Kenwood Music Control App For Android

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Dallas Dal: What it SHOULD Do is let you control Play Back from other Sources like from a MP3 CD so it will play the files in the same order they are if they were playing from the CD or in the same order they are on the Album. The Interface on Kenwood Car Stereos stinks and is NOT Intuitive at all it lists folders as Folder 1 folder 2 Folder 3 ETC ETC and Not as the folder name so it's difficult to know which folder you are selecting.

dav8388: you should also mention that you would have to enable developer options on the phone so you can then open USB debugging which then would allow you to connect the phone to the head unit.

Mike McDermott: Its essentially PISH The USB connection doesn't work with my tablet although the Bluetooth one does - but it only plays the track/Album?artist you chose to start with - complete pish if you're on a longish journey. Fine if you're a knobhead with a (cr)apple device !

Andrei Khasanov: фуфлыжная функция

Pooyan Ardeshirzadeh: LOOOOL!!! That was one of the funniest and least helpful demonstration videos I've ever seen from any manufacturer!

gandhi624: " Big Up Dude "

Ken Smith Jr: Like others have said, you need to put your phone into USB MSC Mass Storage Device mode. Some phones don't support that mode. But if they have an SD card, you can put the card into a separate reader that uses MSC. 

Nelson Munts: Not working with galaxy s3? Any help?

Tim Dueck: Ok so for anyone with a Samsung Galaxy S3, your device needs to be in USB Mass Storage mode. You can get apps that put your device into this mode from the Play Store, though they do require root.

4OTKO: this is just your android smartphone acting as usb-storage (usb-stick), kenwood smart music control doesn't help in any regard. you can plug the usual usb stick with files on it to head unit and it should work the same. if it's not - likely head unit is deffective

Leszek: Its not working. GalaxyS3 + KDC-3057 "No valid drive is found"

Steven Salemi: I called Kenwood today. They told me the Kenwood units are really built for iPhones, and that the USB Cable Connection might not work very well. But they also said that the unit can work WIRELESSLY with BLUETOOTH to play audio, so why bother with a cable, right? Just go wireless with Bluetooth, forget the KMCHELPER garbage, which I could not make work either.

MrPhate68: I'm having the same issue with galaxy note 2 and KDC-BT52U model. Our phones (Note2 and SIII) haven't support of MSC (Mass Storage Control) when are connected with PC. Only MTP and PTP are supported. Kenwood Music Control function only with USB Mass Storage protocol. We should write to Kenwood for resolve this issue."

Luis Lizasuain: @Manuel Ruiz and @1988sureshot still no solution? I'm having the same issue, it says "No valid drive is found"

Drake Stanifer: @Manuel Ruiz have u figured this out? I am have same prob

Manuel Ruiz: The voice is ah... awkward. I have the KDC-BT952HD and can not get the unit to recognize my Samsung GSIII. I have updated the Devide 1 and 2 but it still will not recognize the phone. I have attempted to run the kmchelper.exe located in the root directory of the SD card but it will not execute. Error: No valid drive is found. According to the Kenwood website, this model supports the Kenwood Music Control app. What are my next steps to get the unit to recognize my phone.

yell0iroc: lol at the voice of mr kenwood

mojado15: I have a KDC-BT948HD stereo i connected my Samsung galaxy Skyrocket 2 to the usb and it wouldn't work then i then click on Auto output and analyzed my music then connected back still wouldn't work then my last option i read on the comments from the app someone said that you have to run kmchelper.exe file can you make a video on how to locate and install kmchelper.exe file please!!!

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Kenwood Music Control App for Android 5 out of 5

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Kenwood Music Control App for Android
Kenwood Music Control App for Android
2012 Kenwood Music Control For Android App.wmv
2012 Kenwood Music Control For Android App.wmv
kenwood android app mode total phone control
kenwood android app mode total phone control
KENWOOD Remote App Setup for Android on 2017 BT Audio Receivers (KDC-BT368U. KDC-X301)
KENWOOD Remote App Setup for Android on 2017 BT Audio Receivers (KDC-BT368U. KDC-X301)

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Kenwood Music Control App for Android