NEW Rainbow Loom Monster Tail Review And Tri Fish Tail Bracelet

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Made By Mommy: Rainbow Loom started shipping the Monster Tail Loom! This video shows an easy bracelet you can make on it!

Chanya Royal: This is also called the 3 pin fishtail or the hexafish

Kaitlyn M: this kind of fishtail has been done many times it is called the 3 pin fishtail look it up on youtube you will find tons of results

Joy Yang: Do a mommy face reveal

Cindy Zheng: I made this before. I think it was something called " the triple fishtail". Not a very good name

Rainbow Loomer: I can do this on the rainbow loom :D

Relent: justin's toys invented this and is called the triple fishtail 

Mewantspie: Hexafish 

Love DIY: PEOPLE!! Why all the mean comments?!?! She is trying her hardest to show you how to make this bracelet on a new loom!!! Give her respect or go die in a hole!!!

Margaret Ewart: What part in walmart? I cant find it on their website 

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Calista Bailey: To all the peoole saying they made it first: mbm didnt take full credit for this design, she is showing a type of bracelet that you can easily make on monster tail. Obviously she didnt invent this bracelet, but no one else can prove they did either. There are loads of tutorials for the fishtail bracelet, no one at all can say they invented that. So everyone just simmer down a little, its just a bracelet. Even if you did invent this bracelet, its not like you would get an award. 

Nicole AJ: double band fishtail or triple band fistail

Ellie's Creations: I am so getting a monster tail rainbow loom! There are so many more possibilities with it!

Harry Douglass: Justin's toys came up with this design last year

kattg0614: These are available at Walmart for $6.88! 

Cool bluey: Awesome!!!

raina0413: There are already tutorials on this but on the rainbow loom it's called the three pin fishtail

preston le: I think tri-fish is good

Hai!: I love your personality! It's so calming when I do bracelets, and funny when I watch these for fun. :) 

Sophia Farmer: They should put the metal tipped hook in the monster tail package kit because the upgraded rainbow loom kit came out around that time so they should of put the metal hook in the monster tail kit that would be cool if they did that just saying Btw love the bracelet!!!!

Joy Wujcik: I'm getting the monster tail with my allowance!!!!!!!!!!!! 

patrick sparks: three pin fishtail

Rinka Tonsho: Monster tri fish

OneOfAKindHook: Please make more designs on the monster tail.

Sandra Lang: Please make a flute charm on the Rainbow Loom!!! I would really appreciate it.

Harry Douglass: I've never had one of my idols answer a comment 😂😂😂

Lucy Li: Why doesn't it have a red dot?

_IceHockeySurf_ 87: Would Rainbow loom send internationally to Australia ?

Soniya Kim: I cant even find it online!!

Leilani Letke: Can you buy this loom at Walmart or Target?

claire mckevitt: hey guess what i made this bracelet yea i am so sorry how i said you suck please forgive me 

dmg rodriguez: Can it also be done on the rainbow loom,because I don't have the monster tail. Made By Mommy 

Jeremy Boulanger: I've been going thru all the comments and I feel bad for you, having to deal with all those "you didn't invent that!" comments. Seems annoying!

sparkley stachey: Made by mommy I made that bracelet if you watched any of my giveaways you would know that I came up with that bracelet since I did a naming contest on it I took it down recently 

Anissa Garza: Where can I get this madebymommy 

John Mao: Is there another store instead of walmart? I checked today and they didn't have it :(

Matilda Krieg: Justinstoys made up that pattern So did i

koalalover1313: What a cool idea to make a knot at the end! Haven't seen that before. Thanks for showing us the Monster Tail. I don't know why people are complaining. It's not like you watched a video and copied off it to make the three pin fishtail. You figured it out on your own, and you didn't even say you were the creator of the bracelet. I loved the review and tutorial, and am excited to see more tutorials with the Monster Loom. Thanks! ~Emma~

Sophia Nunez: 7 dollars for a small loom and a hook?

Maya Dugum: Someone created that braclet before you

rmmontes3493: Very nice! Thanks for taking your time making this tutorial.

craftyjazzy12: GUYS! STOP HATING ON HER! She isn't claiming to be the first to make this bracelet up! She's just trying to help her loyal subscribers ! The point of this video was showing the new monster tail rainbow loom and how this bracelet would turn out on this loom! She's just trying to help! 

TheRubberBandLoomGirl LoomerGirl: i got mines from Walmart today yay and i got two rainbow loom kit and i order the metal hook from justins today once again yayy.

Phoeble The Greible: Does anyone know if it coats money to ship the moster trail loom from the website cos I don't live in America

SilverKatzKrafts: I also have to say I love your vids. You have a very soothing voice while explaining and that makes it pleasant. You make the effort to show the best angles so we can follow along. And very gracious in giving back credit to others who like to have you do tutorials on their designs.. I honestly don't know why anyone would dislike (thumbs down) one of yor vids!

Piper Stark: Hi nice do u know if I can get this at Michele's 

TwinnCreations: Three pin fishtail bracelets has already been invented.

Jordan Parham: The tri fish is really called hexafish

Sean Vansickle: You did not make that up not trying to be mean but I love you so much

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NEW Rainbow Loom Monster Tail Review and Tri Fish Tail Bracelet 4.5 out of 5

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NEW Rainbow Loom Monster Tail Review and Tri Fish Tail Bracelet
NEW Rainbow Loom Monster Tail Review and Tri Fish Tail Bracelet
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NEW Rainbow Loom Monster Tail Review and Tri Fish Tail Bracelet