Baby Alive

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enimen1878: noooooooooooooooooooooooo that+++++++++++

Tadoe Money: that's real I have one

denise mcgale: i told my mom i wasent too old 4 baby dolls if a 10 year old can use it a 13 year old can 2

hallism8: my auntie ordered it for me and im getting that kind next week

ANA MARIA Andrade: ela e da minha cor e ela e bem bonita

MrLesterardon123: @Miikaika25 THE DOLL IS NOT CRAZE

Arnoldo Gaxiola Castro: que fea muneca negra jajaj negra se pasan esta bien que este morenita pero tampoco se pasen jeje

Nathalia Perilli: if you're talking about racism people like you should not even exist in this country face the girl may have the age that she wants ten or eleven twelve and nine that her problem I play with dolls and what do you have? A certain days should deichar our childhoods aside and focus on the future and we will not have time for dolls then obs: I just white people and so of Brazil and learned a little English

shawtwlow10: what

Arianna Twoshoes: i have one but she's 6

Jaebabi91210: WHOA!

TheBella0200080: Go somewhere else! I love baby dolls and have a collection of them.I'm 11 -_- I feed them change them and buy all the stuff for them.Just because someone has a hobby you don't have doesn't mean you need to get jelly!

MetalliiccDream: @Miikaika25 I'm sorry if your life has been that difficult. She's playing with a doll not uploading booty popping videos. Worry about your neighborhood because clearly we didn't grow up in the same area.

Miikaika25: @010dasha learn grammar.

honibee45: Guess what do i give a crap i got mine yesterday i got her right now her diaper is wet damn!! she in my arms right now

denise mcgale: @Miikaika25 u just got told

daddysgirldw124: i like it and i like the baby she so cute and i got one she is black to but she is a sip and slirp but she is still so cute and i think you are acting like a real mom lol well have fun wif your baby^^

carolinesushi: I have a older Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye 1995 when I was little:) And now I'm 19 I still love Baby Alive doll,I have 3 Baby Alive dolls right now,and that's all a gifts from my fiance,you can watch these video on my channel:)

Rineth Laxa: GANDA

concreaterose92: im going to get a baby doll and its called a cabbage patch baby doll and she is going to be pretty stylelish and beutifal

rececileduster: She said they would tape kids mouthes shut in real life

rubybunny1: You know its kindava not a good idea to put tape on her mouth because even if you do she will still talk you know

Le Ann Canizares: are u gonna waste diapers


daina wallace: i want a baby alive like that

toysgalore: thats the same as mine bt i havent gt it yet cause im having it 4 xmas '09 x i cant wait! x

lovely09ization: @sophia11913 Lookk, it her decision Can't u stayy out of other ppls bizz She can do wat she wants its her doll and her house . . .

sophia11913: why do you have a baby alive . gurl u dont even take of it right. give it to a 3-6 year old gurl . becuse they need it more than u do .

abriana hatton: can i have her

jaylace3: i have one also i could sell u one of my baby alive carseats i have 2 where do u live bridgeport

sophia11913: okaee that has nothin to worry about tha baby alives

rececileduster: Thats mean cutiegirlx14 you should get a life.Because this one ain't working for ya.I am going to go feed my baby alive.

Jmike0907: guess what search how to make baby alive doll food for a surprise.

rubybunny1: are the wipes ur using paw wipes?

as110: @Miikaika25 Why can't an 11, 14 or even 18 play with a doll? Your post makes me wonder what you were playing with when you were 14? Teen moms come in all colors. Are you living under a rock? I would prefer my teens to stay kids for a longer while and play with toys. And I don't want my 11 year old to go babysit real kids. Are you crazy? They put Barbies in the microwave oven. Very mature.

divakim28: She taped the back not the mouth! And you nasty little kids need to be playing with dolls not boys, before you end up with live babies.

wish lovato: @Miikaika25 do not you think the best teen playing with dolls than being a whore like most girls her age is?

isabela neves: Ai que linda que ela é

hope haley: i still play with my baby alive and i am 11

lovely09ization: YAY! my mum and dad payed 4 my spanish baby alive =D

Adasha Thomas: @Miikaika25 why da freak do you have to be all racist just because theres a black girl with a doll baby....really calm the freak down that type of baby is not for a 3 year old i guess ya dumb white ass would teach a 3 year old to be a mother rite...make since out ya self there is like 40 year olds with freaking doll babies. and you need to watch ya mouth cause you know you wouldnt be saying that crap to her face at all.... people really be strong over the internet though

Mikela Condro: ela e linda

monster high: you can

hallism8: wow loud thinniss hahaha

toysgalore: my 16 yr old bro calls me names like sad and stupid and weird cos im 11 and still have dolls......i want to punch him. i am 12 in march and im probably gonna carry on 4eva til i have real babies or longer. im gettin 1 4 xmas this year and i can imagine his face like 'mollie...ur nt normal and like i still play with baby toys' i hate him and wheneva i watch these videos he says ur sad mollie! and look at ow old they r they r like 2! ur a sado...if u cd b my friend we cd talk or summit xx

Camryn Fusch: @Miikaika25 well maybe she practising for real baby hint hint :D

Tasha Williams: I love your baby

Debobasket101: your not sopose to clean the face with water or baby wipes

justlaugh11: baby alive is so cute! :) there is nothing wrong with playing with dolls!

danitza lorena diazgranados arregoces: que bonita quiero una

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
Baby Alive 3.9 out of 5

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