Baofeng UV-5R Antenna Options

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iam he: correct pronunciation
baho fung

backyardbasher: useless video without back to back performance tests

Brad Smith: Why don't you just build an antenna? It's really not that hard. Also, you can fine tune the performance yourself and get the best performance.

Aerobob MYOB: Not a word about which one performs the best? There's 7 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Doggieman1111: It's pronounced "bow-fung."  Bow like the bow of a boat.

Matti333: Hmmm , after market antennas may improve reception , but till you put that antenna on a SWR you wont know how well or badly it performs on transmit ...
You would be amazed at the results ..

Benji M: Thanks. you really helped me out a lot ,\m/

16osel: Hello can you please send link to a page where you can buy the antenna? Thank you in advance

Stuart Gray: I have a UV5RE Plus. It came with the improved 'stock' antenna. I can hit repeaters 30 miles away no problem on a clear night. My friend with a Nagoya antenna on his 5R does the same, and the quality at the other end is similar.

drejj8a: Just get adapter

scdevon: An SMA to BNC adapter opens up a new world of antenna possibilities.

rob b: horrendous audio...tinny as freak..cant bear it !

AHRadioVK5: The strange antenna connection is also used by wouxun,kenwood,and tyt just search "kenwood ht antenna" and see what you get

Mike's Bytes: wish I would of saw this video first then your other one I ordered my antenna from the picture you took of the model number from the other video not knowing at the time they screwed on an adapter but kept the old sticker on it so I have coming the male antenna now

Tery Thompson: Very good information. Thanks!

humbleradio: I use them. I recommend that shop. Very fast shipping. No charge. Low prices and response from them is same day or faster. I had trouble with radiogearpro. Maybe my experience, but they took too long to respond. Both are out of HK (I'm in Tokyo). 409 shop has everything you need and then some.

humbleradio: Nagoya NA 771.

TheRingSpanner: Lockout. The UV6D has a lockout function that prevents anyone from changing the settings without a password. The UV-5R doesn't, so in the field you can't trust anyone but yourself with the radio. Also the Wouxun is IP55 rated. You can consider the previous models which are slightly cheaper.

GraymanTactics: would you say the Wouxun uv6d is worth the $120 diff between the two? I'm wanting it for just general public safety and emergency use. I'm not going around playing with it like some do so basic functions are fine but if there is something big then i'm willing to pay the extra.

Niikkoe: If you could turn off the backlight on the radio, maybe that would make it better.

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Baofeng UV-5R Antenna Options 5 out of 5

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Baofeng UV-5R Antenna Options