Clash Of Clans - Clan Base Reviews - TH7-TH8

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VideosByJoe1: Joe lvl 65 clan stormcrows green and white emblem

Braden Grimes: How old is your son?

jeet7691: are you only gonna review low level bases? or higher level aswell? maybe a 50% maxed out th8 or th9 base?

Alex Kilroy: Can u do my base pls.Name:LongJohnSilvers.clan:cornwall 2

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StuN ClaN: Sabisco in Clan Laconia

TheMysticClasher: video*

Derp: Yo! Check out my base! i need some tips! My name on coc is herpdederp

Branzy111: And can I join your clsn

Branzy111: Is your base still there

Yaahboi52: Review mine pls clan name is Queenz Rebelz names Ramses the 11

Pedro Lobo: can you review mine clan: warbrasil username: henrique th7 almost maxed ;)

Jeroen Ubaghs: Please review my base the clan name is: De Panda's. And my name is; jeroen

yheamjh: I would also like to whether if you could do me a review... My clan - Battle Clan (Black and white) atm have 50 members Clan leader - Vahnboyx lvl 101 My username - Jihi.Moon

Darrell Conover: Egon, I will work on having you in the next review video, I am working on grabbing all interested parties and putting it together in the next week or two. :)

Egon von Westerholt: Can u review my place?? Clan: Annihilator, player:Dominik, if so can u tell me what to search up. Our clan has the leader nmae as Wolf, level 94, top player in the clan, thanks

Darrell Conover: Absolutely! :)

Darrell Conover: thanks :)

OhNoah!: Good vedio

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Clash of Clans - Clan Base Reviews - TH7-TH8