How To And Tips For Milling An AR Lower From An 80%

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Joshua LoCicero: it's legal in all states covered under the 2nd ammendment. rules is the gun you make has to be in state guidelines

technico69: Thanks! I'm going to stock up on 80 percent lowers when shtf will hold its value. Thanks for sharing!

Jonathan Kline: Awesome video! Very informative. I especially like the fact that you have a patriot mindset and understand the nature of the system we live under, and that you've actually demonstrated a willingness to resist tyranny by getting this information out there and encouraging others to stand firm as well.

Road Dog 50: What would a machinist charge for this job?

TOM MCCANN: thanks for the info, cerakote isn't to hard do do after the milling process , semperfi

todd heaney: Love the,soap box rant! Ask the hippies in CA HOW the government is doing on their rights! No Vaccines No school! They are after everyone's rights . One at a time

konichiwa glitches: more power to ya for doing it cheaper. im a machinist, if I was on a budget id do the same. well done!

protech420: also love the tats

protech420: Thank you soo much for all your videos that you post, and that you do it for free . I cant tell you how much you helped me out. and are so on point with crap .. so thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billy Budapest: Harbor Freight! FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edit: To go the 80% route, should I avoid getting a pre-coated 80% and just get a pure aluminum 80% lower with no coating?, or should/could I get a pre-CeraKoted 80% lower and just mill into it and recoat it after milling?

Carlyle Isner: Thanks for the great video, what page of the link and who is the seller on the Pirate Forum that I belong to so that I pick up a 80% lower?

rumpelstiltskin: @usmcdoc14 Can you post the model of your Mill in the description?

S3argent76: Great video and kept my kind of humor along the way. You may not appreciate the humor if you don't have a construction or military back round. I have tried sit through other 80% video's and felt super discouraged from taking this on. Not anymore.....thanks to usmcdoc14 for his time and his message.

TheOriginalLoca007: thank you

Travis M.: Great Public Service Announcement, brother and I am digging that tattoo.

CHOPPERGIRL AIRWAR: Flamethrowers are much more effective at making bacon...

TheOriginalLoca007: I tried to keep up with all the drill bits and equipment, but I'm a little lost. I clicked the link to 4x4 and there wasn't a list that had all the items you meantioned. Can you or did you post a pdf of all the items you used?

James Hertzog: Gun owners NEED to unite!

James Hertzog: The ban has started!

USFZeus: Good video. Only skimmed it the first time, will watch again a few times before starting my lower. I like you style, info and attitude. Semper FI!

How to and tips for milling an AR lower from an 80% 5 out of 5

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How to and tips for milling an AR lower from an 80%