Big Bear Lake Crawdads

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madaikings: Lake's a lot lower now. Come on up and get bit!

madaikings: They taste great!

darrylhaynes: i never had any...what do they taste like.????

441rider: I wish I could catch those kind of crayfish to stock my garage pool for breeding them! Great visit to the lake!

Ryan Suiso: We used trout guts and frozen saba from Stater Bros for bait.

OoHwDzMrHaZeLoO: Awesome video!!! what species is the big bear crayfish, is there a limit? how many traps can i use? sorry with all the questions but i really want to take my little brother up to the lake and have a good day catching them. he's obsessed with em lol Thanks again

ForcedAgenda: Good Ol' power bait...catchin' planters...

Doggorunning: about 23 years ago I threw my trap out in Big Bear lake and I tell ya these things were the size of small lobsters. Bear lake has some of the biggest crayfish I have ever caught, what was neat is who would have known. I was expecting to catch none; that first pull was such a great feeling. COOL video

Arodoraa: i live in big bear... :D love catching these

PHARRAOH: @darrylhaynes lobster

dukedog2000: long story short i caught around average15 crawfish a night use 2 hotdogs and one piece of turkey hey awesome videio

madaikings: @gbot1999 No permit required. Come on up.

madaikings: We will be there for the Trout Classic this weekend! Please come up and support this.

WVliberty: their not that big where i live

dukedog2000: i was there for 4 days i had a great time

madaikings: Most of the guys out there that fish for dads do not use pet food. We use fresh chicken and fresh fish parts. I am not going to eat a dad that just ate cat food. LOL

TheMrHarryShow: wat bait were u using

madaikings: You do not need a permit to trap dads in cali and we were by the dam. The dads are all over BBL. The rocky spots are best.

Justin Feltner: those are minnow traps idiot

b7gwap: Good looking mud bugs there guys. Fishy ain't bad either. Good work!

iHye1: @suiso2 Great Video Bud, I was wondering if you can suggest me to a good crawfish spot in Big Bear?

dukedog2000: im in big bear and i have a crawfish trap

Dick: how do you make traps

Ramir Balangue: nice catch you have their and only on a single area. WOW!

madaikings: We use fresh dead fish. No cat food.

gbot1999: Lovin' the Bad Religion and Crawdads! Do you need permits to set the traps there? Check out my crawfish video, suck the head and pinch the tail!

madaikings: @justinfeltnergmail We know it is a minnow trap. So we opened up the openings a little. love, The Idiot

komitas23: Hey nice video. From my experience, i was catching some crawdads there but using a regular cat food in a can. Just pock a few holes and tie down. Sometimes you may need to shake a bit so the "smell" gets stronger. Love the video man !!! Nice fish too ! I hope you enjoy my video. LOVE BIG BEAR !!!!!!

DBSpy1: Big Bear Lake Calif.?, I need to get a cabin on the lake up there.

Arodoraa: I'm not sure, I haven't seen any when I go to the lake anymore.

cgspeeddemon1: i got a tip, here in arizona we have found wet cat food to work great because it "milks" better just put a few holes with a pen or knife or somthing then throw it in. in a trap the size of your "big" one we could get about 60 or more in around 20 minutes soak time

goindh: take all the guts, head and tail from that fish in your trap you will catch alot more

madaikings: @darrylhaynes Like schkrimp!

Thealmightyknighty: use sweet potato or rocckmelon they work really well

Michael Jones: can you catch these crayfish everywhere in big bear lake

madaikings: @scott80100 That's what we are trying to tell people. You do not have to spend a bunch of money on a trap. The Dads are everywhere! Eat em. We will be posting a more informative video later this year.

MrSinene: I have baby crawldad. I post a video next week or more.

eezerik: how long do you wait? we leave ours overnight

madaikings: Homesick again...

fishingallday100: @TEADRINKA just look it up on here

skasucks478: The one time power bait works! The fish up here in Montana are too smart for that crap. =D

Tanner Simonovich: Oh the crawdad man, everyday's a hard day down by the river. THEY GUNNA EAT THEMSELVES!!!! THEY GUNNA EAT THEMSELVES!!!

dukedog2000: what worked the best??????????????????

jeremy xiong: this is how you go crawdad fishing v=kGzmIdyaJ3k

School: Thanks for teaching us how to fix it. The problem with most Medical assistant in california is usually the cost of education. Hopefully it'll pay off. Thanks again.
Big Bear Lake Crawdads 4.7 out of 5

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Big Bear Lake Crawdads
Big Bear Lake Crawdads
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Big Bear Lake Crawdads