Minecraft Wrestling Arena (download)

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andreea bortan: map wow

GiovaniGF: Watch my second arena, this one is old, with a lot of mistakes. The new one is ok.

Nicholas During: not trying to be mean its not that good because it a little weird putting fire in a arena and at the bottom there should be a lot more chairs ether that or it is just not finshed

GiovaniGF: No way, it's just my map. Your anti-virus detected it wrong...

Anita Foreman: It ses thars a virus!?!?

GiovaniGF: Watch my second arena video, xD

Matt Dillon: Nice build. I gotta upload mine when I figure out my pvr I just got. It's a little bigger than that with luxury suites and stuff.

Ronaldo5675: watch?v=JzoLqUf9oZo

Tyler Pichette: weres the debcription

The outlaw youtuber: like a boss/like a block are very bad songs

Macray Keepere: That's what she said.

pierre blais: RéCTIFICATION comment on mes les dossier dans son monde

pierre blais: les mec aide svp comment on mes les pack dans son monnde

GiovaniGF: My third one in my second arena video is even more, and thank you :D

UltraAssassin25: wat... lol i mean like ppl always say LIKE A F.CKING BOSS or just LIKE A BOSS were the F.ck is that from i always think from saints row 3

GiovaniGF: Brazil xD

UltraAssassin25: were is boss from

MrXanto: Yes she's small ! Thank you and i like your arena men !

GiovaniGF: I did my arenas alone too, but you can check my new Arena video, the last one is bigger. Your arena is small but looks very good, like a indy wrestling one.

MrXanto: Look my lasted vidéo, i made the WWE Arena alone in 1 week ! ( I'm french )

Minecraft Wrestling Arena (download) 5 out of 5

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Minecraft Wrestling Arena (download)
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Minecraft Wrestling Arena (download)