HK Mark 23 Suppressed With Silencerco Osprey 45 Suppressor

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Matthew Curiel: Can anyone please tell me. Where can I find the LAM unit just like the one in Metal Gear? USP and Mark 23? and I'm not talking about airsoft buisness. I want the real thing. if it's fictional, then just let me know and i'll spend the rest of my life becoming an engineer to make one.

Владимир Сим Simak58: Ну и хули палить в землю ?Мог бы по мишени, или в голову ))

Shakester71: My dream gun! Wanted one so bad, but I just couldn't afford it at the time so I ended up with a USP compact 45.

Cdc321: That is one quiet suppressor.

tictac4949: You have excellent recoil control and stability wow nice guys:D

GrOuNdZeRo7777 Dangerous Things Channel: The Mark 23 is one of those pistols I would really like to own but I could never justify paying for, My most expensive handgun is a FNH FNX-9 and I love it but that was when I had money to splurge along with an AR-15 I wanted to get sometime during Firearmageddon (Well slightly after, Prices were still elevated).
I have also considered a Taurus OSS (Which have issues I heard which is unfortunate) and I am thinking about a FNX-45 sometime in my future...Got any ideas on something like the Mark 23 for a price that's affordable?

ScoobyDigits: I could see two of these in a case for shtf situations

e: What light is that underneath?

SpeedDemon Z: The wet shots are unbelievably quiet. 

SW20AE86: Now that I finally ordered a MARK 23. It's time to save up for an osprey. Nice video bud.

SomeoneAwful91: What LAM is that?

Kamron Fultz: I want your L.A.M.

Armand Poole: Beautiful time of year on a beautiful range, not to mention the MK23 suppressed correctly. 

Muhammad Khan: Can you please tell me about weapon light and laser on the gun?. I am looking for my H&K, Mark 23, .45 ACP. I bought the same silencer, this is awesome.

gunz-n-gadgets: underwood makes great ammo! awesome test man!

sceinceguy: What model is that light/laser and where did you get it at

CJ80ish: One of the nicest handguns ever made in my opinion. 

ReggaeDubSoundSystem: Awesome video. I love that handgun. What do you mean by wet/dry? Also, when you were saying they go for "800, 900, 1000" does that mean FPS?

the4armedmonk: Dear Santa,

I am not amused, I put in my form 4 back in Jan 2013 and Dec 25th has passed, I think I have been a good boy, no felonies, I haven't been locked up in a mental institution, i didn't attack any spouses, I didn't get discharged dishonorably from the armed forces, i didn't renounce my american citizen ship, I paid my tax, what do you want from me? Not even a lump of coal, and no suppressor,



Ruby Rose: What does it mean when you guys say 'shooting it wet'?

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HK Mark 23 Suppressed with Silencerco Osprey 45 Suppressor 5 out of 5

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HK Mark 23 Suppressed with Silencerco Osprey 45 Suppressor