Cubical Quad Antennas

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santos morales: Información solamente en inglés era bueno español aunque se entiende

Egy Coordinator: Hi Dave, I want to build a 11 mtr cubical 4 elem., what will be the best balun for use with this antenna?, I have on hand a balun 1:1.  Thanks in advance, I wait for the answer.

Patrick Hudgin: Dave,  Thanks for the quality video. I really enjoy the technical education that you put in this and your other videos.  The steps calculating the dimensions and reminders on the formulas is appreciated.  Now I am looking at what I can stuff in my attic,  I live in a neighborhood with a HOA.  Love the challenge of what I can do with stealth in mind.

Ray Harkins: Dave. Thanks for the ideas. I am thinking about a 40M quad. May be more than I am ready for.. 73 kb6lqv.

Robert Harrington: Great videos Dave!
Building a quad for 10 meters INSIDE my living room!

ifell3: Hi, your videos are really top quality. From what i understand you can't have a 1/4 wave yagi, is that correct. Could you have a 1/2 wave yagi for a cb/11m, but whip the elements so it turns out about the same size as you have in the video? And then could you use this same principle to build a whipped cubical quad? 
Regards jon

Shane Pander: what is the equation for finding space length between each element.  I a m building a four element 152mhz quad.   I have already figured my elements and spreaders mathematically, but how do I figure out the spacing between each element.  oh, and how do I figure the space for the drive element to place my coax cable?  thank you for all your help sir.

Shane Pander: does the boom length really matter? as long as the distance between the reflector, driven element, and the director is accurate; does the boom have to be much longer than the specs of the fore-mentioned? , I am building a 152mhz quad, with only one director.    thank you, you have been a great help.

wa4aos: Very helpful video..Thanks... Any thoughts on a simple way to wire up a 20 meter boom-less quad from the ground? I thought about using a J Pole to support the boom and rotate it as I wire each element..

Glenn WA4Aos

ebear1ca: How about the body centered cubical quad.

N2RGT: Another great video, Dave!  Thanks a lot.  My next project....73's de N2RGT

carlos gonzales: hola,¿sirve para tv digital?

uintabri: Quads are great antennas if you have the space.

c b: dave i was hoping that you would make a 2 element cubical quad antenna for 11 meters. im just starting out in cb radio and really interested in antenna design and have watched all your videos. so how about it a video for a 2 element cubical quad vertical polarized antenna. thanks for the great videos. make lots more

purplemutantas: I hope to get my license soon. I look forward to building antennas. I have played around with home built antennas for 2.4 GHz. I have a copy of the ARRL antenna handbook. Pretty amazing stuff. I am thinking for starters I want to make a 1/4 wave ground plane for 2 meters. From there I may go for a yagi-uda. I can't wait to get my license so I can expand my antenna geekery.

gus gann: Dave, Thanks for the reply. I have located some 3/8 x 4ft fiberglass rods at a local hardware store. The original were 1/2 in diameter so I will have to source some aluminum to fit the rods. The rods I found were for electric fences. Thanks, RG

Dave Tadlock: You can download an Avanti AV-122 PDL-II manual from cbtricks dot com. The three runs of copper wire sounds like a modification for multi-band use but I would not know for sure unless I saw it. The fiberglass can be replaced with new. If the fiberglass spreaders are tapered then you can use the same or a piece that is the same diameter as the part that fits inside the aluminum tube. Attach the elements by drilling holes then use hardware or attach as shown in this video. Thanks for watching! :)

gus gann: Dave, I just got my hands on a PDL Quad from the 70's that is in good shape except for the rusty bolts. Each element has three runs of copper wire which I have never seen before. Any you provide any information on this design? Also the fiberglass poles could use some attention. What do you suggest? You have great information. Thanks.

Dave Tadlock: Not including a matching section if used, you may use either a random length of coax or use multiples of a 1/2 wavelength. For VHF/UHF just keep the cables as short as possible without leaving a lot of extra coax rolled up in the shack. Using 1/2 wave multiples should help indicate a more correct SWR reading if connected directly between the antenna and SWR meter. Actual SWR to the radio will vary with additional patch cables and inline equipment. 73! :)

Cubical Quad Antennas 5 out of 5

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Cubical Quad Antennas
Cubical Quad Antennas
s52ow  2el Cubical quad antenna 16:9
s52ow 2el Cubical quad antenna 16:9
Increasing HT range on VHF UHF with a homemade cubical-quad antenna
Increasing HT range on VHF UHF with a homemade cubical-quad antenna
Steppir 3 el. Vs Cubical Quad 2 el.
Steppir 3 el. Vs Cubical Quad 2 el.
2 Element Cubical Quad Antenna for 6m band
2 Element Cubical Quad Antenna for 6m band

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Cubical Quad Antennas