2001 Audi TT Instrument Cluster Problem

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Alejandro Ramirez: If your problem appeared in 2009, you are not part of the class action and are free to seek any remedies, even starting a new class action. I recommend you report your dealer and Audi USA to the Better Business Bureau and take it from there, Scalate the claim. Perhaps you can start a new class action and have hit the jackpot and don't know yet.

rickyeguizabal: dude this is happening to my car too. idk what it could be, i was thinking it might be cuz i washed the engine and might have wet the sensors idk we really need help with this...

Shady Assaf: Hey i want to know what's really the problem and how to solve it cuz i wanna buy this car ????

moofaletta: This is a well know problem with the Audi TT model years 2000 - 2004 and´╗┐ certain 2005 vehicles. The instrument cluster was defective. Although it worked fine in my car (2001) for 8 years, when it began to fail as shown in the video it eventually drained my battery on a daily basis. I had the instrument cluster replaced by my Audi dealer at cost of $1300. Four years later, I'm still driving the car and have had no issues with the instrument cluster or battery drain.

jgm1234567: If you dont mind: I'm considering buying a 2001 audi tt quattro coupe. 120K miles for 8,900 dollars. 225 hp, 6spd. I also have the option of getting a 5spd (same car, same hp, just 5 speeds) for 7500 dollars. Do you think these cars are mostly reliable, or mostly UNreliable? the reviews seem bad. So I cant make up my mind. How can a car be sooo horrible?

Sharmanultra1: has to be something electrical, looks like your car is idling fine, could just be a bad connection, or a fuse going out.

makavelikilly: How can i remove the Instrument Cluster on my Audi TT? Any video?

Muhammad MAlik: Thats scary .. Have you remedied this problem yet? if so what route did you take?

Gavin Curtis: Flash CPU memory is corrupt and CPU resets. Problem will get worse. ModuleMaster or ebay to find people who can fix it.

Vidriera Vitral: is the audi tt roadster more reliable than the coupe version?

moofaletta: I have since found out that there was a class action lawsuit regarding defective instrument clusters on Audi TTs model years 2000 - 2004 and certain 2005 vehicles. Unfortunately, the problem didn't present in my 2001 TT until 2009 - well past the filing date of June 2008. I've been told by my local dealership that it will cost more than $1000.00 to replace the defective cluster.

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2001 Audi TT Instrument Cluster Problem 2.8 out of 5

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2001 Audi TT Instrument Cluster Problem