Fondant Ninja Turtles

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gaynor salt: Daisy just want you to know that without people like yourself submitting helpful video's, I for one, wouldn't have a clue where to start on some projects
The turtles are great, i've watched a few tutorials, all good may I add, but some are very complicated, yours is easy to follow, so I will be using yours.
Some people are just so so rude, not to their liking! shouldv'e just moved on to the next. No need to hurtpeoples feelings when all they're trying to do is be helpful....So Thanks for the tutorial Daisy xxx

lisa simpson:   Love this I'm gonna make some but cake pops,for my greatnephew's  6th birthday in April. He LOVES  TMNT.   

Tami Gorman: Not liking these ones to much...should be done with open mouth

Tami Gorman: Turn up your volume because I can hear her loud as can is annoying though

Jacqueline Fay: Don't like the music playing can't hear anything your saying....I wont be watching it again will find someone else that makes the TMNT's!

Junny Lu: Vvcctc

MARIA GARCIA: What's the tool that you use to cut the fondant?

Haydee Velez: i found your video to be a real help will try it  and get back to you on this. 

Brandi H: This is great.  What kind of fondant did you use?  What colors did you use color everything?

Paola Julissa: so cute :) please check out my channel, I just made TMNT cookies :) TMNT Cookies | A Cookie Tutorial

Shalena Mason: Did you use already colored fondant for their heads, or did you color it yourself, if so what color green did you use?

Psychof1st: don't know if anyone else had ninja turtle fondant on their show. but, "tmnt: out of the shadows" videogame referenced it. a line of dialogue donatello says (if not found by splinter, what their life would be), "we could be masters of fondant!" ;)

Sean Perryman: FYI, that chirping sound means you need to either (1) replace your smoke alarm batteries or (2) replace your smoke alarm. They chirp every 30 seconds after about 7 years to tell you to replace them altogether. Good example too, wife is excited to try.

Daisy Carrasquillo: Thank you so much :) I will be posting more up soon.

Sophie Person: Hi think this is a nice so I liked your video

Chelo Zavala: you have no comments

Daisy Carrasquillo: Please let me know how it turns out :)

Daisy Carrasquillo: Awesome let me know how it turns out :)

TheLazySly: Nice I know I'm making them

Daisy Carrasquillo: I am so sorry that it took me so long to reply. They are about the size of a golf ball :)

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Fondant Ninja Turtles 5 out of 5

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Fondant Ninja Turtles