How To And Tips For Milling An AR Lower From An 80%

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RCWorks: Instead of marking with a reverse turning endmill why not use Sharpie and a scribe and mark the area?

howzerman1: At what RPM did you run the mill while cutting fire control the pocket? IS there a preferred RPM to cut with?

Parthuman Alldog: Do you think I should take my time? Ha jk would be better if you read off a teleprompter. Ha ha. I kid with respect.

Finkelroy: Thanks. This video was exceptionally useful and helped me to accomplish my first build with excellent results.
I used a HF mill. I was able to generate a tight fit between the upper and lower which resulted in surprisingly good accuracy.
The mill took some work to get running right but once I did, it worked very well.
I did the final cuts without the top part of the jig installed, going slowly and measuring frequently. It is especially important to be careful cutting the rear pocket where the rear lug of the upper goes in.This was what produced the tight fit.
I used lube when milling mine. It's messy but you're less likely to have your tool wander or chatter and you can progress more quickly with the rough cuts.

gary girdner: ha where have you been I miss your utubes

Smokey Robinson: Hello awesome video but I was just wondering if I have my selector on full auto mode, rooster the gun, will it fire full auto?? Or do I have to put the selector in semi first, rooster it back, then select full auto to fire?

Spectt84: Is this illegal to build in the state of Connecticut? I pretty sure it's illegal to by an AR15 in CT after Sandy Hook. But what about building one? I'm new to all this and thinking of getting​ my license to own a firearm and just curious what is and is NOT allowed. And where to start... Great info thanks for your video.

bretnmannn: WD 40 is the lube to use when maching 7075--just my 2 cents

Archie Bunker: The word of the day is "especially". It's not "expecially" or "eckspecially". Try it! You'll like it. You won't sound like an uneducated dolt.

John Gammell: Sir, is that 6061 billet? It seems to cut quite easily so I do not believe it to be 7075 T6 billet?

Jose Lopez: I wanna find some else working ir milling that receiver

Jose Lopez: Hello do you working in Remington 700 receiver action

Can Sir: wrong an assault weapon is a weapon intended to be used in an assault, a bolt action can be an assault weapon......

gacitizen2: Hey thumbs up just for the grimy asses sailing across the Atlantic comment!

Texas Holdem: now hold on there Varment, @ 28:02 you said the Width is 4.38??? Don't you mean .438? Also you Didn't say What is the FCG Width or Length is,,, I Need to know this And the Trigger Slot Especially since by Not paying attn: I pretty much Killed my Jigs & I Can'T see Paying Another $70 to $170 Bucks to get a New.
As i'm sitting Now I have .487, .511, .445 " to the End of the Shelf And .442 Dead Center above the Safety/fire 3/8" hole.932 from the 90% lower that has That shelf cut out Maybe to make it Easier so we Don't need to cut That out;;; Contrary the pocket Oval is 1.950 on the right side & 1.857 on the Top Left And be able to Salvage my 80% lower But most likely make it a Dead center And .690 @ the Hammer pin hole .714@ the Trigger pin hole with .714 @ the 'Safe' mark .665 @ the REar of the pocket .506 @ the Fire mark And a floor ranging from 1.245 to 1.5/83 to 1.657 So with a little more JB Weld I Might have a 22 lr Or mayybe a 9 MM,,,,,,,,,,,
Texas Holdem

Robert Scalchi: To all the politicians....I GIVE YOU.... (WAIT FOR IT...) NOTHING!!!... I KEEP EVERYTHING!!! I KEEP MY RIGHTS. YOU GET NOTHING!!!! Great video!

Justice ForAll: Did you use some kind of spacer to clear that nut on Z-Axis?

Buckwild 65: Do you sale the lowers

ObsessedCyclist: Be it UNDERSTOOD! NO ONE has CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS or 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS! PERIOD! OUR rights are based on natural law. They are the rights to life, liberty and property. The rules on the paper (Constitution) explain to those who we are allowing to be agents for us WHAT THEY CANNOT DO. These prohibitions are AGAINST those agents. They are NOT TO infringe on our right to defend ourselves. (Right to bear arms) They are NOT to search us without a proper warrant, they are TO ALLOW us to assemble and petition for grievance. THEY ARE NOT to infringe on our right to free speech. The CONSTITUTION IS A PROHIBITION ON THE AGENTS OF GOVERNMENT TO VIOLATE THE RIGHTS YOU HAVE IN THE FIRST PLACE IF THERE WAS NO GOVERNMENT. PERIOD. Please understand this. YOU HAVE NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. So quit writing about 2nd Amendment rights. NO SUCH THING. WHO CARES what the politicians say! If they pass a law that violates our rights then the ENFORCERS of such laws need to feel the wrath of We The People just as the Red Coats over 200 years ago when they tried to enforce psycho King George's edicts.

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How to and tips for milling an AR lower from an 80% 5 out of 5

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How to and tips for milling an AR lower from an 80%