Nong Shim Chapagetti Noodle CM 농심 짜파게티 CM

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Kevin Liu: My mother bought this for me, nongshim chapaghetti korean black spaghetti 1st) the soup looks like crap. 2nd) it tastes like crap. 3rd) the minute noodles are so big it doesn't cook normally. This was so bad I wrote down the name and brand, so I can online to write a review. A big minus from me.

jeffyandmeme: I wonder if something's wrong with me. I was disappointed with the taste. 

misspineapplemilk: That looks pretty good, however I wonder how it tastes. :)

Yen Nguyen: im eating this now :D

Don Charlito: Chajang Myun is freakin amazing.

Alan Vuong: hey did that dad in the commercial play jun woo's dad in golden bride?

Mary Ann: I'm eating this right now. lol mmm sooo good~

ladymadam3: I love that stuff. :D

XxMutilatedxX: Tastes burnt.

Alina Li: is that the dad from glass mask?

sam b: now I know what to say if I ever get caught nailing my gf

ChronicJiujitsu: just ate 2, i can eat 2 moreeeeeeee

monkeyhero2: Oh ramen you have gotten me through some tough days.

nogoodbastid: "cha cha cha-cha-cha-cha! chaahhhhpagetti! (no crap!) chapagetti!" best song ever.

Aisyah75: @nogoodbastid it's nong shim the chapagetti's brand...

Ames Leon: this crap is freaking nasty

Lee S: Don't actually try this. Jumping through the window is a much better alternative.

Cherrierune: There aren't saying no crap there saying Nong shim lol!

Jordan Bowden: i can buy this in town!

nogoodbastid: @Aisyah75 really? so this commercial that's totally in another language doesn't suddenly pop into english to say "no crap"? somehow i deciphered it wrong? i wasn't joking? malaysians point out the obvious and don't understand humor? this comment is composed entirely of sarcastic questions?

ljhwan0527: 양키놈들뭐냐고

Tobgye Wangchuk: I love chappagetti!! Im gonna eat some now.

gesekkiya: that's bul crap jja pa ge tti isnt like that

Khadra Abdi: OH he was in lie to me....

Silv3rDream: Does anyone know how to make this? The instructions are ALL in Korean, not a single word in English, and by how good everyone is saying it is I don't want to screw it up.
kiettram4869: I always thought he was familiar! Haha.

Matthew Alban: I think the dad in this commercial is the dad in Personal Taste too haha =P

gabrieleitalian .karuso: il ramen è buono con il latte e zucchero dato ke sono biscotto lunghi sapete io ho la minkia lunga ki vuole aasaggiare

Khadra Abdi: @choforito4000 WHAT??....that dad was in a drama I watched dont remember???/

blott1978: Good stuff I just bought a 30 pack on Amazon.

Randall Rego: I thought I was the only American that loved this! Chapagetti-lovers unite!

Relationshipwithcalories.: Jajangmen!!

scarletpark81: "I wonder how much dad comes late home today..." "Whoode, who's there? Who are YOU?!" "I. I'm.... a... Chapagetti cooker."(*) (CM Song) "You told me to be late today, DAD!" *Chapagetti cooker: This CM says "Today I'm a chapagetti chef" series - since 20 years ago in South Korea.

nogoodbastid: it looks better than it tastes. the sauce is bean flavored.

nogoodbastid: i keep coming back to this video. everything about it is hilarious. why does the dad start to do a chicken dance after the son tells him he's gonna make chapagetti? also, i bought some chapagetti on the strength of this advertising and it totally blows. the sauce is like that weird bean-paste flavor they like to use in asia. pretty much it's ramen with weirdo beancrap. nothing like spaghetti.

unclesugar900: the wrath of spiciness from Nong Shim

Sergio Rangel: hmm this looks good but whats in the sauce?

timtamtime: I ate this for lunch today. SO GOOD.

Albert Lee: @IchigiXSHINeeX2pm Hes a dad in many dramas xD

Aisyah75: @nogoodbastid i know it sarcasm... i'm not that obviously stupid.. =o=

Tim Chon: biol water in a pot, then put the noodles and vegetables in. After the noodles are done cooking, drain most of the water out of the pot (leave as much water as you want. more water=more soupy, less water=more dry) Now, leave the stove on while the noodles are still in the pot, but on low heat. Put the brown powder in and mix. Then u r done!

Nong Shim Chapagetti noodle CM 농심 짜파게티 CM 4.5 out of 5

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Nong Shim Chapagetti noodle CM 농심 짜파게티 CM