RedCat Volcano S30 Out Of Box

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Michael Bastin: was wondering if you have ever installed upgraded cva shafts on a volcano s30

kelly shipe: I just got this took it out of the box and started the break in and the rear diff is now clicking I got about 6 tanks of fuel in it including the break in so I got about 1 run out of it....any suggestions?

Dave: how fast doesit go

Shane V: Is that Windows XP ? Omg update your videos please

Adan Torres: I have a question i bought the volcano s30 and i did break in the engine and did everything the video showed me, then i used it for a while after i turned it off i tried using it the next day and it wont turn on. what do you think that im doing wrong ?

Stupidity in Woodworking and Drone Flying: I am so mad right now it is hard to comment decently about Redcat volcano s30 trucks. I have gone through maybe 1/2 gallon of fuel and I already have to dump 50 bucks into this truck so it will run again. Doing basic straight run on uneven soil (hard packed dirt with grass growing through), the truck did a cartwheel, righted itself, and everything should have been fine but no. Part of the braking system broke which is a small metal rod, and to top it all off it ran right through my bell gear and pinion gear breaking teeth on them. Those wheel nuts cannot be used without adding washers to them so the rims do not burn through and just fall off of the truck which plastic makes no sense to begin with. Anyways any ideas on how to modify the braking system so it is not dependant on the rod that goes from the upper link down to the braking mechanism to activate the brakes? Or do I have to fabricate something (which I am thinking I have a great way to resolve this problem), which I am totally prepared to do.

TheSamchilders: The spring on my clutch shoes keeps breaking! What is going on?

Patcharee Siriboonrod: What fuel does this volcano use because I got one it came 2 hours ago so tell me the fuel name or website PLZ.

Buckyy 97: Are redcats any good I've got a tomahawk thunder tiger I'm a noob I think that's what it's called should I up grade since I'm a noob stick to what I've got

Wilson Fowler:  my volcano s30 is not getting gas to the engine?

Alex Munoz: nice video

redneck4life887: JUNK COMPANY!

IAM BYRD: Can they get faster ?

John Wilson: Ali: What do you recommend for shocks? Oil viscosity? I replaced the factory oil with 40WT and have been running that all summer, stock shocks. I really like the handling but I am bending shock rods. I purchase the aluminum shocks from my RedCat dealer and man are they different. It typically takes heavier oil to get the same results as I got with the OEM shocks and I find the shocks inconsistent from pair to pair. What shocks and oil do you use on your S30? John

Jon Static: Redcats kick@ss I have 6 red cats

chris sanders: poor scam artist, so angry,and still no one cares about his camel. tisk tisk even his goat doesn't like him . HAHA your product sucks

chris sanders: haha these things are junk. I wouldn't piss on that thing to put it out. I drove mine 4 times and it was junk. destroyed it and didn't wreck it but like 2 times my buddy had a tmax 3.3 with us and he was constantly wrecking and his never broke. (was it because it was made in America?) unlike >>>>>redcat ripoff<<<<<<

Jake Thompson: how do you take the compartment with the on/off switch and receiver off? It seems like there is a big plate that goes over the whole thing and 2 screws from underneath but i think the screws that hold in the gas tank are stripped( sad face).

reginald robertson: Would you recommend putting truggy tires on this

Kyle Stasienko: What's the top speed

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RedCat Volcano S30 Out of box 5 out of 5

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RedCat Volcano S30 Out of box
RedCat Volcano S30 Out of box
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RedCat Volcano S30 Out of box