How To Make A McDonald's Big Mac

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ciaran thomas: I work at mcdonalds and i can say we dont press our burgers on the grill. The reason the one u had looked dry is because you left it out in the air for like 30 minutes

GamingLegacy: She tries to hard lol jesus

monkeh88: So how many kilometers you need to ride and burn the calories you just ate after you eat this burger :)

Niesha B: OMG she scares me... 

TheSwagsta Olive: dont you respect yourself?.. a 25 + year old Making youtube videos.. actualy i think you are way more than 25.. ik its disrespect full but its the truth

Monica Robles: I used to work McDonalds. And always tried to make the special sauce. You nailed it! The reason the middle bun was dry is because you had the McDonald's one upside down. It's special sauce, onion, lettuce, cheese, pattie, middle bun, special sauce, onion, lettuce, pickles and pattie, in that order I'm gonna try to make my own now. Thank you!

Forever A loner: I don't know why so many people are hating on you and disliking your videos but i do know that they are missing out on a lot. I Love you Becca!!! STAY POSITIVE AND BEAUTIFUL!! LOVE FROM AUSTRALIA!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Marie Shanahan: Double-fisted, Big Macs! Thanks for this recipe. Great job. :)

stanley jones: people everyone has there own personality,,,,,,,I think she bubbly and sweet,The mean comments alot of you are giving is so damn wrong,,,,,,,if you dont like her energy,,,,turn to something else,,,,,,this message goes to Rebecca [please dont let these bullies break you,continue being you.,[you are fun ],,,,,,I ask everyone to say something nice about her.[Thanks

grime everyday: i would shoot my hot sticky cum all over her face 

Emily Radford: Toast the buns, then sauce on bottom and the top of the middle layer (yours was upside down) then lettuce on top of these then onion then top pickle on the bottom bun, then cheese goes on top of the burgers. so you should have onion sauce lettece meat and on each layer with pickle and cheese on the bottom.

jonoboo: You need to put more lettice on, you need more BigMac sauce, you need to add onions, the middle bun has the sauce on the top and also should have lettice and pickles/gherkins go on the top also. This is wrong.

Rinkin 12: It's a 10:1 pound.. Isn't a quarter pounder you are right.. 

sam jose: This video almost reminds me of that Eddie Murphy skit 'welfare burger - minus the green peppers and pink dough..

VasHappeninTV: Idk why she has so many dislikes

David Guy: Love your energy. You make me almost wish I were 40 years younger and knew where you live. Keep up the good work.

Peter Grimshaw: Use Thousand Island salad dressing instead of ketchup and mayo to get that real big mac flavour.

Terrie Wixson: She didn't even grill the Bun

Casey Hay: It's refreshing to see a woman who is eager and enthusiastic to share her knowledge of cooking. I think she is a lot more involved and natural than the commercial cooks we have all come to know and love, and I am eager to see what is in store for you.

Diana Spencer: I just watched this video and im tempted to make one right now 😂 I love your tutorials! 

Ron Madara: Sorry I didn't have time to read all of the comments,,,,nice video though. I would not "butcher" a bun like that. Instead, I would take the bottom layer of another bun, thinly slice off the crust, and use that in the middle. From what research I've done, I don't think there is any ketchup in the special sauce...for years I just assumed it was 1000 island dressing. I believe the red color comes from paprika. Dicing the pickle for the sauce seems like way too much work....Heinz pickle relish would work just as well without sacrificing quality. I think the addition of mustard is nailed that. I think a drop or two of white wine vinegar to the sauce would seal the deal. I don't think the chopped up onions are actually incorporated into the sauce...I think they're added as a separate component in the "building" process. Very nice video though...lots of energy. Your presentation skills seem very polished. :)

drm0x: I think when you reconstructed the original, you put the middle bun layer upside down, that's why there appears to be no lettuce and sauce on the top deck, but loads on the bottom...

Antonio Ric: Funny video but made my stomach hurt watching you dig your fingers through all the food. Think I'll stick with McDonald's lol

David Barkley: OMG - This is all wrong. Look again at your Big Mac. Both halves are dressed. McDonald's gets their 1.6 oz. patties frozen, They are pressed briefly (seared) after 10 seconds on the grill. The recipe for all these things are on the web and the bazillion former employees can tell you that you have not done even basic research for this thing. You did NOT make it just like they did, it is not "exactly like" they built it. Face Palm. ...

peter toth: so sorry missed the cheese and in the us it was and should be nebraska cheddar in canada we use natural cheddar Canadian cheddar ( made from no artificial boosted cow milk)

cyberbar20: That was a really good effort, However, your reconstruction was a little bit incorrect. The middle portion of the bun was suppose to be flipped upwards

Joshua Jones: I love your videos 

Eclipsed Skies: This is good! Your cheeriness and positivity makes this super enjoyable! :D

R M: The special sauce is also known as thousand island dressing. It would've been way easier to use that. 

jeremie comeau: Wow so cool

Maudasexy1: what a mess you are making yaiks

Eleni Valis: There's lettuce and sauce on both layers...I don't know which McDonald's made your burger, but that's not the way they're made haha

Gam3r Girl1933: I was feeling sick today, she's so perky I felt much better after

avetik32: There are ingredients on the upper part of big mac, are you kidding? 

jason fairchild: I think you done an excellent job. Keep it up Rebecca Brand! 

Sebbie Dimarco: this was actually a good tutorial. don't know why it got so many dislikes. keep doing your thing

thesomebody3: Thanks for the vid, just made one too, tastes very much like the 'real' thing. Thanks a lot :)

Cool Girl123: omg I love you Rebecca omg plz say I love you back omg

marco feldzy: MY CHEESE IS TWICE AS THICK!!!!!!!¬

Red Major: i see that you respond to most commons, I like your enthusiasm but you are not the greatest actor. Your smile is too big if there is such a thing, so I would notch it down on the energy in general. Its like you're on ecstasy 

Karen Barrera: I love this!! And you are very pretty (: 

troyboy83: I used to work there many moons ago. A Big Mac pattie is a tenth of a pound (referred to as 10:1). The 1/4 pounder pattie is a 1/4 of a pound (referred to as 4:1). 

mintsnap: love the bass solo intro!

Kazathul: Wow.... I'm scared.... She's not gona eat us will she?

Steve XXX: Let's call it the "McDrama Burger" It will include my own special sauce and cheese! lol 

Colby Fritz: Your stupid

DaniS422: Awesome Video Rebecca!

Ill Bill: Way to not grill your buns and let us know which pickles you used. 

Mybrothers keepers: You for got to toast the bun

killerob1: Tak for en god video. Hilsen en fra Danmark

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How to make a McDonald's Big Mac 3.4 out of 5

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How to make a McDonald's Big Mac