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78missredrum: TECH TIP, I personally would've stuck a nice screwdriver inside the rotor, using the caliper to prevent the wheel from turning. A breaker bar to remove the axle nut. Not everyone has a vice. I have an impact, not everyone does as well. Hand tools were my fist experience. Personally I prefer to feel what I do, so I use it (impact) sparingly.

MrDarkangel49: can i ask what may be the cause of my air blwing high under the vents n my car and not hard thru the vents?

Vison Skrillaz: Hello eric im your subscribe and ilke to as your my car toyota hilux vigo 4wheel.what i talk about here when i put on 4wheel on and when i fully turn right or left at front wheel stuck,i drive straight no problem you now what problem with my car.?can help me to fine.toyota vigo 2011.im from borneo Malaysia subscribe your channel.

Frank Cruz: Thank you Eric. I am watching you all the way from Nicaragua. I like your videos. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge.

pete austin: Eric the car guy... I like your stuff fam.... I have a 92 accord ex,, 5speed... It about 60%rebuilt,,, thanx to ur information.. I just watched the rotor replacement right before making this comment.... appreciate the info,, nd humor,, lol..

Dale N: Cordless impacts are great (Snap On & Milwaukee are my favorite). IF they don't have the omph I break the bolts loose manually then use the cordless. Always torque when tightening.

Morgan Jones: Can you do some videos on a 1994 mercedes benz e320 I've got a few things out with my car ball joints and a voltage regulator and and figure out what is going on with it y I can't use the key to start it I've got it going with a push button and if I do use the key all I get is a ratcheting sound from the stater push button and it starts just fine

Tim Vu: This is one of the examples of the kind of repair jobs that Eric's shop gets. The car was not properly maintained previously and the tires were practically worn beyond safety limits. I don't know how this car can even pass state safety inspection, assuming Ohio state has one. This car left front end are essentially garbage: bushings shot, ball joint broken and even the drive shaft separated, clearly it has neither been inspected nor maintained at all. It is amazing that Eric could bring it back to life but I am sure the repair cost would be more than the entire car is worth. I got flagged from my Honda dealer for simply the cracked compliance bushings which lasted three years before I replaced them. I can't even get the state inspection passed with the worn wiper blades.

Phil R: Drove a 90-93 Accord w140 k on the odo that car needed as much work as any other AMERICAN car
And almost everyjob was twice the steps than a US car .....Hondas are good but I dont think the hype is às true as Its made to believe .

Angel Orosco: THANS ERIC

Angel Orosco: What men good video i go honda crv 2000 ex 4 whell drive 5 speed the ball join low me crv no good you thing i need havy tool take aup and put back in o can used hemer never do it fris time tank you

Brian Mata: Is there any estimate on how much this job usually cost? Including parts and labor.

Jacob Neymeiyer: You are the freaking plug. I've watched your videos every time when working on my accord. You've made my life so easy. Keep making accord videos please✊🏼

David Lopez: Hi Erick. Nice video. I like your style.

Jack Long: That looks exactly like my 00 civic. Picking up the next car tomorrow ;)

ra777wow: Hope you make more videos Eric !!!!

Arsenio Ogdar: happy work sir.......

Stephen Elder: Hi Eric,
Car 1996 Honda accord, 25th Anniversary edition
Replace upper ball joint: driver and passenger side.
1. Can i replace ONLY the upper ball joints and not the control arm?
2. Or do I have to replace the control arm as well?

Tes_: Omg, this is super informative and highly entertaining. Thank you!

Stephen Elder: Your videos and clear and easy to understand. Great job!!

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Oops, Axle and Ball Joint Replacement - EricTheCarGuy 5 out of 5

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Oops. Axle and Ball Joint Replacement - EricTheCarGuy
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Oops, Axle and Ball Joint Replacement - EricTheCarGuy