372| Puffy Twist & Blow Drying! Protective Style Files V.2

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GorgBrownEyes: I really miss your long hair, damn that weave for damaging it; that video made me cry for you cause I definitely can see how much work and time you invested for it.

Alexandra Tweeann: I love it, I am going to try this style. Hey I am into my five months transition now any suggestion you can give of what I should do now or look forward to. Please let me 

Twiggy: has she changed her number? ive been calling and shes not picking up

Andrea Momoh: Foundation tutorial please!

Scentsations C: I AM SO INSPIRED!

Nataki Barness: Your puffy twist are beautiful...

lionloxs: Looks nice!

Kalansa alejandra: I want those twists :(, I might get some over the summer when I have money to get them done

Roxanne Coley: I love protective styles! I'vw been getting them for years... I never called the protective styles before but my hair hates relaxers but u loved them so i would get them and my hair wiuld look nice but then my hair would just start breaking off... Soo id go get micros put in three or four times and my hair would grow back... So it realky does promote growth in my hair... But i had my last relaxer done dec 2011... Wore micros from march 2012-end of dec 2012...wore my hair out until my big chop

Joselyn Williams: lol i love your videos, and everything you are talking about with protective styling is pretty much EXACTLY what I have been telling myself, and my 3yr anniversary is coming up in July...currently looking for more style options b/c if i get bored my hair will be out and i'm so trying to keep full length retention. So you just encouraged me more, thanks!

BlakIzBeautyful: Thanks love! my video editing software has options for splitting the video. As I've become more comfortable with the software and increased my knowledge of video editing, I've learned how to make my videos look better and better. As for a webinar, I've considered this but not exactly sure how to do it and if im ready.

BlakIzBeautyful: Its not that heavy. For workouts I put the twists up on top of my head in a bun

yumiko0017: You look beautiful & your hair looks amazing!

ConfidentWomenNet: Hi, your videos are fantastic and your channel is brilliant. I have two questions for you (1) How do get your videos to look so professional?, for example how do you split your videos, they're great (2) Would you do an interview as an black hair care expert please. I live in the UK and I know that black sisters over here would benefit from your expertise and knowledge and experience through a webinar. Thanks so much. Sharon

MissCdyce: Hi! I'm new to your channel but I absolutely love your twists! But I do have a question - Is it heavy? And do you work out? If so - is it hard to maintain your twists while working out?

BlakIzBeautyful: Im not sure. Your braider will be able to give you advice.

Coils of Love: When I got my box braid extensions done in May 2012, I had no idea I should blow my hair out. I had co-washed and put some Ampro olive Oil gel and Castor oil on my hair. Big mistake, I had to spray it with water and I had to use a not so WIDE tooth comb. But, then when I got them done again in July I made sure to thoroughly wash and detangle and moisturize. I didn't blow dry, because I wasn't sure if I should, I think I will next time...

shoneka hintzen: Do wear your own hair in mini two strand twist

BloodOrangeLover93: Omg I looooooooove your videos, you are amazing

oct3087: I could not pay attention to anything else in this video. You make-up is ON POINT!!


PhoebePebbles: <333333

sonja wright: Love your puffy twist. 1 question...are you still experiencing shedding?

mrsnubian718: Love it! Really cute:-) . Great price!

LadyKane7: I need to come to Brooklyn to get my hair done lol In Detroit the salons want $250 and up for a style like this, oh well I will be doing it myself. I love this style Jenell and your channel keep up the good work!!! And thank you so much for the Castor oil challenge =)

Just102Me: How do you keep your hair healty in twist and braids and stuff.. Can you please tell us you washing regime...

ezekielismineful: Thanks for sharing your journey. You have really helped me in my natural hair journey, your so informative! I loving your puffies and I will definitely be getting those. They look beautiful on you.

SHA' Miles: Can u do a flexi rod tutorial with them?

K Joseph: Hi Jenell - you mentioned 1/2 wigs in this video - do you have any videos about those?

BeauDful D: love love love your twists. I may do some during the fall of this year since I have to do a sew-in for a wedding in late september. I have tree braids in them now! Loving my natural haircare journey. June 2012 will be a year

Agr3ssif: This is hairstyle ssoooo beautiful on you, I love it! I've always wanted to do this style and don't know why I haven't yet! Just gorgeous!

Africa R.: very nice. Reviews on braid sprays would be great.

ItspronouncedJulia: You are gorgeous.

Alexis B.: You look gorg! Your outfit was really cute too!

dreamweaver822: looking good girl! love the extensions. luck to you on the PS year long challenge!

Coach Tanisha: Beautiful! I feel you on the loyality w/your stylist/braider!

Ashlei V.: I have been a long time subscriber to your channel and I LOVE the energy and positivity you bring along with the awesome hair you give! Today though, you seemed a little down or like something was bothering you and I just wanted to say I hope everything is okay. And ROSIE did an awesome job and I was wondering if the marley hair was heavy and how much stress you feel on your edges. I have been considering this style for months but I am scared I am going to lose my edges...what do you think?

Juanna: I was justcin your city this weekend. I have my hair in this same style except mines a a bit smaller.

Nurturing83: Great tips!!

amyy164: I'm so sad because I wont be seeing your hair for a while ;(

tlc0508: So pretty!

BlakIzBeautyful: braided.

x Mo: I know what you mean like me at this moment my hair is in a protective style. And I long to play in my hair its be only one week. I think of joining you on the protective style journey. lol

melthemagnificant: I sooooo support your journey, it will be nice to get some advice on how to care for your hair while in protective (extension) styles. I usually get Senegalese Twists about 3 times out of the year during the busy seasons at work. Best Wishes !!

BlakIzBeautyful: They are fine, thank God!

Aaliyah Elshabazz: Love love love your twists! I want this look for summer because I have thick curly hair. Thanks for the info!

PaynesvilleGeh: Hi Jenell , I am so proud of ur hair n videos. Keep up the good work. Btw, I am also a one year natural n a Liberian .

SuthernGyrl99: Those puffy twists are beautiful!!

Aisha A: I currently have Marley twist but they are more spaced out. Does the twists u have last longer? I see they aren't as spaced out.

BlissCulture: hmmmm nope... not a new york thing. We say that in bmore also :-). your hair is flyyy!

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372| Puffy Twist & Blow Drying! Protective Style Files v.2 4.9 out of 5

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372| Puffy Twist & Blow Drying! Protective Style Files v.2