READING VLOG: DIY 'sprayed' Edges, Finishing Hero Of Ages Yay. March 11-17 | Book Roast

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Courtney Lake: I've been watching a lot of your vlogs and I love your cats! I can't have cats right now because my roommate is allergic, so I'm living vicariously through you.

victoria denny: I painted the edges of 2 of my books for fun. One with water colour (i wont keep doing this because it can get ruined if wet) and one with acryllic. But i diluted the acryllic so it wont get too sticky haha. Now im obsessed with painting my book edges i want to paint all of them. I want to paint all my books with acryllic paint haha!

victoria denny: I printed the readathon booklet haha

Kerry Elizabeth: I have two questions I have a book I want to read for the owls readathon and it is October 2009 but I need a book that is 10 years old would that count and second I just want to start the owls today the 31st would that be cheating I just finished my other book and I need to start another one but the one I was going to read I was able to fit into the owls ahhh what do I do

staystrongtrish: I dont think I've ever commented on your videos before but I love them!

Caoilo Potter Winchester: First off, technology is so the enemy lol. you tube need to fix that. also omg £15 for 3 dinners is so not bad. €15 bearly gets you two take-a-way meals.

iLivieforbooks: Woah- I've never seen that edition of Ember in the Ashes
I am so overjoy by that fact that you sprayed the edges just so it could work for the challenge- I aspire to be on that level of determination (plus it came out great)
hope all is well G!!!

Dianne Guilinger: the diy book pages look great!

Anna Francesca: Thinking of painting the edges of my original HP books. I have so many editions and don’t know what to do with my original set as I feel sentimental! 😂

Sarrie Reads & Travels: You can use The Silent Patient from the adult Unplugged box from this month if you don’t have an adult book to read. I’m already halfway done with the book. Looking forward to seeing what you think of it.

I also suffer from debilitating migraines, and have tried pretty much everything to improve them, all of the neurologists never know what to do and it can be extremely frustrating and discouraging. Just keep doing what you know helps, and work though it. ❤️

Bookish_Handmaid: I absolutely love these videos! They're so relaxing! I know you said you liked crystals but do you do anything with tarot cards?

Nicole T.: Have you ever considered getting one of those ear piercings that help with migraines? A friend of mine got one like 2 months ago and she said she hasn’t had any migraines since, and before she had it about 3x a week. Migraines seem to suck, I’m sorry you have to go through that :(

Skylar's Book Corner: What kind of cats do you have?

Rose Ibisco: I just got a message while watching and it was ON THE SAME TIME YOU DID & with the SAME RINGTONE!!!! How CREEPY is that!?!?!?!?! xD

Louisa Coote: I think Ember and Ashes book has a deep red cover, but that might just be how it looks on camera, plus we all perceive colours slightly differently!

Lost In Fiction: What club is the Ember in the Ashes being read in? I would love to join in and read it along with everyone!

Mar Barrado: So excited to participate in the Magical Read-a-thon! I’m also trying to go for a Curse Breaker Career, I just hope I can get to all the book I need to read!

I Should Read That: Painting the edges of a book so you can fit it into a readathon prompt (your own readathon!) is probably the greatest thing that has ever happened 😂

I get migraines too and they're the worst 😣

with cinnamon, please: SO excited for the readathon 😍 your cats always make me smile so much ^^

Λήδα Καραγιάννη: Please read the Farseer trilogyy 😍😍 Love ya !

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READING VLOG: DIY "sprayed" edges, finishing Hero of Ages yay. March 11-17 | Book Roast 5 out of 5

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