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Omar Padilla: Can you fire different calibers out of a Cobra 22lr derringer besides rimfire ammo. Say like 38spl and so.

Ernest Mitchell: It just a hold out pice, made to get someone off of you

flyinbiker2001: as far as the well built comment construction is Zinc Alloy over steel barrel liners with most parts including hammer being Zinc so if you think a Hotwheels toy is Quality your mistaken..... Its OK for what it is and no more...... all others are superior being made of Steel and the price reflects this as well as having the largest breakage history for modern handguns for Cobra and Davis

randy tinney: has anyone actually fired 38 super in a 38 special barrel cobra? thanks

Holly Nites: Bought a Cobra 380. Is it possible to change the barrel to a .22. or .22 magnum?

toomanyaccounts: Nicholas Guerrera1 year ago
Do you know if they make centerfire conversions from rimfire?

Look up the cobra website. On the centire frames you can put a kit to convert centerfire to rimfire and back again. You cannot convert a rimfire frame to fire centerfire. 

Zer0 Brakes: Can you change it from a big bore to a long bore ?

cody price: I have a .32H&R magnum Heritage rough rider, and .32ACP fits and shoots just fine in it. So I can shoot .32ACP, .32S&W, .32S&W Long, and .32 magnum in the same gun. The .32ACP IS semi-rimmed so it should fit fine in the derringer(hopefully) and in single action revolvers in .32magnum. The .32ACP WILL shoot in double action revolvers, BUT the star extractor might slip past the rim of the casing leaving it stuck. So just fire it in the derringer or single action revolvers.

Wurled Peas: The one thing I hate about these, the only thing really, is the lawyer induced 6 ton trigger pull. The first time I fired one I had to check to see if the safety was on. The trigger is WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too hard to pull. My older Davis in .22 mag. has a crappy trigger, but it isn't anything like as bad as the Cobra. My buddy confirmed through e-mail to the factory that the trigger pull on his is super hard on purpose.

charlie day: would .22 mag or .22 lr barrels also fit on that frame? the frame of the .22 derringers is smaller so that's why i ask.  i'm thinking about getting one and ability to switch between .22 and 9mm will greatly affect my decision about whether to buy it or not

DTX Oner: When you say 38 auto, is it also known as .380 auto

Nicholas Guerrera: Do you know if they make centerfire conversions from rimfire?

maxfirepower: 9 x 23 mm

maxfirepower: Paranoia would be indicated in someone who lives >3800 miles away yet fears guns in the US. We do not exist to "set an example" for you, either.

44Artillery: Suck a pickle, pansy.

tomterahedrob: ?Is the cartridge in the 9mm Luger totally supported(as you would have in say a top break single shot rifle)? How much$ Thanks. )

PCShogun: You mention the other calibers that can be fired from the same barrels. However, the pressures those rounds generate are very different. Are those barrels and chambers rated for those pressures?

MrPHUCKYOURSELF: So you could basiclly put a cobra 32acp barrel on a 38 special cobra derringer simple barrel swap same as you did here?

skully4795: i agree you ARE an idiot. believe me the usa does NOT set any kind of good example to anybody, especially those of us who live here, by the way the government has been doing things lately, and by the way, they are NOT sold (legally) to just anybody. every pistol i ever bought, i had to go through a background check. to get my concealed carry permit i had to go through an EXTENSIVE background check and submit my fingerprints as well. so long story short shut your freaking stupid mouth. thank you.

rewardcert: larger 9mm spanish


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