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Patryk Orocz: Too bad its not the other side cos thats what im stuck with :( anyway keep up the good work!

Joe Montgomery: I had a roaring noise coming from my hub bearing so I put a new hub bearing in and it is still making a roaring noise so my question is what can make it still make that noise

Flash: That car is running on some high-performance slick tires.

Jesse Hernandez: Good work Buddie

Don Barnett: Dude, I LOVE that hammer! I would love to see a video of how you made it!

chris hunter: Hey ETCG. I have a 90 accord and when I get to 60 to 70 mph I have a shake in the steering wheel. I thought it was my car need an alignment but it stay straight. What could my problem be?

Eldon Schiemann: This happened to my 2000 civic, lower joint sheared and my car slid down the road, thankfully the shop i had it at a week before (i wanted them to replace it, but they said they didnt need too) replaced it for free, along with the cv axle and paid the 290 to job

Meanoldwoman2013: I just had this done to my Ram 1500. Oh My God, it was pricey.... 1500 Bucks!

nathaniel rodriguez: Eric you are the tech brother, I have learned so much from watching your videos. Just a couple of hours ago I watched your video on cleaning your heater core. Funny stuff when to much air was let out and you got sprayed. I learned from that video and did what you said and now I have heat again. Thank you for sharing all that you know and helping all of us save money and doing the job our selfs.

SirCavemaninthewest: For some reason I thought this video was shot in 2018😐😂😂 Eric!!!

james hibbert: Your old videos are raw and awesome and I prefer them.

BrianWaderdrums: Ball joint on my 2003 Honda civic hybrid broke yesterday and I was damn lucky wheel came out backing out of driveway and not elsewhere . I replaced the broken ball joint and control arm. This car ball joint is pressed into the wheel hub.
The CV axle was pulled out from the ball joint breaking and wheel out, the end of the CV axle was 3 sided with washer things on it. I pushed it back in inner boot and it's in place. I rotated it right and left. I put back together again. On test ride there is a clunking noise not loud. Also can hear a clunk sitting on driver seat and bouncing on seat door open.
So is it the CV axle just needs pulled out fully? Since only thing came out was yellowish greasy fluid from inner boot. Car has a CVT transmission. Is CVT repair same as on automatics where transmission fluid comes out replacing CV axle. I haven't pryed mine out. The 3 sided part and washers of axle is in place. Also replaced control arm, outer tie rods, and shocks.

Samuel Wangatia: That was helpful thanks

DONNA COY-MICK: I wish I could bring my 99 jeep chi in for you to check.

Aaron Anderson: Awkward question, but not only is my upper ball joint spinning when I'm trying to tighten it, but I am have the complications of lining of the strut with lower control arm. Had to replace lower ball joint, tie rod end, and CV boot. Now I'm just trying to get everything back together. Snow is making it way more complicated.

Gaming 'Yote Hunters: I had someone replace my tirerod end and cv axel on my car and he gave it back leaking transmission. Idk where it's coming from, any ideas?
2000 Chrysler sebring

A. Dawood: Hi I have couple of questions 1- what impact air Co. you're using or you advice me to brought? 2- what the best compressor & ltrs. Choosing for home workshop 2bar/200 ltrs. Or less?3- ball joint for accord 2007 should I brought oem or any equipment manufacture
Thanks in advance

Steven McHenry: Thanks man. Good video.

78missredrum: TECH TIP, I personally would've stuck a nice screwdriver inside the rotor, using the caliper to prevent the wheel from turning. A breaker bar to remove the axle nut. Not everyone has a vice. I have an impact, not everyone does as well. Hand tools were my fist experience. Personally I prefer to feel what I do, so I use it (impact) sparingly.

MrDarkangel49: can i ask what may be the cause of my air blwing high under the vents n my car and not hard thru the vents?

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Oops, Axle and Ball Joint Replacement - EricTheCarGuy 5 out of 5

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Oops. Axle and Ball Joint Replacement - EricTheCarGuy
Oops. Axle and Ball Joint Replacement - EricTheCarGuy
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Oops, Axle and Ball Joint Replacement - EricTheCarGuy