Maula Jatt - Pakistani Punjabi Film - Music - Songs

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clueless duke: My dad's Arab and mum's punjabi indian, I must admit pakistanis look more gangster than indians

Abdul Rehman: India ny Nasir Adeeb shb ki sirf ya film 4 br copy ki hy lakin hr br unki filmn dead flop hwi hn

Gryazev-Shipunov: Please
Upload vehashi jatt

Jainisth Choudhary jatt: O wa jatt .... tu chiz laazawab tere koi na jawab .... love from jat of india

joligarcon212: Chootiya salay

Gul Hassan: kash es dour men bhi aisi filmen banti

r dx: kya baaata ji

Daniyal Qayoom: naya ayaa hai sonya EPIC mustafa qureshi saaabh legend

Snow 123: Pakistani Punjabis need to inform the rest of the world especially Indian Muslims that majority of Punjabis in the globe are based in Pakistan. Unfortunately, Indian Muslims don't know jack-crap about castes in Pak. All the Punjabi Muslims of India migrated to Pak during partition. That nation should have had Punjabi as a national language, but that Gujarati fellow Jinnah totally screwed the lingua franca of the country. These idiot Indian Muslims don't think about races and caste when it comes to the population based in Pak. Majority of Indian Muslims don't have racial and cultural commonality with their neighbor; of course, racial exceptions do exist. Indian school boards need to emphasize about racial groups in Pak so people know that ONLY Hindu and Sikh Punjabis have something in common with Pakistanis not "Indian Muslims"

Baagi: Jatt Zindabaad

Sarmad Sarmadchugtai: Nice. Sarmad chughtai

Sarmad Sarmadchugtai: Nice

Balu Bhatti: Pakistani Best movei

Kashif Arif: best ever movie .....amazing dialogues

Saqib Jav: Wow

Ammy Singh: buraaaah maula jatt

Waqas Aslam: best dialogues

Suhail Mahmood: Hahhhaahga sohneya hahahahhaa

Sufi Dogar: Zabrdast g

Shakeel Ahmed: so nice jutttttttttttt
miss you rashad iutt

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maula jatt - pakistani punjabi film - music - songs 5 out of 5

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maula jatt - pakistani punjabi film - music - songs