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Grimmior: Can't find a vid for it anywhere, looking to fix error I'm getting on every tv show I try and watch on 1 Channel "no seasons found".

ben hungerford: thanks dude I have been trying everything. This worked

David Forero 1: when i click on 1channel featured nothing pops up and im connected to the internet ?

GHETTO-BANDIT RECORDS: Hey guy I'm having technical difficulties trying to install all add-ons you have light one channel sports devil food plus ice films some thought up of the ad happen and none of those channels are all together anymore and had to install mashup and not BX manually do you know how to get those of the add-ons manually as well?? help please

Jose Velazquez: None of my channels are working, can you help?

Jose Velazquez: I'm having problems with having access to channel 1. I followed your video but when I get to the listing of the movies there isn't any movies listed. Every time channel 1 is already enabled but it hasn't downloaded any movies, how can I remove channel 1 completely so that I can downloaded properly. Not even my next Felix is working. Do you have any tips that can help me? Greatly appreciated!

Marc Dulleck: Dude change your battery in that smoke alarm, I could barely watch the vid

CaptainLFC89: and now it hacked again

SUPA CHARGEDiOS: Ok, first uninstall XBMC, then re-install it and then follow the steps in my video to add 'xbmc talk' and then you'll be able to add the newer versions of the add-ons..

Pauline Jones: I have a minix neo 5 box. When I click on 1 channel I get the message " script failed; plugin video.. It`s not just 1 channel. then on the sports. I get the message. " external player active ". I`m a pensioner and haven`t a clue........

SUPA CHARGEDiOS: Did you try MashUp? There are several more movie add-ons that you can also try..

Paresh cawa: The apple tv 2 , Mash up was working but when 1channel stopped so did mash up , Tube-plus half the shows i watch are empty (when viewing episode list) If i could reinstall 1channel could that work? if so how do i do it i havent had the hardware for long

SUPA CHARGEDiOS: What did you waste money on? XBMC & 1channel are both free.. If 1channel isn't working for you then try MashUp, iceFilms, TubePlus etc..

Paresh cawa: Probable the most waste of money in my life. Had it only 4months and everything is down ;Error plugin"

SUPA CHARGEDiOS: yea if you cant get it working by switching back to then that might be your only out..

George Mantzoros: Still nothing my man. I really don't know what to do. Maybe reinstall the whole thing from scratch ?

SUPA CHARGEDiOS: Letmewatchthis is no longer working. You have to switch back to

George Mantzoros: Just watched the video and still nothing. Changed domaine to letmewstchthis

SUPA CHARGEDiOS: On my channel there is a video titled, "HOW TO FIX 1CHANNEL EVERY TIME IT STOPS WORKING" that will show you how to switch domains..

George Mantzoros: Hey I just watched your vid and its really simple and easy but I have one problem, when I get to maintenance and try and fix the domaine all that pops up is "all done" and then when I follow the other steps it basically leads me to the same place. I can't seem to change the domaine..


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