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Troy Truong: I had jams FTF within break-in period just like most of owners. I just shot 50 rounds of PMC fmj without any jams. I think after break-in periods, the db380 works great! I strongly recommend you rock the slide back more often with a loaded mag to make the sliding mechanism loosen up. Pull the mag in and out to loosen up the inside also. The more the better. I paid $380 last year for this! only $210 now!! dang it!! lol

William Maddox: I own the Full Size Diamondback DB FS 9MM 15 round and I love it its shot everything from 115 grain Blazer to Winchester 147 grain flawlessly, after watching your video I can't wait to get the .380 for my cc during the summer

airgunplanet: Glock makes a .380, they just are not allowed to sell it in the U.S.A. because it doesn't meet all the goofy U.S. requirements.

Gunblastdotcom: That's a hard call, as there are a few that suit me just fine. jeff

tolkus53: What is your favorite sub compact .380 pistol?

Billy The Ken: I love the S&W Bodyguard .380 no problems so far. I see diamondback customers have voiced many concerns. I was hopeful they would be more reliable like a glock and not just looking like one.

J.M. Extras: Can't wait for my diamondback hide that crap in my back pocket if anyone asks for my wallet ill give them copper

J.M. Extras: Waiting for my diamondback can't hardly wait

Deveair Powell: @moblack: Aren't they practically the same size? I prefer Db, I'm going to pick mine up in a hour.

eltenda fabrizio: love mine...wich ammo did you use ..? tnxs

moblack: I read reviews before I purchased this. Decided to pass plus when I viewed in person its just to small for me. Ended up with a Ruger LCP.

El Duderino: @700VSFLH If you still have the gun, try ball ammo for a while before any HP rounds. And what ever you do, do not use +P with the DB380. Unless you find some sort of aftermarket barrel. If you do find an aftermarket barrel capable of shooting +P, Let me know ASAP!!! Hope you've gotten this issue with your DB380 taken care of.

El Duderino: @700VSFLH You way over payed for your DB380. Where did you buy it? and what cerial number range was it in? Mine works flawlessly. I carry it every day, and the best part is Kel Tec P3AT mags fit the DB380. So in my Versipak I carry two 15 round .380 mags and a factory DB380 mag in the gun with a Kel Tec +1 extention and one in the pipe.

eltenda fabrizio: great video's and channel

Gunblastdotcom: By definition, a small, lightweight handgun has to be built with small, lightweight parts. Keep us posted on how Diamondback handles this. jeff

Gunblastdotcom: Call Diamondback. The weapon should work perfectly. That is not too much to ask. jeff

Gunblastdotcom: You have to use premium ammo in these small 380 pistols. i would first try some other ammo, and if it still is not reliable, call Diamondback. A defensive pistol HAS to be reliable. Everytime. jeff

Gunblastdotcom: I haven't had any problems with mine at all. My brother Boge bought the DB9 test gun, and he carries it often - he says if Crimson Trace would make a laser for it, the DB9 would be his constant companion.

captainpegs07: @TheTNPer colt made a horsecrap pistol and refused to do anything about it. To hell with colt. You could be right about the db's, but I want to try one out to see for myself. It won't be worse than the govt 380.

T-Wrx: @captainpegs07 you are offending colt by saying that...those db380s jam more than grapes and strawberries

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Rating: - Diamondback DB380 .380 Pocket Pistol 5 out of 5

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