How To Fix A Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start

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Körkort på Persiska Vardagligt Språk: Hello the Great man,
Reaunalt megan 1.6 petrol Manuel
I have problem with my car the car was two days under rain and when I wanted to start became turn on and then became turn off and fan in front of the Radiator run I saw battery alarm and I charged with battery charger and also stil can see battery alarm on the Dashboard every lamps on car works but the flash and stereo doesn't works my car crank but don't turn on I have electricity on my Dashboard and petrol is coming from Gasoline hose I changed the spark plugs and after start sometimes I hear a sound form Electric throttle can you help me I live in the Sweden and here price for repair is so high! I'm so sorry because of my English has gone my mind! tnx for your useful video👍🏻

12v: seems like the kinda guy who screams at his children

Ricky Pagan: Hi Scotty I have a 1997 Honda accord the when it rains the car won't start can I help me out ?

David Bravo: How do I get a hold of all these things while I'm in the middle of the freeway? Lol I need to learn more about cars I'm gonna be late for work today hahaha

juan gonzalez: Love your videos!! Great to have you helping man. Gustavo/Orlando

The Artful Dodger: Scotty I have a 01 elantra. It cranks but won’t start. I hear the fuel pump buzzing so it’s not that. I realized what’s happening is that the SNSR (sensor) fuse under the hood keeps blowing every time I attempt to start the car. I’ve swapped it out with multiple fuses and gotten the same result, it continuously blows. I put a larger amp fuse in its place and the car actually started and ran for about two minutes and then before I could put it in drive the car died again and I checked the fuse and it had blown. Help

mohd nasser jamaludin: hey man, we need more people like you on earth

Dan Allen: i had spark and fuel but no compression. Musta threw a timing belt and bent the valves

Pebles Pebles: Hello Mr my jeep Cherokee 1998 don't want turn on just crank.

Kara Sanders: This is great, thank you!

Abdul Gaffar Muhammad: This is first the time I saw Scotty's eyes

aias1996: Worked for me too.

Adrian Devora: Guys my 2005 Acura TL cranks but won't start,only code that popped up was my ECT,I swapped it out and now I don't have any codes but car still doesn't start

two415dude2: Hello my Toyota cranks but sounds like a hoarse neying

Raj Jayishnu Trivedi: Once my car won't start, on turning the key all it made was a clicking kind of sound. After 10 minutes it started and when I took it to garage they could not find anything wrong and funny thing is it never happened again. I did change the battery a few months later as it was about 3 years old but tests did not find anything wrong with that either in first place.

Geoffrey Castle: Scooty I found this video a bit to rushed, like did you put the air sensor back in etc.

whiteboy12911: How to get ahold of you for car questions

Kiajimbo DaMoFkr: I replaced my timing belt on 97 Honda prelude. It started and ran. After about 20 minutes of washing my hands I was gonna drive my prelude, but didn't start. It cracks but doesn't run. What is wrong now cause before I replaced the timing belt Notting wrong. Please help me with this issue.

Julio Hernandez: Hi scotty i have a 2000 lincoln ls v8 and im having a problem with the fuel . Car will cranks but not start at all , i have changed sparks ,fuel pump fuses are fine new battery im still not getting any power on the fuel pump . I would like to know if you have any idea on what’s going on in there . Thank you

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How to Fix a Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start 5 out of 5

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THIS REALLY WORKS!!!!!!! Bad fuel pump, fuel pump relay, no fuel problem!!!

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How to Fix a Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start