RedCat Volcano S30 Out Of Box

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Patcharee Siriboonrod: What fuel does this volcano use because I got one it came 2 hours ago so tell me the fuel name or website PLZ.

Mark Buck: Are redcats any good I've got a tomahawk thunder tiger I'm a noob I think that's what it's called should I up grade since I'm a noob stick to what I've got

john ramon: I have a volcano s30, I turn on the car but when I am going to accelerate the car it turn off please help me the car is new one I just used one time :( 

Wilson Fowler: my volcano s30 is not getting gas to the engine?

Alex Munoz: nice video

redneck4life887: JUNK COMPANY!

IAM BYRD: Can they get faster ? 

Tinker Jim: Out of all my RC trucks, the Volcano is one of my favorites. It is just over 2 yrs old, and I have gone through ruffly 3 gallons of 20% nitro through it. I do bash it, but not hard, and I haven't had any problems or broken anything yet. I'm just a 47 yr old kid at heart, and I like to take care of my stuff.

Vilacious34: Yeah i have 1 too im 14 and this is my first truck it broke on me christmas day on my first engine break in procedure. its been broken since february and idk what to do with it bc my hobby store wont fix it bc i didnt buy off them and redcat doesnt do repairs.its just a stipped spur gear could some1 make a video on how to

cooskatekid3: is red cat raceing a good brand to start with

CBGG44: @psoutzisrs axles (dogbones), glow plugs, and if you bash hard upper and lower suspension arms. also you will need air filter oil and after run engine oil helps your engine last longer

alishanmao: @transferases electric drive for 10 minutes max, these can driver longer. Nothing beats the sound of engine and Smell or burning nitro. they are much more powerful from starting till the end of Nitro drop. Batteries die and eventually after few minutes you do not have top power. Batteries swell up in few runs. they need lots of time charging. Nitro just refuel and bash :D

alishanmao: @conradogt3 Volcano S30, more off roading power :D due to bigger tires and single speed, its much more controllable on off road terrains. plus its tough. i like tornado s30 for its on road sprint

alishanmao: @MrVolcanoS30 if they are pre glued you don't have to

TheMrbigOne1: what is the hex size for the wheels?? lookin for some new kicks for this beast

sergio78831: yea my freaking spur gear is still destroying my fuel line

alishanmao: @rccrazer unfortunately still brushed motor. But better looks. Gun Metal color cage ;)

Adam Jacob: @TheV6shogun go on amazon and they do

alishanmao: @moron32 get a new metal gear servo and it will be good

alishanmao: @moron32 yes you can

BenMale1: EVEN MORE CARS!!! im in heaven XD, lol.

sergio78831: hey my volcano s30 fuel line is being destroyed by my spur gear what can i do .

Rehan Sayeed: omg this car gave me so many problems so many i cant even describe them only drove it like 4 times lol it was ridiculous the build quality was terible OMG!!! so i sold it and got my life back

jakarate999: hi Ali, i want to buy a brushless buggy spending around $400 is there anything you can suggest.from Australia

americanRITARDS: hey ali its nick again and a piece of my redcat s30 broke off and i cannot find it on the website and when i do i do not know where to put it. at 3:03 the blue piece broke off during the winter do you have any ideas to help me? -thanks

alishanmao: @BbXh0BbIes check glow plug, charge ignitor. make sure you prime it right

alishanmao: @ScribleFantasy thanks, still experimenting with lights and effects.

Kyle Stasienko: What's the top speed

BbXh0BbIes: @alishanmao i watched your video on the flooding your rc car, on the second pull it stated thanks so much.

CJSG4M3R2012: @alishanmoa hi ali do think this car is good like durable and fast and stuff coz at xenonproject it has 5 star reviews and looks really cool for a reasonable price of £140 and now stuck between the hpi firestorm and this whats your opinion?

cooskatekid3: do you know were redcatraceing is and what contrey

CBGG44: @psoutzisrs yeah the clutch is probably the problem i had the opposite problem with my tornado where the wheels would always spin even while idleing but it was just tuning problem so i would take it to a hobby shop where they deal with RCs and ask a pro

cooskatekid3: can you put meatle grars in this truck

Adam Jacob: how much

cooskatekid3: what type of nitro fuel do u use in this truck

SuperChevyman98: hey ali, i was wondering which truck is better a volcano s30 or a traxxas revo 3.3 thanks.

moron32: So I bought my first nitro rc truck....and its a volcano s30! This thing is a blast!!! Its so fast!! I broke it in like I should i'm beginning to tweak a bit. I adjust the screw w/ the copper sleeve, that seems to make it lean or rich. I turned it so that it smokes a bit. now what else do i do?

321Koen: We all hate you as well, don't worry.

Cesar Gac: why you all rtards, hate this guy, his videos are awesome and very informative, keep up the good work ali, actually thanks for posting the iddle setup video that helped me with an issue in my hpi rs4 drfit.

Jake Thompson: how do you take the compartment with the on/off switch and receiver off? It seems like there is a big plate that goes over the whole thing and 2 screws from underneath but i think the screws that hold in the gas tank are stripped( sad face).



hunterdickey: ok im geting a valvano s30 and was realy excited until i seen some realy negative comments and now im second guessing it pleas tell me if it is the right frist truck

bluestonebas: I have this model and i just started using it yesterday. It now has an issue, the engine runs but the wheels wont turn and the gears wont work while its on. Could it be the universal drive joint? If it is how do you install one?

alishanmao: @lostheo well we already broke in the engines and gave them first drive. videos are coming soon

killer01025: I was also wondering if it would be possible to water proof it.

alishanmao: @BryanBaoNguyen well comment is enough, no matter you are first or not

Peterdrumtom: Omg listen at 1:58 that guy be a freaking good singer ! :D

chris sanders: haha these things are junk. I wouldn't piss on that thing to put it out. I drove mine 4 times and it was junk. destroyed it and didn't wreck it but like 2 times my buddy had a tmax 3.3 with us and he was constantly wrecking and his never broke. (was it because it was made in America?) unlike >>>>>redcat ripoff<<<<<<

MrNitroguy100: how much is shipping?

RedCat Volcano S30 Out of box 4.4 out of 5

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RedCat Volcano S30 Out of box
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RedCat Volcano S30 Out of box