How To Fix A Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start

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Albert Ngoudjou: Thank you very much for your videos.
I have a Chrysler town and country 2008 that doesn't start all the time, especially in the cool weather .
When I leave it for sometime it starts and I drive normally.
The battery is still good.
Could you mind telling me what's wrong ? I often disconnected the battery and join the two ends for about 10min and connect again and it starts.
Thank you.

maleda ethiopia: sir , my car fiat punto 1994 not work injections change to what karburator .tanks i wiat you

Mo Salah: Rev up your your engines

OneEyed Willay: I love you

riteusprodigy: Hi Scotty. I have an 06' maxima that stopped on me while driving. I've used 3 different mechanics to troubleshoot and fix parts. So far combined they've changed: both valve covers and valve cover gaskets, the pcv valve, all the spark plugs and ignition coils, both camshaft sensors and the crankshaft sensor, the O2 sensor, the mass airflow sensor (I bought two new ones since i was told by the second one it needed to be from Nissan), and as of yesterday, the fuel pump was changed. It did the same thing, start once then cut off almost immediately, never to start again, only crank. Please help.

welfredo timon: I have this problem with my Toyota Vios 2013 , I already change crank shaft sensor and no electric shows in the spark plugs even I change ignition coil.
Even computer I change it.

Before this problem with my Vios , I was driving and suddenly stop starting again.

Clint Cammiso: Hey scottie, my gf has 1991 toyota camry 2.0L has fuel to it and spark to it. But I am unsure of how the firing order goes on them. I have seen a bunch of different diagrams where each cylinder goes to same spot on distributor like 1-2-3-4 and also the firing order as 1-3-4-2 and how do I set that up very puzzled at the moment car still cranking but wont start

Brad Smith: I don't understand the part talking about checking fuel pressure. Do I just turn the bolt? Am I then supposed to pump the gas pedal? Turn the key? Or just turn the bolt and do nothing?

Dustin Toland: Thanks for the help Scotty

Gunnar Marr: Oh ya if ur watching the rpms when ur trying to start ur vehicle if they dont move at all its the crankshaft position sensor if it moves about 200rpms its not the crank sensor


S Bugatti: I forgot to get rid of my key hooked in the car overnight when I started the car it wont work. Battery is new. What should I do? Nothing is wrong but the only thing I left the key hooked in last night. Too bad. Can't drive..

S Bugatti: Wish to be your partner so I have no worries with car engines. Love the mechanics and the knowledge that you were sharing! Keep it up.

Colio Vlogs: My car keeps making a clicking noise when I try to start it but it won’t start

Sunday Zakhele: can a pick up sensor or crack sensor make car won't start?

Sunday Zakhele: Hi sir I got kia rio crack but don't start is a 2001 1.3 the car have no spark at all.

VFXSmurf: Had a seized shut Idle air control valve on my Celica 98, this caused the engine to just stall straight away unless I gave it some pedal.
Probably the cheapest fix's I've had to do on it so far. Another thing to watch out for it your cars struggling to start.

dominus4uu: Great video Scotty I have a 2003 Acura TL and was not starting when the engine was hot was cranking but no gas to start I found the problem to be the engine temperature sensor was acting up . The car starts fine when the engine was cold ,no check engine ,after I changed the sensor the car works much better big difference in acceleration. Have a great day Scotty .

Vince Hansen: Cranks, no start. But will start with jump box, cranks fast too, what could it be??

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How to Fix a Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start