combo for this lock after it had been unused for years. this worked for me except my numbers were all offset by 1 digit. must have just been how my bobbypin fell in.

medeco locks: I have this exact lock had it for years but could never figure out the combination but this seems like a sure way to get it open so I will try it as soon as possible. Thank you for spending your time to show us this.

How To: Cam you tell how to change the password?

Norwich Airforce#1: wow it works, thanks almost threw away lock, i closed it accidental in the lock position and changed the 4 digit combo by accident and couldn't unlock for 2 year's, thanks for video it saved me $8, now i don't need to buy a new lock for my son for High school. i just decided to lookup on how to pic locks and there it was my same lock.

Priscilla Gutierrez: It took me a few tries, but I finally opened it! Thanks!!

tubekhayes: can you open central bank safe

JayBuIIFan: Can you use a paperclip

Braedan Archer: I have a smaller lock and a bobby pin won't fit. Any solutions?

Eclipse Nick: mine is stuck backwards

Anna Banana: Mine is red and doesn't have any holes to put a Bobby pin in????? We just got it and set the pin and opened it once and now we can't get in. No idea what to do bc it's locked on our storage shed. For 😑

Marshall Safrit: my lock is open locked what do i do

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How To Pick a Brinks Number Lock
How To Pick a Brinks Number Lock
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Brinks Combo AVOID
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How to pick a brinks number lock
How to pick a brinks number lock
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How To Pick a Brinks Number Lock