How To And Tips For Milling An AR Lower From An 80%

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protech420: also love the tats

protech420: Thank you soo much for all your videos that you post, and that you do it for free . I cant tell you how much you helped me out. and are so on point with crap .. so thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billy Budapest: Harbor Freight! FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: To go the 80% route, should I avoid getting a pre-coated 80% and just get a pure aluminum 80% lower with no coating?, or should/could I get a pre-CeraKoted 80% lower and just mill into it and recoat it after milling?

Carlyle Isner: Thanks for the great video, what page of the link and who is the seller on the Pirate Forum that I belong to so that I pick up a 80% lower?

rumpelstiltskin: @usmcdoc14 Can you post the model of your Mill in the description?

S3argent76: Great video and kept my kind of humor along the way. You may not appreciate the humor if you don't have a construction or military back round. I have tried sit through other 80% video's and felt super discouraged from taking this on. Not anymore.....thanks to usmcdoc14 for his time and his message.

TheOriginalLoca007: thank you

Travis M.: Great Public Service Announcement, brother and I am digging that tattoo.

CHOPPERGIRL AIRWAR: Flamethrowers are much more effective at making bacon...

TheOriginalLoca007: I tried to keep up with all the drill bits and equipment, but I'm a little lost. I clicked the link to 4x4 and there wasn't a list that had all the items you meantioned. Can you or did you post a pdf of all the items you used?

James Hertzog: Gun owners NEED to unite!

James Hertzog: The ban has started!

USFZeus: Good video. Only skimmed it the first time, will watch again a few times before starting my lower. I like you style, info and attitude. Semper FI!

hybriddyneguy: 15 minutes into this video and basically nothing. I started to watch it because you where speaking very clear and not back tracking. I usally stop watching a video after the narrator says Ummmmmm ummmmmmm ummmmm ummmm ummmm 5 times. Might come back and give it another try after a while.

Anthony Baca: you can also use a JP Enterprises silent capture spring to solve the problem of the need for buffer retainer

Ignacio Ortega: thanks for the boatload of knowledge. this is my first build and im super excited. thanks again.

ymp5000: Our Rights should not change from state to state. The fact that they do bothers me to no end. 2A equality now!

jayboney el toro: are 80% lowers legal in ct someone please tell me

GetTheFO: Hey, I know this is a little late.... Over 2 years late, to be precise... But I have a question about the precision required for the milling of the FCG and shelf inside the receiver.

I'm going to be using a drill press, and thus have to "mill" the receiver out in plunges. I'm positive that I will leave waves in the side of the FCG area, and I was wondering whether this will completely jack up the gun unless I either dremel or sand it flat or something.

Another problem is the fact that I am a complete novice with machining metal... I've used the drill press on some wood pieces, but that's about it. Because of my inexperience and lack of complete trust in my drill press until it has proven itself, I was planning on drilling as little aluminum as possible to avoid my chances of weakening the side walls and base. What are the tolerance extremes that will cause reliability issues? Am I correct in thinking that just as long as the hammer and trigger assembly can fit in the space, it's fine? If a little tapping is required, does that mean I absolutely have to drill more? On the opposite side of the scale, how much is positively too much space for the hammer and trigger assembly to wobble?

I promise this is the last facet of my questioning....
If the base has divets from the plunges, will this cause issues? (Other than if I drilled too deep and weakened the base).

Thanks if you have the time (or even get the notification) to respond, and sorry for wasting your time with my stupidity. (You video cleared up all of the other questions I had, by the way).

How to and tips for milling an AR lower from an 80% 5 out of 5

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How to and tips for milling an AR lower from an 80%