GAMO PT25 Blowback Co2 4.5mm Air Pistol Review

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kelly sabatino: damn how many guns do you own lol

Randy Sigmon: my dad bought that for me

Darren Windle: how did you fix it shooting high etc

Mat Phillips: Did you ever get round to doing the video for field stripping and more importantly the sight adjustments for accuracy as I've just got this gun and can't find the video

Vinsanity_2000: lmao 18k gold hahahaha

Rachel Liebgott: This is the most impressive CO2 gun ive come across. The build quality is excellant and it fits a female hand good. Given it kicks out pellets at around 400fps i have a suspicion that the gun releases gas for the blowback separate from that that propells the pellet.

bmwnasher: The safety is also a de roosterer, you did not mention that.

Raphael Cozzi: Try the Skenco Blue Arrow

bee buikema: how many shots per c02 cannister??????????????????????????-pls help!!!!

Chiinnature: these are not airsoft, they are airguns, shooting steel and lead ammo and not plastic. I have over 81 airguns and yea, a bunch of other airsoft (6mm) too.

john smith: holly crap. how many air soft guns do you have man. I am trying to get one for myself. what do you recommend as a bb gun.

Valantis Theodoulou: I like your accent

Chiinnature: no video yet, may make one soon or later then. It's very easy and no small parts except that pin you hammer out.

thewulfone: Is hard to do? I mean is there alot of small parts you have to watch out for? Did you make video of you field stripping the HPP?

Chiinnature: haha~ Hammer out a pin on top of the trigger guard and then remove a screw on the top. Then pull the thing all the way back, up, and forward - now the slide is off. you can then clean the stuff inside and polish it well then assemble again.

thewulfone: Also you should do a video on how to strip the HPP and clean and oil it like you did with the tanfoglio and the sig p226 x5. I don't even know if the HPP can be field stripped.

Chiinnature: Thanks! Yeah the hpp is quite nice but after awhile use remember to stripe the slide off and clean the inside, there will be grease and junk inside that will make your blowback stuck and not work after awhile. Then after you clean that spot it will be okay again.

thewulfone: I watched your HPP video. I just got my own HPP blowback. Yes I am enjoying it. It is a very nice pistol and has strong blowback.

GAMO PT25 Blowback Co2 4.5mm Air Pistol Review 5 out of 5

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GAMO PT25 Blowback Co2 4.5mm Air Pistol Review