Moto X - Tips & Tricks!

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jay saw: My name is jason just jay for short lol

Sheldon Williams: You just activated my touchless controls, without me having to say anything.

Joe Putz: Here are some tips.  Active notifications 0:46 (or App?!) could allow any swipe pattern. . .letter F is flashlight C  is calculator or whatever you want. Much much more buttons around the phone's edges (use them if you want them) and make them quality and easy to push.   Half decent spreaker (earpiece too ON THE BACK(and mouthpiece) (share the speakerphone's speaker. At a lower volume it will sound great. Slightly concave (sort of like the M indented on the back of the moto X, to block out noise like the good old phones)((bonus no holes on your entire front of phone. . . easy waterproofing techniques here with this layout all the holes can be wrapped with a single piece bottom that seals around the edges),  .  Multicolor notification light.  DOUBLE THE SIZE OF THAT TINY BATTERY. I have more but am out of space.  Use the jelly kind of rubber, I find it absorbs the shock better than hard materials. I have more but have no more space. :)

OP-1 Kenobi: Apparently you sound just like myself. Every time you say "OK Google now" in your video my moto x would activate voice control. Lol. Nice video anyway. Got some useful info.

Leslie Baron: Which phone is better:
HTC One,Nexus 5,LG G2 or the Moto X?

Luis Alonso: Dude you activated my ok google now!!!

ToVachea Nealy: Am I the only person who noticed that at 1:28 it shows that his phone has been on for 4days 1hour and 34mins? That's crazy!!

DmDuChi: Please Kevin, I will have a developers edition GSM soon, but will it work in middle east? please, someone?

Eisenstein Studios: What is that dock in the background?

Davi Martins: Best Android experience of all time!

Simos Katsiaris: +Kevin Nether damn, do a tutorial how to shave into that perfect beard of your

SaatjeGameFreak: guys you can get the notivication lock  on all android phones its called dynamic locker like so the rest will see this

Abraar Shaikh: are all the xda people coming to android authority ?

Lance Lindle Lee: Are these available for the moto G? I know that the touchless is not but how about the others?

winsevenholic: Great, thanks for the video

Venelin Bonchev: What's the wallpaper called?


Android Authority: Moto X Tips & Tricks!

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by: +The Tech Ninja 

StomponurBUTT: Hey rite lanh

DirtyOrangePeel: To bad they are not avalible in Australia....

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Moto X - Tips & Tricks! 5 out of 5

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Moto X - Tips & Tricks!