How To Remove V9 Portal Site ( Chrome, Firefox, IE ) (HD)

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Mary Cannaliato: in Chrome I went to search engines and deleted V9, is there something else I should do??

Paynekillah: This isn't enough. I've done this. I don't get the v9 redirects. Did a full file scan with Malware Bytes, AVG, and Spybot Search/Destroy. All threats removed, HOWEVER, in my control panel, when you go to add/remove programs, there's a v9uninstall program shown that, when you select to uninstall it; it WILL NOT uninstall. I've also noticed that my cpu is busy when it should be doing nothing. It's another sign that this virus is still there. Not sure how to get rid of it. Thinking about doing a complete system restore to nuke everything.

XxGtaAddictxX - Now In HD: omfg im free from the curse!!! thank you! :D

KG x Heretic: Dude!!!!! How do I do this on Windows 8?? I cant find out how :'(

Nathen Hoard: This doesn't work since there is NO web link when I right click the Chrome shortcut. There is NO v9 option in my add/remove programs option, there is NO folder on my computer in the AppData folder that says v9.... Nothing anywhere in my registry that says V9... but anytime I restart my computer, then go to the browser, it's my home page

Gandalf Riecher: Thx this helped me a lot!:D

LaZe Mattz: I did this and it didn't work HELP

Steven Nicholls: This page includes script from unauthenticated sources. That is a message I am getting from youtube it shows a shield up in the right hand corner of the url tab! I keep getting ADS BY Torntv V 9.0 and I cannot seem to do anything you suggest to get rid of all these windows when I use youtube. Can you please advise? Much appreciated! 

SILENCED: ive been trying to get v9 off my computer for so long ive just gave up ive watched all the videos and they never work the next day v9 is always back on my computer ive scand for it with so many malewares and it never works i give up freak you v9

Mantha Myhill: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

LaZe Mattz: I did this and it didn't work HELP

oladoyin favour: Thanx 

Mike Custalow: Nice! this helped a ton!!!!


TheRydersanandreas o: Strange, that doesn't appear on my properties. I guess i'll be blocking Pirate Bay forever now.

Rohan Agarwal: Super! It works! The best and the easiest way to get rid of the curse ;)

minu Steel: who the hell are you? I suppose you work for Google because it came on only when my nephew who works for You Tube helped me with a problem.

AsianDudeX01: It came back after a day or so for me...

MsMCjuh: Funny, I've tried all of the tutorials I found online to remove this crap, but none of them worked. It's a nightmare.


DaSnakey: Thank you so much this really helped me a lot it saved me from buying another 600 dollar computer :-D 

five5x: V9 keeps popping up on any site I go to that has to do with buying something or it pops up on google when I search something. I've down everything, but it doesn't show up as virus or malware.

Wesley Wright: If ya'll stop trying to get stuff for free then we wouldn't have to deal with this problem.

David Garcia: Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! I got this thing like for 4 months and there wasnt anything on Google to get it off, but thanks to you its finally off!!!!!!

sweetboo1022: thank you so much. 

minu Steel: how do I get rid of V9, its the most painful thing , yes its a nightmare

Renzo Delgado - Salcedo: Thanx A Lot!!!!

MiiKidMario: thank you man! u really helped a lot! :D Stupid V9 Curse >:(

Joeybomber123: Thank u soo much i am free of this stupid v9 thing thx man

Roberta Brandon: Good grief. I can't even read the it it's soo small. I guess i need to go to a different video.

maarkeith fordd: thx dude i am free :D

thepushanddewproject: I'M FREEEEEEE!!!

Dakota Tahran: That is wayt to simple. It takes a lot more than that. I thought I learned my lesson on downloading things a while ago but I guess I needed it again.

Dariusson Juste: Thank u so much I was about to brake my freaking computer apart dang

Tricia K.: Finally a solution to for this pesky V9 website. Thank you! I scanned my laptop several times, reset my browser settings and removed ever program that could have possibly been causing the problem, but the website would still popup when I started any browser. This worked great. :)

Mr.Battlefield: doesnt work

XenobladeShulk: Thanks dude!!!!!!

uipotokalamaki kakashkas: crash!

Aleigh Forbes: what should i type in for the new target? it's pretty difficult to see what you left un-deleted. Thanks!

sherryhinch: I went through my regedit and removed anything v9 . Went through my pc and removed it in my computer . I then uninstalled chrome and re installed it and its been running fine since

Lawrence C Spencer: Help. Its still; there and I can't remove it.

Rex TexasAggie: I've been to many that do not work...FINALLY !!! I can say "It worked for me THANKS! I spent way too much time on this annoying malware and never thought about the properties files.. Thanks Again!!!!

Young C iLL: thanks bro

john tandberg: seemed to work excellently for me. thank you sir.

TheLoyalOfficer: Can you do some damn narration, please?

tawfeq syr: thaaaaanks

Tevida Nocentelli: Good crap bro!!! WORKED FOR ME!!! THANKS!

Dark Devil: Worked for Chrome.

nickstefano2000: I love you 

Pathogen TV: Didn't work for chrome. It doesn't even look like that anymore.

DYAC: My friend's business did extremely well with adwords. He basically pay google to put his promotion ads on varies websites and the conversion rate is really high. I guess it helps since he sells gag/prank gifts and his ads get display on funny autocorrect websites. He wouldn't tell me the exact amount, but I'm estimating it is near the mid 6-figure salary. No risk no rewards I guess.
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How To Remove V9 Portal Site ( Chrome. Firefox. iE ) (HD)
How To Remove V9 Portal Site ( Chrome. Firefox. iE ) (HD)
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How To Remove V9 Portal Site ( Chrome, Firefox, iE ) (HD)