Cold Start 4230 John Deere Diesel Tractor

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granskare: we used to have two cylinder JDs and 2 of them were started using a big wheel on the side...ah, the good old days :)

daniel tesar: The 30 series have very low compression.

lkjlk: And your tractor is not crap nor is it a pig therefore its damn sure not a crapty pig. its not quite a legend (4020) but its not a damn kubota either. So lay off the ether and the name calling and just be glad you have a block heater.

John Miles: the 30 series was cold collard

lkjlk: atleast you got a damn block heater. the only thing that keeps my 4020 starting in the mornings is the battery charger i used the night before. as long as she is smoking she is trying and each crank is just a little closer but you cant beat the sound of the ole goat firing up in the mornings

PA feildfunproductions: Well if ya call her a stupid pig she's gana give ya some trouble give her some love don't beat her with ether for not starting more of a chance with some sweet talk ya know!

wildbill0088: all too familiar for me except mine has no cab

brian93ist: @wagner59270 plug it up at night or put in a heated barn

dalekrueger: maybe john deere should of kept the pony motor, like caterpillar did

wagner59270: sure does

George Case: @willyford are u huffing either, u might need more and more each time, but its ok to put in diesels

nchayfarmer: yea man they will get used to it we have that 4560 in my vid and its the same way but we just take the filters out and spray a little in it because like you said it will get used to it lol and the guy down on this page said somthin about engine skip to long thats where the ether hit anybody that has worked around equipment knows that tractors these days are almost imune to tempertures above 0 degrees anything below needs a block heater

3208cat210: @Check55c 1066 is a handsome machine that runs like a Swiss watch and pulls(with duals) like a D-6 Cat. The guy I worked for in HS had a 1206 turbo that had 12,000 hrs without the block and heads touched. It was completely shot but ran great but it burned oil like a locomotive.Also had a 1086, 856, 706,Super-M, F-20. Everything is in use except the F-20.

rowdy6231: you can also use a torch to blow hot air into the breather to crank on cold days as long as you dont use either.. little more time consuming but it works

patwayzip: I used to have a 4230 that was cold natured as well. Try leaving ur throttle all the way back, on a cold start, especially if you use starting fluid. You dont want to throw a rod. Also when cranking, turn your steering wheel back and forth, it will take pressure off the hydrallic pump and help it start.

stelthblend: do you think a 4630 is better

SuperJohndeere4020: That's what i would i do, if i had a diesel that hard to start.

JRCollinsfan: @REDPOWERFARMS Our 1066 hates the cold.

KOONZASS: I assume it relieves power steering fluid pressure. You can try spinning around and kicking yourself in the ass 3 times, asshole.

excessiveego: the 4240 is just as much of a pig to start in the cold :P

BUCKSHOTcat: thanks for adding my vid

barthoedemaker: ether cannot do any damage, so bullcrap willyford

rowdy6231: @ wagner.. your right the 30 series never did crank well in cold weather. dont know why they didnt put a higher compression engine in em at the time or glow plugs if they wanted to stick with A lower compr engine

wagner59270: @willyford oh and by the way this tractor is natural aspirated, it has no turbo

cebedeuz: Good. You had the work done...

11TurboDiesel: man u kno got a tractor when u have to climb the tire to put gas in it thats wht ihave to do my ford

SuperJohndeere4020: Our tractor we had a hard time trying to get it started. It finally starts and runs for two minutes and then runs out of diesel. After that it was even harder to start it.

nchayfarmer: lol I relize your a farmer and look to been doing it along time but you put enough ether in that tractor to seize a d-11 bulldozer just saying lol check out my video of me cold starting a brand new 6330 tractor with its winter warm up

morgan painter: Was there diesel in a red can? I LOVE diesel power. No glow plugs on that baby? That would be a hard start! Suggestion; have someone shoot the ether while you are cranking the engine, it will pull it in as a fine mist and should start on first try before battery is getting low. My Jeep Liberty is diesel with glow plugs and it has started after sitting outside all night in 0 degree weather. Synthetic oil is required by manufacturer and may help your big, bad Johnny. Diesel, nothing like it.

SuperJohndeere4020: @wagner59270 that's nice wish ours had a cab and a heater.

atcklx: looks like it might be kinda hard to do both turning the key and spray ether at the same time

bigredchevytruck: I get the feeling that Kayla hates being on camera or is camera shy because almost every time she's in one of the videos, she has a look on her face like ugh, Wayne, get the camera out of my face! LOL

Jamason's World: John Deere is never crap. It might be a bitch but its never crap. So don't sit there and call Deere crap

Faxes Wacker: check if the engine glow plugs are working (do not test for over 30sec or they will burn) install an gas preheater that will the glow plugs it will be easy

wagner59270: 4020's are really good tractors

Jobe Smith: Do you know what the fuel pressure to the injectors is supposed to be on a John Deere 4230, or the cylinder compression? Something you might want to check. Not trying to be a smart-ass, but i had wondered if there was a problem with the compression, or fuel pressure, would that make a diesel engine hard to start?

wagner59270: ha ha very nice Ive never actually heard of doing that quite ingenious... cheers

Bensterrz: I realy have to say I love your videos a lot...

TDIMAXDIESEL: Verry nice cold start !

brian93ist: this is hard on the motor and battery

Goldengoat23: Before I overhauled mine, Would not cold start at 65 degrees.

wagner59270: it actually helps the block heater hold in quite a bit of heat... helps quite a bit more than a person would expect... also helps it warm up a little faster

KODAKGUYNUMBER1: @brian93ist did u not listen to anything he said in the begining of the vid?!?!

SuperJohndeere4020: ha you could just let that thing idle all winter so you won't have to try start it.

Nathan98831: My fat brother likes your truck with the feeder.

wagner59270: yeah the viking will be up very soon for a cold start, but no luck on the snow now at least not for another 8 months or so

markb2007: I've always been told ether is a very bad idea for a diesel.

Milt Shaw: As a former John Deere Area Service Manager may I offer some suggestions: There is a metering attachment that SHOULD be on the tractor to meter starting fluid into the intake manifold. Injecting either directly into the intake manifold as shown in the video can do damage to the pistons. Also there is a block heater that will keep the anti-freeze warm and help in cold weather starting.

3208cat210: That 4230 is missing, which is understandable in the way cold. However, to immediatley jam the Quad-Range into gear and lug the old terd out of the shed? 15-40 had to be like cold honey.

cold start 4230 john deere diesel tractor 4.5 out of 5

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cold start 4230 john deere diesel tractor