'Hendershot Fuelless Generator' - The New Coil

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Sheriff Lynn: Mike Hendershot are you willing to talk to me about the generator the phone. If so, I would cherish that. Thanks, Law @ 248 747 2030

Mike Hendershot: It's amazing to watch your site again as we have started the new year of 2016... to see the materials and efforts you display awaken in me the same feelings I've always had about my fathers devices and what he went through to fine tune them... I'll always wonder why he was kept down so long ago and then again in my time with him... such a waste of talents... I hope your fine as I haven't seen your work lately... it seems when someone catches the fever and opens the right doors regarding this they disappear from view... keep your minds channels open in this if your still viable... Good Luck in this coming year... were in a mess on alot of fronts...

Jesse Reiter: Try making a one shot pulse generator and then measure how long it rings. Every time your oscillator fires it kills the ringing.

Jesse Reiter: that noise is painfull

mike hendershot: Once dad's device blew up in our dining room up on the ceiling... keep up your work and ideas Morpher44... Think Frequency... MJH

ron sowhat Time: what do you do when the batterys run out

tsvlscomllc: Are we not moving at approximately 900 mph though the earth's magnetic field?  Isn't moving a conductor through a magnetic field how you generate electricity?  Doesn't that explain Hendershot?  Can you get more amps with bigger coils?

Danny Pennell: actually how the coil is done makes a difference. This is due tto making magnetic fields. Basically for example make a regular coil and a starship coil and you will notice a much stronger magnetic field in the starship coil where the regular coil has a much smaller magnetic field. The same goes with the basket weave coil compared to a regular coil. A regular coil will has the smallest magnetic field.

Gude Balm: Would be really great if you would show the model just working, lighting a light bulb, whatever, driving a load and explain how it works, whether it really produces any power, if it is even worth building, etc. and how much power if any it produces or if it's just another hoax 'with promise' as hundreds of other videos on youtube are, and skip the obnoxious noise, it drives people away if they have ears, lose interest quickly in watching further. 

Gude Balm: Just wonder if you've tried wrapping the 'basket weave' coils as just cylinders, bypassing the 57 skewer method just wrap the wire around the outside of the skewers if it generates the same effects, or if there is something special that that basket weave causes it to work...? 

guillermo de Rivas: does anybody know in wihch way hendershot make the spirit of st louis flight longer? didn't see any electric motor... so howwwwww......??? any sugestion is welcomed

guillermo de Rivas: nice, any electricity production?

Craige Lowry: Why not duplicate hendershots exactly as we know it then try to improve upon individual components?
Changing so much so soon is reinventing.......

morpher44: what voltages do you want to experiment with? Say the answer is 120VAC. Your caps should be able to handle that with some margin. These are AC capacitors here, like found in an air conditioning unit. Not electrolytic DC caps.

Papa Wheelie: What voltage capacitors are used?

morpher44: Another thing counter-intuitive is that it is not VOLTAGE that we want here but CURRENT. By stepping down, we go from something higher in voltage to something higher in current on the other side. It is high current that produce larger magnetic fields. Put oscillating magnetic fields near STATIONARY coils, and you can generate power. The Coils, NOR the MAGNETs need to move. Only the field needs to move.

morpher44: I've come to realize, in messing around with this stuff, that the exact components are not crucial. Realize we are making a device that has a buzzer/relay mechanical pulsing. This is lower frequency -- say 20 Hertz upwards to 150 Hertz. If you were to use really LARGE capacitors, that won't work. You need capacitors that charge up with a time constant compatible with these SLOW pulses. Read up on capacitive and inductive time constants -- and resonance.

HendershotGenerator Hendershot: Thanks for this reply, i've been searching for the exact transformer workable for this.

Bernardo Alves: Thank you Morpher44, i am in Europe, so i guess it would be a 220VAC/48VAC. But how much load? 2A, 3A, 4A, how much output will i have? With a 2A i would have a output of 220VAC x 2A = 440 W right? how much? Thank you for your time...

"Hendershot Fuelless Generator" - The new coil 5 out of 5

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